Even Roses Have Thorns

Even Roses Have Thorns Author Sylvia A. Witmore
ISBN-10 9781496967367
Release 2015-02-02
Pages 266
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Lori Lowell is a spirited young lady trying to escape an unhappy love affair when she accepts a new position as assistant editor for Mr. Bradford Brasington, owner of Brasington Press, a publishing company in Southport, NC. She previously worked as a reporter in the small daily newspaper in her hometown of Laurinburg, but without much chance for advancement, she came to the coast—only to become involved in a new love affair with Mr. Brasington’s son, Brad, who also lives in this house, which is enshrouded by murder and mystery. Lori’s own life is suddenly in danger; at first, they were just harmless pranks spurred by jealousy but then become much more destructive. Her possessions are searched, some of her things maliciously destroyed, and a harsh note appears on her mirror ordering her to “Get Out.” Then important business papers disappear from Mr. Brasington’s desk just after Lori finished typing them . . . and a new mystery manuscript under review for possible publishing also disappears under her watch. Mr. Brasington’s sister, Vi Stewart, is killed; and Lori, who cannot swim, also ends up floundering in the pool. When she is trapped inside a burning building, she realizes that the murder will not rest until she has also been destroyed.

Even Roses Have Thorns

Even Roses Have Thorns Author Alice Taam
ISBN-10 1634487818
Release 2014-12-15
Pages 60
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A collection of beautiful poems, inspired by real events and fine people from the area. Even Roses Have Thorns is a strong and beautiful poem from this collection, and shows how everyone's life path continues in spite of their flaws, much like roses. The other poems are about feelings of happiness, love, hope and life. They are aimed at addressing, supporting, and contributing something positive. We hope you enjoy reading. Alice Taam was born on April 11, 1961 in the beautiful village of Graft / The Rime in North Holland, where she also works as a nurse. She started writing poetry at the age of 18 and wanted to give something personal to people. She draws inspiration from events and people in her environment. "Even Roses have Thorns" is her second collection of poems, which ultimately radiates strength and love.

Even Roses Have Thorns

Even Roses Have Thorns Author Leona Hollis
ISBN-10 1609576209
Release 2013-03-22
Pages 318
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What do you do when the thorns of life have pricked you . You re family is falling apart; you ve faced moral failure in ministry, leadership, your personal life, business life etc. In this book Even Roses Have Thorns Author Leona Hollis takes us into a world of failures in different aspects of our lives and how we can rebound from these issues that plague so many of us, whether we are high profile public figures or ordinary people living our everyday lives. Even Roses Have Thorns is a strong, powerful, creative, funny and insightful book that is bound to leave the readers encouraged and enlightened. Leona Hollis lives in NY with her family and is the Author of Even Roses Have Thorns; her soon to be released children s book The Angel That Touched My Head ( to be released this summer) and 2 other books to be released soon, Connected Hearts and Wilamina and The Talking Junk Foods. She loves poetry and has a collection of her own original poems. Her favorite poem is, Step into my heels or into my flats . She was a member of Salvation and Deliverance Church under the ministry and leadership of the Late Apostle William Brown and was involved in different aspect of ministry for 14 yrs including; evangelism/missionary work, leadership, feeding the homeless etc. She is a graduate of St.Paul s Institute and is currently the Assistant to the Director of the Youth Department in her church and an active member of the Women s Committee. She loves going to the beach and singing and dancing with her children. You can find her books on Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, Google Books, or wherever books are sold online. You can also check out her blogs on www.ledholl16word.com"

Roses Have Thorns

Roses Have Thorns Author Betty Neels
ISBN-10 9781459235120
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 192
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Sarah had been happy working at the hospital—until Radolf Nauta interfered and left her jobless. Forced to find other means to support herself, she was totally unprepared when she ran into the domineering Radolf again—and he hadn't changed one bit! The only problem Sarah had? She soon realized that her heart now belonged to him, and there was nothing she could do to fight it.

