Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman

Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman Author Tessa Arlen
ISBN-10 9781466854277
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 320
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Lady Montfort has been planning her annual summer costume ball for months, and with scrupulous care. Pulling together the food, flowers and a thousand other details for one of the most significant social occasions of the year is her happily accepted responsibility. But when her husband's degenerate nephew is found murdered, it's more than the ball that is ruined. In fact, Lady Montfort fears that the official police enquiry, driven by petty snobbery and class prejudice, is pointing towards her son as a potential suspect. Taking matters into her own hands, the rather over-imaginative countess enlists the help of her pragmatic housekeeper, Mrs. Jackson, to investigate the case, track down the women that vanished the night of the murder, and clear her son's name. As the two women search for a runaway housemaid and a headstrong young woman, they unearth the hidden lives of Lady Montfort's close friends, servants and family and discover the identity of a murderer hiding in plain sight. In this enchanting debut sure to appeal to fans of Downton Abbey, Tessa Arlen draws readers into a world exclusively enjoyed by the rich, privileged classes and suffered by the men and women who serve them. Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman is an elegant mystery filled with intriguing characters and fascinating descriptions of Edwardian life—a superb treat for those who love British novels.

A Death by Any Other Name

A Death by Any Other Name Author Tessa Arlen
ISBN-10 9781250101433
Release 2017-03-14
Pages 336
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A Death by Any Other Name is a delightful Edwardian mystery set in the English countryside. Building on the success of her last two mysteries in the same series, Tessa Arlen returns us to the same universe full of secrets, intrigue, and, this time, roses. The elegant Lady Montfort and her redoubtable housekeeper Mrs. Jackson's services are called upon after a cook is framed and dismissed for poisoning a guest of the Hyde Rose Society. Promising to help her regain her job and her dignity, the pair trek out to the countryside to investigate a murder of concealed passions and secret desires. There, they are to discover a villain of audacious cunning among a group of mild-mannered, amateur rose-breeders. While they investigate, the rumor mill fills with talk about a conflict over in Prussia where someone quite important was shot. There is talk of war and they must race the clock to solve the mystery as the idyllic English summer days count down to the start of WWI. Brimming with intrigue, Tessa Arlen's latest does not disappoint.

Death Sits Down to Dinner

Death Sits Down to Dinner Author Tessa Arlen
ISBN-10 9781466854284
Release 2016-03-29
Pages 320
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Filled with deceptions both real and imagined, Death Sits Down to Dinner is a delightful Edwardian mystery set in London. Lady Montfort is thrilled to receive an invitation to a dinner party hosted by her close friend Hermione Kingsley, the patroness of England's largest charity. Hermione has pulled together a select gathering to celebrate Winston Churchill's 39th birthday. Some of the oldest families in the country have gathered to toast the dangerously ambitious and utterly charming First Lord of the Admiralty. But when the dinner ends, one of the gentlemen remains seated at the table, head down among the walnut shells littering the cloth and a knife between his ribs. Summoned from Iyntwood, Mrs. Jackson helps her mistress trace the steps of suspects both upstairs and downstairs as Hermione's household prepares to host a highly anticipated charity event. Determined to get to the bottom of things, Lady Montfort and Mrs. Jackson unravel the web of secrecy surrounding the bright whirlwind of London society, investigating the rich, well-connected and seeming do-gooders in a race against time to stop the murderer from striking again.

Chronik eines angek ndigten Todes

Chronik eines angek  ndigten Todes Author Gabriel García Márquez
ISBN-10 9783462306743
Release 2012-12-10
Pages 128
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In einem Dorf an der kolumbianischen Karibikküste feiert Bayardo San Roman seine Hochzeit. Ein prunkvolles Fest wird gefeiert, und dass die Braut den Bräutigam nicht liebt, scheint ein unwesentliches Detail, denn „Liebe erlernt sich“. Doch auf das Fest folgt der Skandal. Angela Vicario, die schöne Braut, wird noch in der Nacht von ihrem Ehemann ins Elternhaus zurückgebracht; sie war nicht mehr unberührt. Angela offenbart den Namen des angeblichen Täters, und mit Fleischermessern bewaffnet ziehen ihre Zwillingsbrüder los, um die Tat zu sühnen, das heißt, den Verführer zu töten. Das ganze Dorf erfährt von ihrer bitteren Pflicht. Jeder weiß, dass hier Vorurteile eine sinnlose Tat auslösen, doch niemand schreitet ein. Jahre später befragt der Ich-Erzähler alle Zeugen und rekonstruiert den Ablauf des tragischen Geschehens, die wenigen Stunden von der Ankündigung bis zur Ausführung des grausamen Verbrechens.

