Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton Lives of Mississippi Delta Chinese Grocers

Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton  Lives of Mississippi Delta Chinese Grocers Author Professor of Psychology Emeritus John Jung
ISBN-10 9781257144419
Release 2013-03-12
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The story of how a few Chinese immigrants found their way to the Mississippi River Delta in the late 1870s and earned their living with small family operated grocery stores in neighborhoods where mostly black cotton plantation workers lived. What was their status in the segregated black and white world of that time and place? How did this small group preserve their culture and ethnic identity? "Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton"is a social history of the lives of these pioneering families and the unique and valuable role they played in their communities for over a century.

The Land of the Five Flavors

The Land of the Five Flavors Author Thomas O. Höllmann
ISBN-10 9780231536547
Release 2013-12-10
Pages 304
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World-renowned sinologist Thomas O. Höllmann tracks the growth of Chinese food culture from the earliest burial rituals to today's Western fast food restaurants, detailing the cuisine's geographical variations and local customs, indigenous factors and foreign influences, trade routes, and ethnic associations. Höllmann describes the food rituals of major Chinese religions and the significance of eating and drinking in rites of passage and popular culture. He also enriches his narrative with thirty of his favorite recipes and a selection of photographs, posters, paintings, sketches, and images of clay figurines and other objects excavated from tombs. This history recounts the cultivation of what are probably the earliest grape wines, the invention of noodles, the role of butchers and cooks in Chinese politics, and the recent issue of food contamination. It discusses local crop production, the use of herbs and spices, the relationship between Chinese food and economics, the import of Chinese philosophy, and traditional dietary concepts and superstitions. Höllmann cites original Chinese sources, revealing fascinating aspects of daily Chinese life. His multifaceted compendium inspires a rich appreciation of Chinese arts and culture.

Southern Fried Rice

Southern Fried Rice Author John Jung
ISBN-10 1466218924
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 262
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This memoir conveys the experiences of our family, the only Chinese in Macon, Georgia from 1928 to 1956. It describes our isolation running a laundry, enduring loneliness as well as racial prejudice, explains why we moved to San Francisco's Chinese community, and how we adjusted to new challenges and opportunities. This edition adds an afterword describing the book's impact on readers and audiences at book talks and how it led to my writing four more books on Chinese American history. Some Review Excerpts .."fascinating and insightful account of Chinese-American family life...charming and information..." Paul Rosenblatt, U. of Minnesota .."woven with genuine scholarship...masterful bit of storytelling..."Ronald Gallimore, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, UCLA ..".a unique view of ethnic identity.. fascinating insights...what it means to be Chinese when there is no Chinese community... and the way subsequent experiences in__and out__ of a Chinese community futher shape this process." Jean Phinney, Author, Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure. intriguing and unique perspective on American immigration. Based on his experience as a child in the only Chinese family in Macon, Georgia in the mid-20th century, Jung's story is a fascinating account of the negotiation of personal and ethnic identity in a foreign environment. His narrative highlights many of the features of the larger society, including both government policy and situational practice, that shape the lives of immigrants, both then and now." Kay Deaux, City University of N.Y. Grad Center, Author, "To Be An Immigrant" ... delightful book opens a window providing a glimpse into the lives of one family born to Chinese immigrants in a small town in the South in the 1930s and 1940s. Being the only Chinese in town in a segregated society, their lives were certainly not mint julep and magnolias... Sylvia Sun Minnick, Samfow, The San Joaquin Chinese Experience Reader Comments ... It has a beautiful flow to it and an enriching quality that is easier to feel than it is to describe. Couched in humor, it deals with the painful and serious matter of day-to-day struggles of existence of a couple who came here with hardly anything more than faith in their hearts and steel in their spines. K. Saxena, Kensington, Ca Your book is the one that I had promised myself that I would write one day, but you went ahead and wrote it. You did a wonderful job! Henry Tom, Frederick, MD. Thank you for telling your story in such an engaging manner. ...While your story is personal it is also universal because of its working class foundation laced with layers of Chinese ethnicity, family structure and dynamics, and the specificity of the South. Flo Oy Wong, Sunnyvale, CA. Enjoyed very much reading your family history revealing a unique experience yet sharing many of the same problems of families in Chinese laundries. ...Yours is one of the few written accounts of the many family-run laundries in the U. S. Thank you for the careful documentation of this history, which would be otherwise forgotten. Tunney Lee, Boston, Mass. ... gave me insight into the lives of Chinese in the South, especially those living where there were no other Chinese... Your move to San Francisco must have been as much of a cultural shock for you as it was for me, an African American moving to the Bay Area from Memphis. Leatha Ruppert, Cotati, CA. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I learned much that will hopefully give me some leads in searching for information on my paternal grandfather... your book has allowed me to gain some insight into what his life might have been life, what he might have experienced as the only Chinese in St. Augustine, FL. C. M. "Riveting - couldn't put the book down until it was finished - it mirrored many of my own childhood experiences growing up in New Zealand in the 50s. The Chinese immigrant experience must have been the same the world over." Helen Wong, Auckland, New Ze


Sepia Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000080744737
Release 1975
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Sepia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sepia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sepia book for free.

ok doktrini

  ok doktrini Author Naomi Klein
ISBN-10 6051030751
Release 2010
Pages 674
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ok doktrini has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ok doktrini also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ok doktrini book for free.