Diagnosis Classification

Diagnosis Classification Author Source Wikipedia
ISBN-10 1230646825
Release 2013-09
Pages 164
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 163. Chapters: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Mental illness diagnosis by DSM and ICD, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, List of neurological disorders, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Autism, Catatonia, Delusion, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, Reactive attachment disorder, History of mental disorders, Causes of schizophrenia, Mechanisms of schizophrenia, Classification of mental disorders, Schizoaffective disorder, Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, DSM-5, Ego-dystonic sexual orientation, Internet addiction disorder, DSM-IV Codes, International Classification of Diseases for Oncology, Diagnosis of schizophrenia, Grisi siknis, Post-traumatic embitterment disorder, History of schizophrenia, Delusional disorder, Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, DECIPHER, Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, Psychiatric disorders of childbirth, Depression, Stereotypy, Schizophreniform disorder, Intermittent explosive disorder, Pediatric schizophrenia, Read codes, CIT Program Tumor Identity Cards, A Reason to Live, Tardive dysphrenia, Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV, Surgical sieve, Acedia, Services for mental disorders, Comorbidity, Black triangle, Global Assessment of Functioning, Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine, Diagnosis codes, Self-diagnosis, Tic disorder, ICD-9 V codes, Mendelian Inheritance in Man, Autoscopy, Children's Global Assessment Scale, National Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Catastrophic schizophrenia, Abraham-men, Sexual relationship disorder, Nidotherapy, Psychomotor retardation, Hwabyeong, Sexual maturation disorder, International Classification of Primary Care, Diagnostic classification and rating scales used in...

Public Health Aspects of Diagnosis and Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders

Public Health Aspects of Diagnosis and Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders Author Shekhar Saxena
ISBN-10 9780890423493
Release 2012
Pages 273
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" ... Technical reviews presented in the World Health Organization-American Psychiatric Institute for Research and Education (WHO-APIRE) conference "Public Health Aspects Classification of Mental Disorders"--P. xvii.

International Classification and Diagnosis

International Classification and Diagnosis Author Juan E. Mezzich
ISBN-10 9783805574617
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 148
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The classification of mental disorders improved greatly in the last decade of the 20th century and now provides a reliable operation tool. The first set of papers in this publication present the views on international classification and diagnosis of the WHO and the APA as well as the results of a large international survey on the usage and perceived value of ICD-10 and related diagnostic systems. The second group of papers topically review international experience with current diagnostic systems. The third set delves into some of the key conceptual bases for the development of future diagnostic systems. The fourth group review ongoing work on adaptations of and complements to the ICD. The last section offers incisive commentaries on integrative approaches and future steps. Summarizing the current knowledge of the field of the international system for classification and diagnosis this publication is essential reading for psychiatrists, psychologists as well as public health services.

Standards for the Diagnosis Classification and Treatment of Pulmonary and Glandular Tuberculosis in Adults and Children

Standards for the Diagnosis  Classification and Treatment of Pulmonary and Glandular Tuberculosis in Adults and Children Author National Tuberculosis Association. Framingham Community Health and Tuberculosis Demonstration
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112098449264
Release 1922
Pages 16
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Standards for the Diagnosis Classification and Treatment of Pulmonary and Glandular Tuberculosis in Adults and Children has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Standards for the Diagnosis Classification and Treatment of Pulmonary and Glandular Tuberculosis in Adults and Children also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Standards for the Diagnosis Classification and Treatment of Pulmonary and Glandular Tuberculosis in Adults and Children book for free.

A Colour Atlas of Oral Cancers

A Colour Atlas of Oral Cancers Author Arne Burkhardt
ISBN-10 072340769X
Release 1981
Pages 186
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A Colour Atlas of Oral Cancers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Colour Atlas of Oral Cancers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Colour Atlas of Oral Cancers book for free.

