Cities for the New Millennium

Cities for the New Millennium Author Marcial Echenique
ISBN-10 9781136362927
Release 2014-04-04
Pages 192
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Cities for the New Millennium is the outcome of a joint conference held in Salford in July 2000 by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the University of Cambridge's Department of Architecture. It tackles these questions in the light of the Urban Task Force's report about the future of Britain's cities and communities, but sets them in an international and historical context. Professionals - architects, engineers and developers as well as academics from different countries and disciplines here lavish their expertise on issues of transportation, density, land use, risk and energy saving; others present urban-scale buildings or landscapes that have been judged inspirational or inventive. This book, therefore, is not just about theories of urbanism. It reveals how co-operation and debate between different parties and professions can illuminate the creative kind of urban development we should be aiming for.

Nashville in the New Millennium

Nashville in the New Millennium Author Jamie Winders
ISBN-10 9781610448024
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 340
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Beginning in the 1990s, the geography of Latino migration to and within the United States started to shift. Immigrants from Central and South America increasingly bypassed the traditional gateway cities to settle in small cities, towns, and rural areas throughout the nation, particularly in the South. One popular new destination—Nashville, Tennessee—saw its Hispanic population increase by over 400 percent between 1990 and 2000. Nashville, like many other such new immigrant destinations, had little to no history of incorporating immigrants into local life. How did Nashville, as a city and society, respond to immigrant settlement? How did Latino immigrants come to understand their place in Nashville in the midst of this remarkable demographic change? In Nashville in the New Millennium, geographer Jamie Winders offers one of the first extended studies of the cultural, racial, and institutional politics of immigrant incorporation in a new urban destination. Moving from schools to neighborhoods to Nashville’s wider civic institutions, Nashville in the New Millennium details how Nashville’s long-term residents and its new immigrants experienced daily life as it transformed into a multicultural city with a new cosmopolitanism. Using an impressive array of methods, including archival work, interviews, and participant observation, Winders offers a fine-grained analysis of the importance of historical context, collective memories and shared social spaces in the process of immigrant incorporation. Lacking a shared memory of immigrant settlement, Nashville’s long-term residents turned to local history to explain and interpret a new Latino presence. A site where Latino day laborers gathered, for example, became a flashpoint in Nashville’s politics of immigration in part because the area had once been a popular gathering place for area teenagers in the 1960s and 1970s. Teachers also drew from local historical memories, particularly the busing era, to make sense of their newly multicultural student body. They struggled, however, to help immigrant students relate to the region’s complicated racial past, especially during history lessons on the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights movement. When Winders turns to life in Nashville’s neighborhoods, she finds that many Latino immigrants opted to be quiet in public, partly in response to negative stereotypes of Hispanics across Nashville. Long-term residents, however, viewed this silence as evidence of a failure to adapt to local norms of being neighborly. Filled with voices from both long-term residents and Latino immigrants, Nashville in the New Millennium offers an intimate portrait of the changing geography of immigrant settlement in America. It provides a comprehensive picture of Latino migration’s impact on race relations in the country and is an especially valuable contribution to the study of race and ethnicity in the South.

Singapore in the New Millennium

Singapore in the New Millennium Author Derek Da Cunha
ISBN-10 9789812301307
Release 2002
Pages 281
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"Grew out of a one-day conference ... organized by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in August 1999. Eight papers were presented at that conference, of which seven were selected, revised in 2001 and now appear as chapters in this book [together with] three more ... and also reflecting on the significance of the 2001 general election."--Pref.

Chazowth of the New Millennium

Chazowth of the New Millennium Author Fritz Bazin
ISBN-10 9781418424466
Release 2005-02
Pages 168
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Despite living amongst luxuries only the son of eccentrically rich socialites could have, Scott Benson is miserable and alone. With limited connection to his parents and even less to his classmates, all Scott can do with his life is narrate someone else's. Sitting alone in the cafeteria, he meets Tristan, a charismatic stranger with an insatiable desire for excitement. Within one week, Scott is catapulted into the center of his high school's most elite social circle; a new world is suddenly opened to him and it's all he can do to follow along. He gets his first taste of drugs and alcohol, watches as his new best friend dates the girl of his dreams, and finds himself the pawn in the manipulative games of others, all in the name of good fun. Yet even as Scott is trying to make heads or tails of the chaos, Tristan's appetite for adventure only continues to grow, escalating from the innocently daring to the recklessly destructive.

Decentralized Democratic Governance in New Millennium

Decentralized Democratic Governance in New Millennium Author
ISBN-10 8180695409
Release 2009
Pages 401
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Decentralized Democratic Governance in New Millennium has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Decentralized Democratic Governance in New Millennium also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Decentralized Democratic Governance in New Millennium book for free.