Roses Have Thorns

Roses Have Thorns Author Sandra Byrd
ISBN-10 9781439183182
Release 2013-04-09
Pages 336
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From the acclaimed author of To Die For comes a stirring novel told that sheds new light on Elizabeth I and her court. In 1565, seventeen-year-old Elin von Snakenborg leaves Sweden on a treacherous journey to England. Her fiancé has fallen in love with her sister and her dowry money has been gambled away, but ahead of her lies an adventure that will take her to the dizzying heights of Tudor power. Transformed through marriage into Helena, the Marchioness of Northampton, she becomes the highest-ranking woman in Elizabeth’s circle. But in a court that is surrounded by Catholic enemies who plot the queen’s downfall, Helena is forced to choose between her unyielding monarch and the husband she’s not sure she can trust—a choice that will provoke catastrophic consequences. A rich, tautly woven tale of love, deception, and grace, Roses Have Thorns vividly conjures the years leading up to the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots and is a brilliant exploration of treason, both to the realm and to the heart.

Roses Have Thorns

Roses Have Thorns Author Beverley A. Hughesdon Hughesdon
ISBN-10 0099579596
Release 2013-05-06
Pages 672
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As a child, Amy delights in fairy stories and even dreams of marrying a prince. Searching for love, she leaves her Granfer's enchanted Wiltshire garden for the slums of Edwardian London. Her only escape is a new beginning as a lady's maid. But as a woman Amy is vulnerable.

Roses Have Thorns

Roses Have Thorns Author Karen Leabo
ISBN-10 0373086482
Release 1989-04
Pages 187
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Roses Have Thorns has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Roses Have Thorns also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Roses Have Thorns book for free.

Glory Of Freedom Sufis The People Of The Path Vol Ii Ch 1 8

Glory Of Freedom  Sufis   The People Of The Path  Vol  Ii  Ch 1 8 Author Osho
ISBN-10 8171821545
Release 1999
Pages 212
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Glory Of Freedom Sufis The People Of The Path Vol Ii Ch 1 8 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Glory Of Freedom Sufis The People Of The Path Vol Ii Ch 1 8 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Glory Of Freedom Sufis The People Of The Path Vol Ii Ch 1 8 book for free.

Though a Rose Has Thorns

Though a Rose Has Thorns Author Manny Hillman
ISBN-10 9781462833146
Release 2000-12-13
Pages 316
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The time period of the novel spans the life of Jewel Carpenter McLain (1900-1995) from the age of fourteen to a few months after her death. As a precocious child living in India, Jewel receives most of her education from an Indian scholar-tutor and from her parents’ library. Even at this early stage she already has an uncompromising aversion to violence. At nineteen, she leaves India for Cambridge to continue studying languages. She is diverted from her studies by an encounter with very poor children and devotes much of her time helping them and educating them. Malcolm McLain, who had met her in India convinces Jewel to marry him, to move with him to the United States, and to help him use his inherited wealth to help people in need. Jewel continues to help destitute people wherever she finds them for the rest of her life. A second story line concerns an American of Lebanese descent, Yussuf Aqami, an electrical engineer who marries Harriet Adnan, a Turkish-born musician. Shortly after their marriage, Yussuf becomes an international dealer in weapons. This distresses his wife, who, along with her artistic friends, has spent much of her time protesting the United States’s use of military force in international affairs. However, she feels bound to Yussuf both because of Islamic tradition and because she is pregnant. It takes another seventeen years for Harriet to leave Yussuf when he develops an hysterical fear of being assassinated. Yussuf finds refuge from his fear by losing himself in a large crowd of people, part of a growing international ‘cult,’ who assemble to listen to a mysterious flute. A third story line involves an assortment of scientists: biochemists Dante Peroni and Sybil Sporn, and several others from various fields. Sybil meets Jewel McLain one day in Bombay, where Jewel tries to convince her to pursue particularly challenging research even though it may jeopardize her career by not producing immediate publications. Several years later, when Sybil decides to search for a genetic cause of violence, Jewel agrees to finance a small research institute for this purpose, and Dante joins Sybil in the enterprise. The research group is beset by a dilemma of how to distinguish violent people from the nonviolent. (A distracting example is a man with a lifelong devotion to nonviolence, who spends the final months of his life assassinating weapons merchants as a means of promoting peace in the world.) In the end, using the blood of prison inmates who are differentiated for their violent or nonviolent attributes by their wardens, the research group finds a correlation that suggests that they are on the road to finding the correct gene. A correlation, of course, may be meaningless. Todd Werben, a young black chemist, is very concerned about the possible abuses of their discovery if they should ever succeed. The cult of those who listen to a mysterious flute encompasses a growing portion of the world and touches the lives of almost everyone in the novel.