Classification and Diagnosis in Orthopaedic Trauma

Classification and Diagnosis in Orthopaedic Trauma Author Rahij Anwar
ISBN-10 9781139469418
Release 2008-03-06
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A highly illustrated book providing concise yet comprehensive information on fracture classification and management. The text has been developed according to the requirements of orthopaedic surgeons in training. The first section covers general principles such as terminology and dealing with multiple trauma; following sections take the reader systematically through regions of the body and the various possible fractures, covering diagnosis, treatment and healing in each case. Definitive information on the ever-disputed issue of classification of musculoskeletal injuries is provided throughout. An effective reference book for the clinic, this book is also an indispensable tool for trainees in orthopaedic and emergency medicine and orthopaedic nurses.

Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Abnormality

Classification and Diagnosis of Psychological Abnormality Author Susan Cave
ISBN-10 9781134579983
Release 2005-08-19
Pages 232
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How is psychological abnormality recognised? How many different mental disorders are there, and what are their characteristics? Although there are established guidelines for clinicians working in this area, these have been subject to many criticisms. Exploring how views on this subject have changed over time, and how they vary in different societies, poses important questions about our current practices. This book provides a brief overview of the current definitions and various explanations for psychological abnormality and then focuses on how society diagnoses and classifies behaviour that is deemed to be 'unusual'. Three key areas of the topic are covered: the procedures involved in the diagnosis and classification of mental disorders (such as schizophrenia); research into the history and origins of multiple personality disorder; and a discussion of the implications of cultural variability (including culture-bound syndromes) for the classification and diagnosis of psychological abnormality. Classification and Diagnosis of Abnormal Psychology is an introductory text suitable for students and teachers of the AQA Psychology A2 specification and is also useful for other groups who work in the field of mental disorder, such as nurses, social workers and therapists.

Hematopoietic Neoplasms Controversies in Diagnosis and Classification An Issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics

Hematopoietic Neoplasms  Controversies in Diagnosis and Classification  An Issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics Author Tracey I George
ISBN-10 9780323277877
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 209
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Topics in Hematopoietic Neoplasms: Controversies in Diagnosis and Classification include: ABC vs GC subtyping of diffuse large B cell lymphoma-Does it matter?; Clonal link between malignant lymphoma and histiocytic tumors; Diagnostic criteria for grey zone lymphoma: Are there any?; Diagnostic criteria for primary cutaneous B cell lymphoma; Distinguishing reactive and leukemic large granular lymphocyte proliferations; Differential diagnosis of erythroleukemia; Early pre-T ALL versus MPAL: Diagnostic criteria; Myeloid neoplasms with inv(3) or t(3;3); Update on classification and prognosis in myelodysplastic syndrome; Approach to atypical immunophenotypes in Hodgkin lymphoma; Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell tumor: How do you distinguish it from acute myeloid leukemia?; The differential diagnosis of eosinophilia in neoplastic hematopathology; Transformation in myeloproliferative neoplasms; and Challenges in consolidated reporting of hematopoietic neoplasms. This publication is an extremely useful and practical source for pathologists working with this spectrum of disorders. As with all publications in this series, Differential Diagnosis is the main focus of discussion. Staging, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and summaries of Pitfalls in working with these pathologies are presented along with ample figures.

Psychiatric Diagnosis and Classification

Psychiatric Diagnosis and Classification Author Mario Maj
ISBN-10 0471496812
Release 2002-04-22
Pages 308
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This book provides an overview of the strengths and limitations of the currently available systems for the diagnosis and classification of mental disorders, in particular the DSM-IV and the ICD-10, and of the prospects for future developments. Among the covered issues are: * The impact of biological research * The diagnosis of mental disorders in primary care * The usefulness and limitations of the concept of comorbidity in psychiatry * The role of understanding and empathy in the diagnostic process * The ethical, legal and social aspects of psychiatric classification Psychiatric Diagnosis & Classification provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of available diagnostic and classificatory systems in psychiatry and the improvements that are needed.

Psychiatric Diagnosis

Psychiatric Diagnosis Author Juan E. Mezzich
ISBN-10 0387942211
Release 1994-09-09
Pages 336
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Advances in the standardization, precision and thoroughness of psychiatric diagnosis are being supplemented with attention to personalized or ideographic descriptive approaches. This promises not only to enhance the clinician's understanding of a case but to allow a fuller and more effective use of the evolving range of therapeutic possibilities. To reflect these developments, the Section on Classification, Diagnostic Assessment and Nomenclature of the World Psychiatric Association has prepared this volume which is organized around five prominent themes in contemporary psychiatric diagnosis: -major regional perspectives - ICD-10 - comprehensive diagnosis through the multiaxial model - treatment planning and organization of health services - the role and challenges of psychiatric diagnosis in primary health care.