Urban Development Debates in the New Millennium

Urban Development Debates in the New Millennium Author K. R. Gupta
ISBN-10 8126903899
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 248
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This Collection Of Essays By Academics And Practitioners From Around The World Underscores Issues And Concerns Of Sustainable Urban Development And Best Practices In Terms Of Theory As Well As Praxes. Contributors Have Made An Attempt To Critically Reconcile The Hypothetical With The Applied In Order To Arrive At Innovative Solutions For Urban Good Governance In The Context Of The Steady Proliferation Of Habitats And Conurbations All Over The World. Their Papers More Often Than Not Transcend Regional Specifics To Address The Common Agenda Of Urban Development Debates As Informed By Assorted Modernization Perspectives In The 21St Century. This Volume Brings Together Social Scientists, Development Consultants And Nonprofit Professionals So That Multipositional Theories And Multicultural Praxes Might Be Reflected In Their Papers Based On Empirical Research And Field-Level Insights. It Is Expected That This Volume Will Provoke Fresh Debates And New Ideas That Will Facilitate Theory-Building As Well As Formulation Of Paradigms For Good Practices And Sustainable Urban Applications. The Book Would Be Found Highly Useful By Town Planners, Municipal Administrators, Ngos Working In The Field Of Urban Development And Common Readers Interested In Urban Problems And Policies. It Will Be Equally Valuable For Policy Makers As Well As Students, Researchers And Teachers Of Urban Economics, Urban Sociology, Urban Geography And Public Administration.

Family Preparedness for the New Millennium

Family Preparedness for the New Millennium Author David Browne
ISBN-10 9781491704530
Release 2013-08-30
Pages 112
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Not many people realize it, but the world is coming apart—and it’s probably not going to get better anytime soon. Terrorism, natural disasters, economic collapses, riots, and civil unrest continue to spread throughout cities, states, and nations. It’s more important than ever to prepare to survive such events. David Browne, a Vietnam veteran who was assigned to the CIA and flew out of Udorn Thailand along the Ho Chi Minh trail with Air America, relies on his experiences during the war and after to help you survive the tough times ahead. As the former operator of Pioneer Survival School, he has lived “off the grid” with his family for twelve years, and he’s an expert on survival. This guidebook to family preparedness can teach you how to • survive riots and civil unrest; • decide when to ignore governmental orders; • plan an escape from the city where you live; and • protect your family even when you don’t have guns. You’ll also learn what foods and other tangible goods to have on hand in order to keep yourself and your loved ones alive. When the going gets tough, this guide can help you to survive this new millennium.

Achieving Sustainable Urban Form

Achieving Sustainable Urban Form Author Elizabeth Burton
ISBN-10 9781136804793
Release 2013-07-04
Pages 402
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Achieving Sustainable Urban Form represents a major advance in the sustainable development debate. It presents research which defines elements of sustainable urban form - density, size, configuration, detailed design and quality - from macro to micro scale. Case studies from Europe, the USA and Australia are used to illustrate good practice within the fields of planning, urban design and architecture.

Domestic Preparedness in the New Millennium

Domestic Preparedness in the New Millennium Author Jeff Sessions
ISBN-10 0756720559
Release 2002-04
Pages 66
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Witnesses: Barbara Martinez, Nat. Domestic Preparedness Off., U.S. Dept. of Justice (DoJ); James Hughes, Nat. Center for Infectious Diseases; Charles Cragin, Act. Assist. Sec. of Def. for Reserve Affairs, DoD; Andy Mitchell, Off. for State & Local Domestic Prepared. Support, DoJ; Richard Dyer, Nat. Assoc. of Fire Chiefs; Patrick Sullivan, Jr., Subcomm. on Domestic Preparedness & Domestic Terrorism, Nat. Sheriffs' Assoc.; Richard Alcorta, State Emerg. Med. Services Dir. for the MD Inst. for Emerg. Med. Serv. Systems, for the College of Emerg. Physicians; & Joseph Waeckerle, Weapons of Mass Destruct. Task Force Subcommittee, Amer. College of Emerg. Physicians.

A Companion to the City

A Companion to the City Author Gary Bridge
ISBN-10 9780470692691
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 656
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A Companion to the City provides the reader with an indispensable and authoritative overview of the key debates, controversies, and questions concerning the city from a variety of theoretical vantage points with an international perspective. Indispensable companion for students of the City. Multidisciplinary approach of interest across several fields. Includes contributions from major scholars in the field.

The Family in the New Millennium The place of family in human society

The Family in the New Millennium  The place of family in human society Author A. Scott Loveless
ISBN-10 0275992403
Release 2007
Pages 464
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The Family in the New Millennium The place of family in human society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Family in the New Millennium The place of family in human society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Family in the New Millennium The place of family in human society book for free.

Leaving Home Towards a New Millennium

Leaving Home  Towards a New Millennium Author Muneeza Shamsie
ISBN-10 UOM:39015049623898
Release 2001
Pages 434
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In this volume, Muneeza Shamsie has collected a unique selection of Pakistani English fiction and non-fiction, about migration--at partition into the diaspora, and from the rural areas into the cities. The contributors include some of Pakistan's most eminent writers and some new voices, to generate a meaningful discussion with a wide perspective, on this century's burning issues: borders, barriers and identity.