Dishonorable Death

Dishonorable Death Author Bill MacWithey
ISBN-10 1462841228
Release 2000-06-14
Pages 376
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When a team of army rangers makes a trip into Cambodia, looking for Americans believed to still be held prisoner, they are ambushed and half their team lost. They had safely made these trips a half dozen times without incident, so know they were set up. But who would do such a thing? Few people knew of their incursions into Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. After an attempt on their lives back in The States, they know someone, for some reason wants rid of them. It becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse with their unknown pursuers. The remaining seven team members, all master sergeants, bring their commanding officer home to bury, then Mitch goes to see Colonel Eddie McCain’s sister in Southern Illinois. She has a packet of information for Mitch that her brother left with her, knowing Mitch would come to see her if anything happened to him. The information contained in the packet is a list of people thought to be trafficking in heroin from the Far East. Also, a Senator’s name, whom Eddie evidently trusted is in the packet. When Eddie goes to Indianapolis to see the senator, another attempt is made on his life. When the senator is killed, Mitch knows he is into something far-reaching and, evidently, involving far more than heroin traffic. After the senator is murdered, a CIA operative, who had worked with the senator, approaches Mitch and his team. Mitch tends to trust the man, but is wary of everyone. It seems everywhere they turn, someone tries to take them out. They have been given new identification cards by Walter Hixon, their CIA contact. It turns out the cards are miniature locator beacons, but Mitch believes Hixon when he tells him although someone at the agency has to be involved in the plot to kill them, he has no knowledge of who or why. The trail leads them to an army missile storage depot in Kentucky, where a number of cruise missiles are missing. People from an electronics firm located in Dallas had recently been to the depot to do modifications on the missiles. When Mitch and his team avoid the people laying in wait for them on the trip to Dallas, they find that a large number of the electronics firm employees are missing. They do make contact with two women employees who had been at the missile depot and who had survived whatever had happened to the other employees. Eventually, Mitch learns the electronics company is actually a CIA owned company. The story involves much more than he could have imagined. Crooked deals being made with Mexican officials, who soon mysteriously disappear – a high level conference of European Industrialists – a plot to use the missing cruise missiles against an array of targets – but who is behind all of it, and most importantly, why do they need to kill Mitch and the remaining members of his team? What could they possibly know that would interfere with the plans of one of the world’s most powerful industrialists to take over control of the major portion of the world’s oil supply? FD Gialmo not only owns a dozen senators, but is involved in more crooked schemes than can be counted to become even wealthier. His father began FD’s financial empire with one sailing vessel and a dogged determination to succeed at becoming a billionaire at any cost. FD is completely devoted not only to his “old man’s” business acumen, but also to his ruthlessness in establishing the financial giant which FD inherited and enha But, that fucking, worthless son of his! What the hell could he do about that skirt chasing little prick? After all the troubles problems he had endured all his life to double and redouble the fortune the “old man” left him, why couldn’t this stupid little bastard understand it would be up to him to continue building the company?

Lord Jim

Lord Jim Author Joseph Conrad
ISBN-10 9783843033091
Release 2016-08-28
Pages 304
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Joseph Conrad: Lord Jim Erstdruck 1900 im »Blackwood's Magazine«. Hier in der Übersetzung von Hedwig Lachmann und Ernst Wolfgang Freissler, S. Fischer, Berlin, 1927. Neuausgabe. Herausgegeben von Karl-Maria Guth. Berlin 2016, 2. Auflage. Umschlaggestaltung von Thomas Schultz-Overhage unter Verwendung des Bildes: Paul Gauguin, Portrait mit Hut, 1893. Gesetzt aus der Minion Pro, 11 pt.

Das Spiel der G tter 2

Das Spiel der G  tter  2 Author Steven Erikson
ISBN-10 9783641089764
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 512
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Ein sinfonisches Epos ohnegleichen - Fantasy einer neuen Qualität! Das malazanische Imperium ist bis ins Mark erschüttert, doch Imperatrix Laseen sucht ihre Macht mit einer Säuberungswelle im Adel zu festigen. Da braut sich neues Unheil zusammen. Denn in der heiligen Wüste Raraku sammelt die Seherin Sha'ik ein Herr der Unzufriedenen, die nur darauf warten, die verhassten malazanischen Eroberer zu vertreiben.

