Listening to God in Times of Choice

Listening to God in Times of Choice Author Gordon T. Smith
ISBN-10 0830876197
Release 2009-09-20
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All Christians yearn to live at the center of God's will. But how to discern his will is an art that eludes many of us. And the advice we get often conflicts. Some tell us to look for a divine "blueprint"-the one perfect plan for our lives that we need to find. We are encouraged to search the Scriptures and hunt for signs, trying to uncover the map of our lives that God has drawn. Others have rejected the blueprint school of guidance for the "wisdom school." With minds renewed by the teaching of Scripture, we are to develop the wisdom necessary to make wise choices. We are told not to expect that there is just one answer to God's will for every decision we face. Several may be possible. The difficulty with both approaches, writes Gordon Smith, is that they minimize the presence and voice of God in times of choice. Instead, he argues for a third way. He suggests that we develop discernment as a spiritual discipline. By stressing the personal aspects of growing in our relationship with God, we can understand his will, not just in times of crisis but throughout our daily lives. This book provides no magic formulas, no recipes for guaranteed success-just a lot of insight, gleaned from centuries of lived Christian experience, that will guide and encourage you in the art of discerning God's will.

Discerning Understanding God S Will for Your Life

Discerning   Understanding God   S Will for Your Life Author Osbourne Murray
ISBN-10 9781524582166
Release 2017-02-13
Pages 142
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The book is about the importance of knowing God’s will for one’s life, which is paramount in having a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with God. When there’s uncertainty concerning the will of God in any aspect of one’s existence, it results to confusion and anxiety. Too many Christians go through life and never realize God’s perfect will during their sojourn in time. In doing so, believers are robbed of the privilege of experiencing God’s best for their lives. It also deprives them of having an overcoming, fruitful, spirit-filled, joyful, and peaceful life. Not discerning God’s perfect will for your life will cause you to live far below your rights and privileges in Christ. The recognition of God’s purpose for your life will provide a sense of identity, belongingness, vocation, and guidance, which serves to connect you to a higher purpose—the Kingdom of God. The truth is that not much attention is paid to this very critical area of Christianity today. However, it is the very heart of efficient and authentic Christian living. Without a clear understanding of God’s will in one’s life, one may feel like or even become a square peg in a round hole, especially as it pertains to identifying the appropriate ministries and where to serve effectively in the body of Christ.

Discerning God s Will

Discerning God s Will Author Ben Campbell Johnson
ISBN-10 0664251463
Release 1990
Pages 167
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Popular author Ben Campbell Johnson discusses how the will of God relies on the depths of the human psyche. He addresses in specific terms how one may use intuition, imagination, and memory to ascertain the leading of God's will. Johnson claims that once God's will is sensed, one must trust that God will continue to give guidance. For each chapter, a series of reflection exercises is provided along with a brief guide to the process of discernment.

Yearning to Know God s Will

Yearning to Know God s Will Author Danny E. Morris
ISBN-10 9780310754916
Release 1991
Pages 156
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A desire to know the will of God is, as it should be, the top priority of any serious Christian. But how are you to find out what God's will is? Who hasn't agonized, questioned, and then doubted and questioned again? But here is Danny Morris to the rescue with an eight-week workbook on knowing God's will. Each weeks' exercise begins with an account of a personal experience of the author from which he brings forth biblical, theological, and historical principles to help you in your search. As you respond, God's will is certain to become clearer. During the first five weeks, you will learn about the nature of spiritual discernment, discernment for the individual, spiritual intuition, ways in which God communicates with believers, and discernment as a spiritual gift. In the second part, the author shifts his focus to corporate discernment; that is, discernment within and for the church, the body of Christ. At issue here is consensus: how consensus is possible, why it is difficult, and how it works in church boards and committees. Danny Morris insists that consensus is not only biblical but practical, despite skepticism on the part of those whose experience would lead them to believe that disagreement is a way of life in church. Some maintain that consensus would never work in their congregation. But the author points the way to diminish and eventually eliminate such conflict. The third part of the workbook details a workable plan for church retreat, a time away from phones and schedules, where your group will learn how to make decisions by consensus, by group discernment of the will of God for the congregation. What better way to help move forward the work of God?

