Escape to Oblivion

Escape to Oblivion Author Laurel Gutenberg
ISBN-10 9780595130511
Release 2000-09-20
Pages 108
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Escape to Oblivion is a mixture of haunting poems and mysterious short stories, from the origins of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to a story of a dangerous monster in ancient Britain, to the inner thoughts of dying God. Journey with characters such as Astraya, who’s the leader of a mission to Earth, little Melissa, who finds out the truth about her parents, and Gwen, who joins the Martian rebellion for equal rights.

Escape from Oblivion

Escape from Oblivion Author Ikram Sehgal
ISBN-10 0199066078
Release 2012-10-18
Pages 350
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The first Prisoner of War (PW) to have escaped from an Indian PW Camp in Pakistan's history, Ikram Sehgal's narration about his incarceration and eventual escape in 1971 is dark account of life in Indian custody, yet at times is surprisingly humorous and captures the never-say-die human spirit.

Johannes von M ller s mmtliche Werke 14 T Briefe an Carl Victor von Bonstetten

Johannes von M  ller s  mmtliche Werke   14  T  Briefe an Carl Victor von Bonstetten Author Johann Georg Müller
ISBN-10 WISC:89099955684
Release 1812
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Johannes von M ller s mmtliche Werke 14 T Briefe an Carl Victor von Bonstetten has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Johannes von M ller s mmtliche Werke 14 T Briefe an Carl Victor von Bonstetten also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Johannes von M ller s mmtliche Werke 14 T Briefe an Carl Victor von Bonstetten book for free.

Skepticism and Humanism

Skepticism and Humanism Author Paul Kurtz
ISBN-10 1412834112
Pages 306
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As we begin the third millennium there is cause for cautious optimism regarding the human prospect. Democratic revolutions and the doctrine of universal human rights have captured the imagination of large sectors of humanity, while major advances in science and technology continue to conquer disease and extend life, contributing to rising standards of living, affluence, and cultural freedom on a worldwide basis. Paradoxically, at the same time ancient authoritarian fundamentalist religions have grown in vitriolic intensity along with bizarre New Age, media-driven paranormal belief systems. Also surprising is the resurgence of primitive tribal and ethnic loyalties, unleashing wars of intolerance and bitterness. In Skepticism and Humanism, Paul Kurtz locates these threatening developments within a long-standing and largely unchallenged theological worldview. He proposes, as an alternative to religion, a new cultural paradigm rooted in scientific naturalism, rationalism, and a humanistic outlook. An estimated 60 percent of scientists are atheists or agnostics. However, the skeptical world view has been given little currency even in advanced societies, because of a cultural prohibition against the criticism of religion. At the same time, science has become increasingly narrow and specialized so that few people can draw on its broader intellectual and cultural implications. Skepticism and Humanism attempts to meet this need. It defends skepticism as a method for developing reliable knowledge by using scientific inquiry and reason to test all claims to truth. It also defends scientific naturalism-an evolutionary view of nature, life, and the human species. Kurtz sees the dominant religious doctrines as drawn from an agricultural/nomadic past, and emphasizes the need for a new outlook applicable to the postindustrial information age. At the same time, he rejects postmodernism for abandoning science and embracing a form of nihilism. There can be no doubt that as a new global civilization emerges, scientific naturalism, rationalism, and secular humanism have something significant to say about the meaning of life. Skepticism and Humanism shows how they can to foster democratic values and social prosperity. The book will be important for philosophers, scientists, and all those concerned with contemporary issues. Paul Kurtz taught at Trinity College, Vassar College, and State University of New York at Buffalo. He is founder of Prometheus Books, a major publisher of philosophical works. He is the author of some thirty books including Toward a New Enlightenment (available from Transaction) Humanist Manifesto 2000, and A Secular Humanist Declaration. He is chairman of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, and editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry magazine.