Henry s Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods

Henry s Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods Author Richard A. McPherson
ISBN-10 9781455726844
Release 2011-09-06
Pages 1568
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Recognized as the definitive book in laboratory medicine since 1908, Henry’s Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods, edited by Richard A. McPherson, MD and Matthew R. Pincus, MD, PhD, is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary pathology reference that gives you state-of-the-art guidance on lab test selection and interpretation of results. Revisions throughout keep you current on the latest topics in the field, such as biochemical markers of bone metabolism, clinical enzymology, pharmacogenomics, and more! A user-friendly full-color layout puts all the latest, most essential knowledge at your fingertips. Update your understanding of the scientific foundation and clinical application of today's complete range of laboratory tests. Get optimal test results with guidance on error detection, correction, and prevention as well as cost-effective test selection. Reference the information you need quickly and easily thanks to a full-color layout, many new color illustrations and visual aids, and an organization by organ system. Master all the latest approaches in clinical laboratory medicine with new and updated coverage of: the chemical basis for analyte assays and common interferences; lipids and dyslipoproteinemia; markers in the blood for cardiac injury evaluation and related stroke disorders; coagulation testing for antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin and clopidogrel; biochemical markers of bone metabolism; clinical enzymology; hematology and transfusion medicine; medical microbiology; body fluid analysis; and many other rapidly evolving frontiers in the field. Effectively monitor the pace of drug clearing in patients undergoing pharmacogenomic treatments with a new chapter on this groundbreaking new area. Apply the latest best practices in clinical laboratory management with special chapters on organization, work flow, quality control, interpretation of results, informatics, financial management, and establishing a molecular diagnostics laboratory. Confidently prepare for the upcoming recertification exams for clinical pathologists set to begin in 2016.

Leukaemia Diagnosis

Leukaemia Diagnosis Author Barbara J. Bain
ISBN-10 1444318489
Release 2010-01-28
Pages 404
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UP-TO-DATE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO LEUKAEMIA DIAGNOSIS Written by a renowned expert this practical guide had been fully revised and updated. The book covers recent advances in the fields of immunophenotyping, cytogenetics and molecular genetics. It illustrates how laboratory techniques are used for the diagnosis and classification of leukaemia and includes images of abnormal cells to aid diagnosis. This fourth edition: Incorporates the recommendations of the 2008 WHO Classification of Tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues Includes 300 high quality full colour digital images of abnormal cells in leukaemia and lymphoma - 50 of which are completely new Every haematologist and haematopathologist should keep a copy close at hand for quick reference.

Female Genital Tract Congenital Malformations

Female Genital Tract Congenital Malformations Author Grigoris F. Grimbizis
ISBN-10 9781447151463
Release 2015-01-23
Pages 318
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Female genital malformations represent miscellaneous deviations from normal anatomy. With a prevalence of approximately 6% in the general population, they might be associated with health problems, potentially dangerous complications or poor reproductive outcome depending on the type and the degree of the anatomical abnormality. During the last two decades the better understanding of their pathogenesis, the availability of new non-invasive techniques for their diagnosis and the increased experience from their treatment have radically changed their management. A new, clinically oriented classification system has now been developed facilitating their evidence-based appraisal. It is a reality that the management of female genital malformations has changed rapidly during the last few years from an experience based and mainly descriptive field to a scientific evidence-based one. This book presents all uterine, cervical and vaginal anomalies in a systematic way and the new ESHRE/ESGE classification system utilised for their categorization. In addition, their embryogenesis and etiology are summarized. The diagnostic work-up of women with female genital malformations is reviewed in an evidence-based fashion and taking into account the availability of new non-invasive diagnostic methods. The treatment strategy and the therapeutic alternatives to restore health and reproductive problems associated with their presence are critically reviewed.