Defending Royal Supremacy and Discerning God s Will in Tudor England

Defending Royal Supremacy and Discerning God s Will in Tudor England Author Daniel Eppley
ISBN-10 9781351945790
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 260
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Early modern governments constantly faced the challenge of reconciling their own authority with the will of God. Most acknowledged that an individual's first loyalty must be to God's law, but were understandably reluctant to allow this as an excuse to challenge their own powers where interpretations differed. As such, contemporaries gave much thought to how this potentially destabilising situation could be reconciled, preserving secular authority without compromising conscience. In this book, the particular relationship between the Tudor supremacy over the Church and the hermeneutics of discerning God's will is highlighted and explored. This topic is addressed by considering defences of the Henrician and Elizabethan royal supremacies over the English church, with particular reference to the thoughts and writings of Christopher St. German, and Richard Hooker. Both of these men were in broad agreement that it was the responsibility of English Christians to subordinate their subjective understandings of God's will to the interpretation of God's will propounded by the church authorities. St. German originally put forward the proposition that king in parliament, as the voice of the community of Christians in England, was authorized to definitively pronounce regarding God's will; and that obedience to the crown was in all circumstances commensurate with obedience to God's will. Salvation, as envisioned by St. German and Hooker, was thus not dependent upon adherence to a single true faith. Rather it was conditional upon a sincere effort to try to discern the true faith using the means that God had made available to the individual, particularly the collective wisdom of one's church speaking through its representatives. In tackling this fascinating dichotomy at the heart of early modern government, this study emphasizes an aspect of the defence of royal supremacy that has not heretofore been sufficiently appreciated by modern scholars, and invites consideration of how this aspect of hermeneutics is relevant to wider discussions relating to the nature of secular and divine authority.

Discerning God s Will

Discerning God s Will Author Richard T. Case
ISBN-10 1943425450
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 204
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The newest work from author Richard T. Case demonstrates, from God's very Scriptures, and what many think are just principles and guidelines, the truth about God's will - that it is: Personal and planned out specifically for us. Fully knowable - we can hear His voice and receive His will. Clear, precise, and specific. Simple and beautiful. Tied to the transformation of "character" - so all can know His voice from the most immature to the very wise. The best and none better - He is for us, has fantastic plans for us, and invites us to a blessed life. Not limited to opening and closing doors. Not discerned immediately - timing is everything. With a deeper reception of these scriptural truths, believers will find their lives lifted from a struggle in mediocrity to the spectacular and exceptional. The biggest "Ah ha" of Discerning God's Will will be that it is not so much about what we are supposed to do, but what He wants to do to lead us to the spectacular life. He invites us to join Him as he leads and guides us to specific places where the spectacular life plays out. May you enjoy receiving a whole new way of walking with God in life.

Discerning God s Will

Discerning God s Will Author Jules J. Toner
ISBN-10 0912422823
Release 1991-01-01
Pages 344
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Discerning God s Will has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Discerning God s Will also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Discerning God s Will book for free.

Discerning God s Will Together

Discerning God s Will Together Author Danny E. Morris
ISBN-10 9781566995061
Release 2012-08-15
Pages 145
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Bible study, research, and fieldwork merge in this book of practical principles for decision making by spiritual discernment. The step-by-step approach can be used to help any size group learn a new way to make decisions--a way that is interactive, spiritual, and rooted in faith practices and community. Small groups, committees, church boards, church leaders at all levels, and seminary professors will find this book valuable. This is a revised and updated version of the book, originally published in 1997. This new version inclused revised and updated material, as well as a new introduction by Charles Olsen.