Angels on High

Angels on High Author Walter G. Deecki
ISBN-10 9781607994657
Release 2009-10
Pages 184
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Jimmie is happy with his quiet life in a small town. He has a loving wife, a close knit group of friends and a satisfying job at a community center for lost children. But the crux of his satisfying existence is deeply threatened when developers come to town wanting to buy up all the property in sight. Faced with the challenge of fighting the large corporation and their threatening business ethics, Jimmie realizes that this is not just a fight for his town, but a true confrontation between the forces of good and evil. With no other place to turn, Jimmie must turn to God, and have faith in the wisdom of his late friend and mentor, who holds more secrets and cunning than anyone knows. Join Jimmie on his quest to bring peace and stability back to his home, and see firsthand the strength and power possible through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Author Walter G. Deecki Sr. presents Angels on High (The Challenge), where evil will stop at nothing-and neither will Jimmie! Walter G. Deecki Sr. is a retired U.S. Air Force administration specialist who was educated in both organizational management and elementary education, with a master's in curriculum and instruction. He enjoys working with youth organizations in raising money and helping them learn how to accomplish goals. His greatest joy is serving God through and helping others who are struggling with their faith.

A Rose Behind the Thorns

A Rose Behind the Thorns Author Nelda Perez
ISBN-10 9781479712717
Release 2012-10
Pages 182
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Discover the woman behind the suffering! After an emotional depressive crisis from the loss of a partner, we usually feel abandoned and unprotected. In this book you will find the tools that will help you in the different stages of your recovery, and how to let go of the destructive habits instead of entering a destructive relationship as an escape to your loneliness. You will have the opportunity to love, value yourself and be happy again! ¡Descubre la mujer detrás del sufrimiento! Después de una crisis depresiva emocional por la pérdida de un compañero nos sentimos abandonadas y desprotegidas. En este libro encontrarás herramientas que te ayudaran en las diferentes etapas de tu recuperación, y cómo lograr desprenderte de los hábitos destructivos en lugar de entrar en una relación destructiva como rescate a tu soledad. Tendrás la oportunidad de valorarte, quererte, y ¡volver a ser feliz!

Das Reich der Sieben H fe Flammen und Finsternis Band 2

Das Reich der Sieben H  fe     Flammen und Finsternis Band 2 Author Sarah J. Maas
ISBN-10 9783423432436
Release 2017-08-04
Pages 720
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So spannend, so romantisch, so sinnlich wie nie Feyre hat überlebt. Sie hat Amarantha, die grausame Fae-Königin, besiegt und ist mit Tamlin an den Frühlingshof zurückgekehrt. Doch das scheinbar glückliche Ende täuscht. Tamlin verändert sich immer mehr und nimmt ihr allen Freiraum. Feyre hat Albträume, denn sie kann die schrecklichen Dinge nicht vergessen, die sie tun musste, um Tamlin zu retten. Und sie ist einen riskanten Handel mit Rhys eingegangen und muss nun jeden Monat eine Woche an seinem gefürchteten Hof der Nacht verbringen. Dort wird sie immer tiefer in ein Netz aus Intrigen, Machtspielen und ungezügelter Leidenschaft gezogen.