Lunyu Gespr che

Lunyu Gespr  che Author Kong Fu Zi Konfuzius
ISBN-10 3843065578
Release 2011-01
Pages 196
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Lunyu Gespr che has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lunyu Gespr che also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lunyu Gespr che book for free.

Cozy Case Files

Cozy Case Files Author Ellie Alexander
ISBN-10 9781250147325
Release 2017-01-17
Pages 300
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Looking for a new cozy mystery author to love? Dive in to this collection of excerpts from the Minotaur Books/St. Martin's Press Winter 2017 season (books published from January to April). The Cozy Case Files collection includes: Fudge and Jury by Ellie Alexander Fever In the Dark by Ellen Hart Death at the Yoga Café by Michelle Kelly Death, Taxes, and Sweet Potato Fries by Diane Kelly Snowed In with Murder by Auralee Wallace Swiss Vendetta by Tracee de Hahn A Death In the Dales by Frances Brody Bel of the Brawl by Maggie McConnon Death By Any Other Name by Tessa Arlen No. 2 Feline Detective Agency by Mandy Morton Dying On the Vine by Marla Cooper A Date With Death by Julia Chapman Of Books and Bagpipes by Paige Shelton Devil's Breath by G.M. Malliet

Madame Picasso

Madame Picasso Author Anne Girard
ISBN-10 9783841209108
Release 2015-03-09
Pages 478
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Er war der größte Künstler des Jahrhunderts – sie war die Liebe seines Lebens. Der Maler und seine Muse Paris, 1911: Auf der Suche nach einem neuen Leben kommt die junge Eva in die schillernde Metropole. Hier, im Herzen der Bohème, verliebt sie sich in den Ausnahmekünstler Pablo Picasso. Gegen alle Widerstände erwidert er ihre Gefühle, und eine der großen Liebesgeschichten des Jahrhunderts nimmt ihren Lauf. Eva wird Picassos Muse – und ihr Aufeinandertreffen wird sein Leben für immer verändern. Berührend, sinnlich, voller Leidenschaft – und die wahre Geschichte einer hingebungsvollen Liebe.

American Sniper

American Sniper Author Scott McEwen
ISBN-10 3868835830
Release 2015-02-13
Pages 411
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American Sniper has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Sniper also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Sniper book for free.

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor Author Marcus Luttrell
ISBN-10 9783641141394
Release 2014-03-17
Pages 448
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Auf einmal stand da eine Armee . . . SEAL-Team 10: eine Elitetruppe. Die Mission: einen Al-Qaida-Führer zur Strecke bringen. Der Feind: Dutzende zu allem entschlossene Taliban-Kämpfer. Vier SEALs gegen eine ganze Armee. Und dann bricht die Hölle los. Die Army schickt Helikopter zur Verstärkung. Neunzehn Männer kommen um, ein einziger kehrt zurück. Dies ist sein Bericht. In einer sternenklaren Nacht im späten Juni 2005 verlassen vier US Navy SEALs ihre Basis im nördlichen Afghanistan in Richtung pakistanische Grenze. Ihr Auftrag: Gefangennahme oder Tötung eines hochrangigen Al-Qaida-Führers, der mit Osama bin Laden operieren und sich in den Bergen versteckt halten soll . . . Lone Survivor ist die Geschichte von Marcus Luttrell, des einzigen Überlebenden der Operation Red Wings. Nicht nur seine drei Kameraden sterben im Gefecht mit einer unterschätzten gegnerischen Truppe, auch die komplette Besatzung des Special-Operations-Aviation-Regiments, das zur Rettung per Hubschrauber losgeschickt wurde, findet den Tod. Nur dank der Hilfe von Einheimischen, die ihn aufnehmen, pflegen und vor den Taliban beschützen, überlebt der schwer verletzte Luttrell. Seine Geschichte handelt von Angst, Tod und grenzenlosem Leid, aber auch von Mut und Treue, von Freundschaft und Hoffnung – und von dem unbedingten Willen zu überleben