How Indy Vidu Wanted to Escape Oblivion

How Indy Vidu Wanted to Escape Oblivion Author Hans Van Willenswaard
ISBN-10 1633825485
Release 2014-10-13
Pages 48
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Indy Vidu lives in the realm of the second millennium. In a world becoming increasingly smaller, plenty of untold stories abound. At past thirty years old, he seems annoyed to have woken up from a dreamy nap. Indy suddenly realized that he too, would die. He decided that it will not happen to him and began searching for answers. He started talking to scientists and gurus of religious communities. He wishes to avoid disappearing into oblivion, as if he had never existed. Eventually, after a long search, he came up with a remarkable conclusion. Hans van Willenswaard (Amsterdam, 1961) has been a GZ Psychologist for the elderly since the eighties. This is his vision of a pretty determined life. Besides all kinds of subject-specific documents regarding elderly psychology, this philosophical writing is his debut.

The Serpent of Eridor

The Serpent of Eridor Author Alison Gardiner
ISBN-10 9781784627362
Release 2015-01-28
Pages 200
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Boy versus wizard... Let the battle commence!

Setting of a Cruel Sun

Setting of a Cruel Sun Author Alan Gibbons
ISBN-10 9781444003994
Release 2010-12-23
Pages 320
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The Helat rebels have broken the power of the demon lord and challenged the rule of their masters, the Sol-ket. But the Darkwing is merely in retreat, biding his time, and the Sol-ket will fight to their last breath to keep control of their golden cities. The power of the slaves is mounting as they rise to fulfil once-forbidden prophecies. When the Darkwing returns for his final onslaught, is anyone, soldier or slave, equipped to defeat him - especially as the cruel sun sets, beckoning a devastatingly relentless winter? A brilliant continuation of the journey begun in RISE OF THE BLOOD MOON, this novel also stands alone, with its own twists, turns and surprises for characters and readers alike. Be prepared for changes of allegiance, surprise new arrivals, and sudden deaths. Page-turning and unpredictable from start to finish.

The String Weavers The String Weavers Book 1

The String Weavers  The String Weavers   Book 1 Author J.A. Marlow
ISBN-10 9781937042080
Release 2011-07-02
Pages 390
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Disappearing food. Music no one else hears. An alien dropped off by a giant flaming Phoenix... Here on Earth? Seriously? And what did this all have to do with the bracelet she's worn all her life? To make a situation even stranger, a dangerous group of travelers appear out of nowhere. They demand help from the alien… with travel across universes. Abducted from Earth, teenager Kelsey Hale finds herself thrust into a deadly adventure among alien worlds and alternate universes. She must not only survive, but also find a way to rescue her father. In the process she will discover a family secret that will change her life forever. With the mysterious Weavers connecting it all. Join Kelsey Hale in a coming of age science fiction adventure across alternate universes and encounters with alien planets, species and societies. Thrust into a dangerous journey to places she could have never imagined, she is determined to discover the truth of her mysterious past. A truth that will change her life forever. Titles in "The String Weaver" Series The String Weavers The Phoenix Eggs The Dark Phoenix The Dividers The Tower of Epnos When the Skies Fell Celestial Fire

The New Scots Magazine

The New Scots Magazine Author
ISBN-10 CHI:79395310
Release 1829
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The New Scots Magazine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The New Scots Magazine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The New Scots Magazine book for free.

Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse

Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse Author Aaron T. Beck
ISBN-10 9781462504329
Release 2011-11-18
Pages 354
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Cognitive therapy offers a well-documented and cost-effective psychosocial treatment model for working with substance abuse disorders. Comprehensive and accessible, this volume clearly details the cognitive model of addiction, the specifics of case formulation, management of the therapeutic relationship, and the structure of the therapy sessions. It discusses how to educate patients in the treatment model and procedures and manage their cravings and urges for drugs and alcohol. Specific cognitive and behavioral strategies and techniques are described in detail, as are methods for understanding and working with patients who present concomitant problems of depression, anxiety, low frustration tolerance, anger, and personality disorders. Also addressed are such significant issues as crisis management and relapse prevention. Enhancing the utility of the volume are appendices featuring sample client inventories and checklists. These forms are designed to help the clinician identify targets for intervention, track progress over time, and develop an individualized relapse prevention plan for each client.

Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality

Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality Author Marcus Bergh
ISBN-10 9781622874736
Release 2014-05-07
Pages 300
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The one world problem has been central to knowledge for ages. Of many approaches none has resolved the problem. With great increases in knowledge there is now sufficient ideas, concepts and means to show a unified ultimate totality. Actual Totality is a book whose proofs and detail provide the needed resolution. The approach to unity is by forty types of proof from non-existence to their combined sum. It features those universals, qualities, continua, kinds, and varieties of actual totality whose proofs are most certain. Certainty of proofs produces axioms that are most recognizable as laws. Each type of proof has different laws whose integration and representation give excellent proof of actual totality. Dependence on the observer observed relationship is the basis for relativity. Dependence on the definite absolute quality of the human mind and person is the basis for the absoluteness seen in identity and self-preservation. Mind and matter are part of a continuum that is the basis and proof of actual totality. Many other continuums make up actual totality, including general and special, mass energy, length, time, static and dynamic. The continua are dualities whose spectra form gradients. It is these gradients that make up much of the detail and differential whose vertical integration proves actual totality. The physical universe and the relative universe of civilization, best human life and mind are large components of the general to special spectrum and varieties of actual totality. There is massive interaction and potential to actual existence in and out of actual totality. This occurs with increasing time. In the near to mid-term actual totality is stable, and can be treated as a closed set. In the far term both the actual and potential of actual totality undergo adaptation and alteration that best suits their existence with change. With good representation an overview of the difference between actual totality as a stable and relatively exclusive world and potential changes in the long term become clear. The many revolutions that accompany change and the role of language, math, proportions, geometry, design, propelling and compelling forces that determine creation and evolution of life all reveal proofs of actual totality. The core of actual totality, or actual totality proper, is centered on the here and now that proves unity in totality. The individual, groups, and lives of all people more or less contribute to the whole depending on productivity that is most beneficial to the whole. This is largely dependent on knowledge, and its kinds. Universal knowledge of the highest kind is the great dynamo of advancing actual totality. How well actual totality supplies this need is the most important problem and solution of the next hundreds to thousands of years. It is survival over extinction whose success will depend largely on proactive planning, prevention, preparation, management and control. They can be used to guide each and all persons to a better unified world, by actual totality.

The Literary Panorama

The Literary Panorama Author
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433081672937
Release 1807
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The Literary Panorama has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Literary Panorama also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Literary Panorama book for free.

Women s Reading in Britain 1750 1835

Women s Reading in Britain  1750 1835 Author Jacqueline Pearson
ISBN-10 0521584396
Release 1999-05-27
Pages 300
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The first broad overview and detailed analysis of female reading audiences in this period.

The Rise of Louis Napoleon

The Rise of Louis Napoleon Author F. A. Simpson
ISBN-10 0714613592
Release 1968-04-01
Pages 400
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First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Oblivion Author
ISBN-10 9781434977342
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Oblivion has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Oblivion also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Oblivion book for free.

Into Oblivion

Into Oblivion Author Jeff R. Smith
ISBN-10 9781465369444
Release 2011-10-31
Pages 493
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It’s 2035 and people are frightened. Soon, mankind won’t be able to live on earth for a good 200 years and only a handful of countries are building spacecraft to save those few lucky enough to have a seat. Randal Wagner tells his story from leaving his home on earth, to surviving in a world where mankind is on the hours devours list. Have others been here before his arrival? If so, who were they and where are they now? Je

Oblivion Pact

Oblivion Pact Author Don Pendleton
ISBN-10 9781459238572
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 320
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Hell on Earth When a firefight breaks out in Mexico, the blitz leaves countless dead and Apache gunships in the hands of an Australian self-made millionaire and the soldiers of his white supremacist group. This in turn puts Mack Bolan in grim pursuit. Hijacking the ordnance turns out to be the first move in a campaign of terror that arms the enemy with an arsenal of experimental limpet mines. The killing sweep then strikes the Cayman Islands, with the object of stealing a supercomputer to control the limpets. And a deadly demonstration off the coast of Brazil leaves no doubt that World War III is the millionaire's ultimate goal. Now all things from satellites to rockets are hands-on weapons of terror to cripple global defenses. Cities around the world will burn unless Bolan—using everything he's got—can dispatch the enemy into eternal darkness.