Classification of nursing diagnoses

Classification of nursing diagnoses Author Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson
ISBN-10 0397548125
Release 1991-06-01
Pages 421
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Includes taxonomy development/nursing diagnosis development and review/new nursing diagnoses/scientific papers/etc.

Values and Psychiatric Diagnosis

Values and Psychiatric Diagnosis Author John Z. Sadler
ISBN-10 0198526377
Release 2005
Pages 540
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Advance praise for Values and Psychiatric Diagnosis:'One thinks of the great cartographers at work in reading Dr Sadler's exploration of the values embedded in current psychiatric diagnostic classifications - the DSM-IV. This is a huge, ten-year, interdisciplinary undertaking. Usually, authors who cut across disciplines are at home in one, but inexpertly borrow from the others, their extractions somewhat derivative and impoverished. But Sadler enriches as he draws on science, clinical practice, cultural analysis, the history of science and philosophy. While exposing the changes in value assumptions in each of the successive DSMs through DSM-IV, Sadler doesn't unmask and demean the profession of psychiatry, but shows how it can grow rather than devour itself in its value permutations.' -William F May, Fellow of the Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life, University of Virginia'At last we have in-depth understanding of the controversies that underline the passionate disagreements about the classification of mental disorders. If there is any doubt as to why psychiatry is the most fascinating and important specialty of medicine, Dr Sadler has put that to rest with this provocative in-depth discussion of the values that are intrinsic to psychiatry.' -Steven S Sharfstein, President-Elect of the American Psychiatric Association'The long awaited volume is a worthy successor to John Sadler's ground-braking previous research on values in diagnostic classification. Impeccably argued and researched, Values and Psychiatric Diagnosis will prove an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to understand the nature, and importance, of psychiatry. In a readable, clear and unadorned style, Sadler skilfully develops his case that psychiatry is a value-saturated practice and persuades us that rather than its weakness, this is psychiatry's great strength.' -Jennifer Radden, Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusets, Boston, USA'Values and Psychiatric Diagnosis is interdisciplinary scholarship at its best. A wide range of readers will find this work filled with insights that Sadler's lively, yet precise writing style makes readily available. Sadler's analysis is clear and compelling. In this work, complex technical questions are discussed with wit and wisdom. Sadler has managed to define the function and significance of values across the entire field of psychiatric diagnosis; he has written a reliable guide to the wide range of issues involved.' -George J Agich, Chair Bioethics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, USAThe public, mental health consumers, as well as mental health practitioners wonder about what kinds of values mental health professionals hold, and what kinds of values influence psychiatric diagnosis. Are mental disorders socio-political, practical, or scientific concepts? Is psychiatric diagnosis value-neutral? What role does the fundamental philosophical question 'How should I live?' play in mental health care? In his carefully nuanced and exhaustively referenced monograph, psychiatrist and philosopher of psychiatry John Z. Sadler describes the manifold kinds of values and value judgements involved in psychiatric diagnosis and classification systems like the DSM. Professor Sadler takes the reader on a fascinating conceptual tour of the inner workings of psychiatric diagnosis, considering the role of science, culture, sexuality, politics, gender, technology, human nature, patienthood, and professions in building his vision of a more humane psychiatric diagnostic process.Readership: Mental health practitioners, researchers, educators in psychiatry, psychology, and social work; philosophers

User s Guide

User s Guide Author Robert L. Schalock
ISBN-10 0940898950
Release 2007
Pages 67
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Suitable for clinicians, special educators, program managers, and policy makers, this title shows how to implement the contemporary AAIDD supports-based definition of intellectual disability in specific job settings.

Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Diagnosis Development Neurobiology and Behavior

Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders  Diagnosis  Development  Neurobiology  and Behavior Author Fred R. Volkmar
ISBN-10 9780471721109
Release 2005-04-29
Pages 792
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Now expanded to two volumes, this invaluable reference work provides a comprehensive review of all information presently available about these disorders, drawing on findings and clinical experience from a number of related disciplines such as psychiatry, psychology, neurobiology, pediatrics, etc. The Handbook covers descriptive and diagnostic characteristics, biological contributions, intervention techniques, legal and social issues. The Third Edition is updated to include the newest work in animal models, genetics, neuropsychological processes, screening and assessment methods.