Dishonorable Passions

Dishonorable Passions Author William N. Eskridge Jr.
ISBN-10 9781440631108
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 528
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From the Pentagon to the wedding chapel, there are few issues more controversial today than gay rights. As William Eskridge persuasively demonstrates in Dishonorable Passions, there is nothing new about this political and legal obsession. The American colonies and the early states prohibited sodomy as the crime against nature, but rarely punished such conduct if it took place behind closed doors. By the twentieth century, America’s emerging regulatory state targeted degenerates and (later) homosexuals. The witch hunts of the McCarthy era caught very few Communists but ruined the lives of thousands of homosexuals. The nation’s sexual revolution of the 1960s fueled a social movement of people seeking repeal of sodomy laws, but it was not until the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas (2003) that private sex between consenting adults was decriminalized. With dramatic stories of both the hunted (Walt Whitman and Margaret Mead) and the hunters (Earl Warren and J. Edgar Hoover), Dishonorable Passions reveals how American sodomy laws affected the lives of both homosexual and heterosexual Americans. Certain to provoke heated debate, Dishonorable Passions is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of sexuality and its regulation in the United States

Memory Man

Memory Man Author David Baldacci
ISBN-10 9783641182137
Release 2016-10-31
Pages 544
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Seit einem dramatischen Unfall kann Amos Decker nichts mehr aus seinem Gedächtnis tilgen. Eine Eigenschaft, die ihn zu einem perfekten Ermittler werden lässt. Bis seine Familie bestialisch ermordet wird und er unter der Flut der unlöschbaren Bilder fast zerbricht. Ein Jahr später taucht ein Mann auf und bekennt sich zu der Tat. Und noch während Decker verwirrt feststellt, dass der Mann lügt, findet erneut ein Massaker statt, diesmal an Deckers alter Schule. Wie hängen die Verbrechen zusammen? Wurden sie nur begangen, um Decker zu treffen? Und wird es ihm gemeinsam mit seiner früheren Kollegin gelingen, den Wahnsinn zu stoppen?

Killing Lessons

Killing Lessons Author Saul Black
ISBN-10 9783426425671
Release 2015-02-25
Pages 512
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Ein psychopathischer Serienkiller und sein brutaler Helfer machen den Westen der USA unsicher. Scheinbar wahllos ermorden sie Menschen, offenbar um ihren Opfern bestialische KILLING LESSONS zu erteilen. Als sie in den verschneiten Bergen von Colorado erneut zuschlagen, ist dies bereits ihr siebtes Opfer. Ein zehnjähriges Mädchen kann mit knapper Not entkommen und findet Zuflucht bei einem alten Schriftsteller, der sich in eine einsame Hütte im Wald zurückgezogen hat. Beiden ist klar, dass die Täter sie früher oder später aufspüren werden. Detective Valerie Hart vom San Francisco Police Department ist auf den Fall angesetzt. Und sie hat nur eine Chance: Sie muss die Handschrift des Killers lesen lernen ...

Operation Zagreb

Operation Zagreb Author Philip Kerr
ISBN-10 9783644223011
Release 2017-01-20
Pages 512
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Sommer 1942: Bernie Gunther arbeitet wieder im Polizeipräsidium am Alex in Berlin. Im Windschatten des Krieges scheinen sich die Verbrecher sicher zu fühlen, und Bernie hat besonders viel zu tun. Ein Befehl von Nazi-Propagandaminister Goebbels zwingt ihn dazu, alles stehen und liegen zu lassen, um in geheimer Mission nach Zagreb zu reisen. Er soll den Vater von Goebbels' Lieblingsschauspielerin Dalia Dresner finden – einen Priester, der sich den rechtsextremen Ustascha angeschlossen hat. Doch dann verschwindet Dalia selbst aus Goebbels' Dunstkreis, und Bernie muss sie unbedingt wiederfinden. Denn der Propagandaminister erträgt es nicht, wenn etwas nicht nach seinem Willen läuft ...

Mel Gibson s Passion and Philosophy

Mel Gibson s Passion and Philosophy Author Jorge J. E. Gracia
ISBN-10 9780812698121
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 225
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Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ has become one of the most controversial films ever made, and it is already a blockbuster of cinematography. Its defenders passionately regard it as one of the most moving and influential pieces of religious art ever created. But its detractors argue with comparable vehemence that the violence and gore it contains, its alleged anti-Semitism, a particular take on the Christian message, and the lack of historical and Biblical accuracy, make it nothing more than a kind of political propaganda. Father Thomas Rosica hailed as one of the great masterpieces of religious art, but the secular humanist Paul Kurtz thinks of it as a political weapon in the hands of the religious right. Film critics are divided in their judgment, giving the film anywhere from no stars to five stars. Regardless of what one thinks of the film, however, its impact both personal and social is beyond question.