An Introduction to Christianity for a New Millennium

An Introduction to Christianity for a New Millennium Author Scott Gambrill Sinclair
ISBN-10 9781461632924
Release 2008-02-28
Pages 176
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Without presupposing prior knowledge this accessibly written introduction to Christianity covers the entire history of the religion from its Old Testament foundations up to the present, including the significant individuals, events, doctrines, and rituals of the faith. Sinclair surveys the major historical forms of Christianity (Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism) and the contemporary issues that divide Christians today (e.g., homosexuality). The book also tackles such difficult topics as the origin and relevance of biblical prophecy, the historicity and significance of the miracles of Jesus (and the resurrection), combining evolution and biblical faith, and producing an intellectually coherent explanation of the Trinity and the Incarnation. Throughout the book, Sinclair carefully explains what he himself believes as a contemporary critical Christian and why, and provides readers with enough information to form their own independent opinions. He also acknowledges the dark side of Christian history—the crusades, anti-Semitism, the wars between Catholics and Protestants, the forced imposition of Christianity on native peoples—even as he celebrates the spiritual depth and dazzling cultural achievements of the largest religion in the world.

Indian Transport Towards the New Millennium

Indian Transport Towards the New Millennium Author R. Ramanathan
ISBN-10 8180690784
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 212
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Presents Performance And Policy Analysis Of Indian Transport Sector-An Overview Of General Aspects Of Transport Sectors-Performance Of-Railways, Roads, Airways And Water Ways And The Latest Trends In Energy Consuption And Environmental Emissions. Divided Into 3 Parts And Has 12 Chapters And 2 Appendices.


America Author Melissa Mitchell, Waldyr Lima, CCLS Publishing House, H Paige Graham
ISBN-10 1928882161
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 160
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America at the Dawn of a New Millennium High Intermediate to AdvancedThe ideal book for ESOL teachers, trainees, intermediate/advanced EFL/ESL students and anyone seeking a better grasp of contemporary American Culture.Join an international educator, Ana Kovach, as she travels to different cities and stays with American familiesRead the sensitive, observant e-mails about her search for understanding of this vast English-speaking nationGet up-to-date, factual information from narratives, maps, graphs and photosExperience the unique diversity, problems and values of Americans and how they live and think in the new millenniumFor use in the classroom: discussion questions and conversation activators at the end of each of the ten chapters.Students materialStudent's Book

Cities of Others

Cities of Others Author Xiaojing Zhou
ISBN-10 9780295805429
Release 2015-02-17
Pages 344
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Asian American literature abounds with complex depictions of American cities as spaces that reinforce racial segregation and prevent interactions across boundaries of race, culture, class, and gender. However, in Cities of Others, Xiaojing Zhou uncovers a much different narrative, providing the most comprehensive examination to date of how Asian American writers - both celebrated and overlooked - depict urban settings. Zhou goes beyond examining popular portrayals of Chinatowns by paying equal attention to life in other parts of the city. Her innovative and wide-ranging approach sheds new light on the works of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese American writers who bear witness to a variety of urban experiences and reimagine the American city as other than a segregated nation-space. Drawing on critical theories on space from urban geography, ecocriticism, and postcolonial studies, Zhou shows how spatial organization shapes identity in the works of Sui Sin Far, Bienvenido Santos, Meena Alexander, Frank Chin, Chang-rae Lee, Karen Tei Yamashita, and others. She also shows how the everyday practices of Asian American communities challenge racial segregation, reshape urban spaces, and redefine the identity of the American city. From a reimagining of the nineteenth-century flaneur figure in an Asian American context to providing a framework that allows readers to see ethnic enclaves and American cities as mutually constitutive and transformative, Zhou gives us a provocative new way to understand some of the most important works of Asian American literature.

Modern City Revisited

Modern City Revisited Author Thomas Deckker
ISBN-10 9781135802509
Release 2005-08-12
Pages 272
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The supposed rationality of the urban planning of the Modern Movement encompassed a variety of attitudes towards history, technology and culture, from the vision of Berlin as an American metropolis, through the dispute between the urbanists and disurbanists in the Soviet Union to the technocratic and austere vision of Le Corbusier. After the Second World War, architects attempted to reconcile these utopian visions to the practical problems of constructing - or reconstructing - urban environments, from Piero Bottoni at the Quartiere Trienale 8 in Milan in 1951 to Lucio Costa at Bras'lia in 1957. In the 1970s, the collapse of Modernism brought about universial condemnation of Modern urbanism; urban planning,and rationality itself, were thrown into doubt. However, such a wholesale condemnation hides the complex realities underlying these Modern cities. The contributors define some of the theoretical foundations of Modern urban planning, and reassess the successes and the failures of the built results. The book ends with contrasting views of the inheritance of Modern urbanism in the United States and the Netherlands.