The Black Rose The House of Thorns Series

The Black Rose  The House of Thorns Series Author
ISBN-10 9781301979189
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The Black Rose The House of Thorns Series has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Black Rose The House of Thorns Series also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Black Rose The House of Thorns Series book for free.

The Care and Handling of Roses With Thorns

The Care and Handling of Roses With Thorns Author Margaret Dilloway
ISBN-10 9781101588871
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 416
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Winner of the ALA Reading List Award Difficult and obstinate. Thriving under a set of specific and limited conditions. That pretty much describes me. Maybe that’s why I like these roses so much. Roses are Galilee Garner’s passion. An amateur breeder, she painstakingly cross-pollinates her plants to coax out new, better traits, striving to create a perfect strain of her favorite flower, the Hulthemia. Her dream is to win a major rose competition and one day have her version of the bloom sold in the commercial market. Gal carefully calibrates the rest of her time to manage the kidney failure she’s had since childhood, going to dialysis every other night, and teaching high school biology, where she is known for her exacting standards. The routine leaves little room for relationships, and Gal prefers it that way. Her roses never disappoint her the way people have. Then one afternoon, Riley, the teenaged daughter of Gal’s estranged sister, arrives unannounced to live with her, turning Gal’s orderly existence upside down. Suddenly forced to adjust to each other’s worlds, both will discover a resilience they never knew they had and a bond they never knew they needed.

Bed of Roses Bed of Thorns

Bed of Roses  Bed of Thorns Author Uta Christensen
ISBN-10 9781609764937
Release 2010-06-30
Pages 301
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Germany, WWI and WWII: War devastates the lives of ordinary citizens. While the country’s face was changing and men died in battle by the millions, the women’s psyche and role was also changing. Ursula Meister, an insatiably curious child, has an innate sense of independence and is a keen observer. Coming-of-age after the end of WWII, Ursula’s sense of self is adversely affected by her mother, a beautiful but repressive, insensitive, punishing woman. Ursula longs for her father, a soldier in the German army who is absent during her formative years. However, when he finally returns, she feels estranged. Finding solace in listening to family tales through her Aunt Lidia’s storytelling, Ursula learns of the women before her who survived hardships more severe than hers. Faced with war time’s extreme insecurity, but equipped with intelligence and strength, Ursula must find for herself her true beliefs, her worth, and eventually her freedom and independence. Uta Christensen writes a poignant and engrossing coming-of-age story and family saga that explores the emotional boundaries of family dynamics—in the lives, loves, losses, and joys of three generations—and the strength of the women bearing the brunt of tragedy. A beautiful and compelling read, Bed of Roses, Bed of Thorns will stay with you long after the final page is read.

Prinz der Dunkelheit

Prinz der Dunkelheit Author Mark Lawrence
ISBN-10 9783641160982
Release 2014-11-27
Pages 384
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Sag uns kurz, wie du heißt. Jorg. Eigentlich Kronprinz Jorg von Ankrath, aber das war einmal. Du siehst jung aus. Wie alt bist du, fünfzehn? Knapp daneben. Mit fünfzehn werde ich König sein! Du bist die meistgehasste Person im ganzen Land. Warum? Nun ja, wenn man mit einer Horde Gesetzloser ganze Dörfer niederbrennt, löst das Unmut aus. Aber was würdest du tun, wenn die Königin, also deine Mutter, und dein Bruder vor deinen Augen getötet werden? Dieser Hass ist erst der Vorgeschmack auf meine Rache – denn die wird tödlich sein!

A Rose Amongst Thorns

A Rose Amongst Thorns Author Semone Deon King
ISBN-10 9781496999122
Release 2014-12-18
Pages 204
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My reason for writing this book is to encourage people and let them know that no matter what is going on in their lives, everything happens for a reason. I am a firm believer that what we go through in our lives is necessary for our lives, and it is often necessary to help us to encourage someone else along the way.