Pursuing God s Will Together

Pursuing God s Will Together Author Ruth Haley Barton
ISBN-10 9780830869787
Release 2012-05-25
Pages 253
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2013 Logos Book of the Year in Spirituality/Devotional Meetings can sap our energy, rupture community and thoroughly demoralize us. They can go on forever with no resolution. Or they can rush along without consensus just to "get through the agenda." What if there was another way? Church boards and other Christian leadership teams have long relied on models adapted from the business world. Ruth Haley Barton, president of the Transforming Center, helps teams transition to a much more suitable model—the spiritual community that discerns God's will together. In these pages you will discover personal and group practices that will lead you into a new way of experiencing community and listening to God together.

God s Will

God s Will Author J I. Packer
ISBN-10 9781441235923
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 272
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Seeking God's guidance is a focus for many believers. We want to know what God has planned for our lives. Are we making the right decision? Are we in his will? For some people, knowing God is guiding their lives makes them relax and enjoy the ride. But others fear making the wrong choice and find themselves paralyzed as they wait for signs from above. J. I. Packer and Carolyn Nystrom answer these fears with God's Will. With solid biblical footing, they shed light on the notion of God's guidance in response to the many misunderstandings well-meaning Christians can have. Readers seeking God's will in major life decisions, as well as anyone interested in understanding how God guides us, will welcome this practical and inspiring book.

Integrated Theology

Integrated Theology Author Kevin Gary Smith
ISBN-10 062053947X
Release 2013
Pages 175
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Integrated Theology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Integrated Theology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Integrated Theology book for free.

God s Voice Within

God s Voice Within Author Mark E. Thibodeaux
ISBN-10 9780829433043
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 242
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Many of us do not trust our own thoughts, feelings, and desires when it comes to discerning God's will. Instead we look outside ourselves to determine what God wants from and for us. In "God's Voice Within," spiritual director Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, shows us how to use Ignatian discernment to access our own spiritual intuition and understand that the most trustworthy wisdom of all comes not from outside sources, but from God working through us. "God's Voice Within" is intended for people who know that there is more to the spiritual life than they are currently experiencing and are ready to take the next step in their walk of faith by making effective discernment--specifically Ignatian discernment--a daily practice. Ultimately, "God's Voice Within" teaches us to discern what is at the root of our actions and emotions, which in turn allows us to respond to God's promptings inside us rather than unconsciously reacting to life around us.

God s Will in a Time of Crisis

God s Will in a Time of Crisis Author Andrew R. Morton
ISBN-10 9781870126274
Release 1994
Pages 83
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God s Will in a Time of Crisis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from God s Will in a Time of Crisis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full God s Will in a Time of Crisis book for free.

The Letter and the Spirit

The Letter and the Spirit Author David A. Brondos
ISBN-10 0806649356
Release 2005
Pages 77
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This book offers biblical principles for addressing difficult ethical questions that Christians face today. Written in an accessible way, Brondos seeks to help readers discern the principles behind biblical prescriptions and interpret these in light of concern for human wholeness and well being. Helps Lutheran Christians reflect on what it means to look to Scripture for answers to complex problems.

Desiring God s Will

Desiring God s Will Author David G. Benner
ISBN-10 9780830846139
Release 2015-10-23
Pages 140
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How do we become both willing and able to do what God asks of us? In this expanded edition of a spiritual formation classic, psychologist and spiritual director David G. Benner explores the transformation of the will in Christian spirituality, examining why our desires are disordered and how we can align our hearts with God's.

How Then Should We Choose

How Then Should We Choose Author Douglas S. Huffman
ISBN-10 9780825495960
Pages 269
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Henry and Richard Blackaby, Garry Friesen, and Gordon T. Smith present three principal views on God's will and how his will should affect our everyday decisions as Christians.

Sehnsucht nach Gott

Sehnsucht nach Gott Author John Piper
ISBN-10 3935188293
Release 2005
Pages 420
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Sehnsucht nach Gott has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sehnsucht nach Gott also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sehnsucht nach Gott book for free.