China Economic News

China Economic News Author
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822035837822
Release 2007
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China Economic News has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from China Economic News also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full China Economic News book for free.

China s Economic Future

China s Economic Future Author Joint Economic Committee Congress of the United States,
ISBN-10 9781315293318
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 568
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This is the latest Joint Economic Committee volume on the Chinese economy. With the current state of US-China relations and Hong Kong's accession in 1997, the study should provide policy makers in the USA with a useful tool in guiding economic policy toward China.

Sustaining China s Economic Growth in the Twenty first Century

Sustaining China s Economic Growth in the Twenty first Century Author Xiaming Liu
ISBN-10 9781134432226
Release 2003-12-08
Pages 320
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Economic growth in China has been exceptionally strong in recent decades, but the country still faces enormous economic problems, including huge poverty, uneven regional development, the problems associated with strengthening capital formation, modernising and making more productive the very large former state sector. This book presents the work of a wide range of leading economists of China, all members of the prestigious Chinese Economics Association, who put forward new research findings and new thinking on a wide range of issues connected with the problem of sustaining China's economic growth.

China s Unfinished Economic Revolution

China s Unfinished Economic Revolution Author Nicholas R. Lardy
ISBN-10 0815791534
Release 1998-07-01
Pages 342
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China's Unfinished Economic Revolution offers a fundamentally different interpretation of China's economic reform. The common view that China's gradualistic approach has served it well overlooks the fact that state-owned banks for the last two decades have channeled a large share of sharply rising household savings into what are mostly unreformed, money-losing companies. The result is that several of China's largest financial institutions now are insolvent. To avoid a major domestic banking crisis the book argues that China must recapitalize and restructure its domestic banking system and end the long-standing practice of making lending decisions based on political rather than economic criteria. Nicholas Lardy explains that this course will inevitably be costly in political terms, in part because it will lead for a time to a slower rate of economic growth. But the alternative is even less attractive—permanently slower growth, continued macroeconomic instability, an inability to meet the expectations of the international community for the opening of its domestic financial markets, and insufficient resources to deal with severe environmental deterioration, growing water shortages, and a rapidly aging population. This timely book also analyzes the new reform initiatives China has launched in the wake of the Asian financial crisis, suggests additional steps that must be taken, and evaluates the implications for U.S. policy.

Understanding China s Economic Indicators

Understanding China s Economic Indicators Author Thomas Orlik
ISBN-10 0132620219
Release 2011-07-07
Pages 272
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In Understanding China’s Economic Indicators, leading economist and Wall Street Journal columnist Thomas M. Orlik introduces 35 of China's most significant economic statistics. Orlik explains why each indicator matters, how it is collected and computed, and its impact on equity, commodity, and currency markets. As China has emerged as a central player in the global economy, more and more investors are seeking profitable opportunities there. To choose the right investments, it's crucial to understand China's economic environment–and that means finding, interpreting, and utilizing China's growing base of economic indicators. Orlik helps investors make sense of data on everything from Chinese GDP growth to inflation, unemployment, bond yields, electricity production, and aircraft passenger numbers. He draws on the best information supplied by the Chinese government's statistical agency, ministries, and industry associations, as well as private sources. Each indicator is clearly described, along with a practical discussion of its implications for investors.

China s Economic Challenge

China s Economic Challenge Author Neil C. Hughes
ISBN-10 076560809X
Release 2002
Pages 235
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This title lays bare the reality behind China's efforts at economic modernization. The author examines issues such as China's WTO membership; the Three Gorges Project; the widening differences between the urban and rural areas; and the situation facing the state enterprises.

How to Report Economic News

How to Report Economic News Author Nicola Walton
ISBN-10 9781317391463
Release 2017-02-10
Pages 262
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Since the global financial crisis in 2008, economics has dominated the news agenda, with issues such as migration, growth, trade and unemployment remaining hotly debated in the media. How to Report Economic News is an accessible introduction to our contemporary economic landscape and journalistic approaches to economic news coverage. Nicola Walton, an experienced financial journalist, presents a comprehensive guide to important economic indicators and how to report on them, as well as giving advice on identifying essential facts needed for any economic news story. The author also offers useful tips on journalistic writing that can help ensure articles are written clearly, concisely and with precision. To provide readers with further guidance, each chapter concludes with assignments to test your knowledge, a resource list for further reading and a glossary of key terms. Chapters cover key topics including inflation, monetary policy, labour markets, fiscal policy and residential property markets. The book takes the UK economy as its main focus, but also explores European, US and Japanese markets in depth. In addition, the title explores other major global topics such as the rise of Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) economies and the role of multinational organisations such as the International Monetary Fund. By combining an overview of current financial systems and economic developments with instruction on economic reporting, this title is a valuable resource for students of Journalism, trainee journalists, as well as anyone interested in learning more about modern economics.

Integrating China into the Global Economy

Integrating China into the Global Economy Author Nicholas R. Lardy
ISBN-10 0815798695
Release 2004-05-13
Pages 244
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China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) has been hailed as the biggest coming-out party in the history of capitalism. Its membership eventually will contribute to higher standards of living for its citizens and increased growth for its economy. But why would the Chinese communist regime voluntarily agree to comply with the many complex rules of the global trading system since it has already become the world's seventh largest trading country while avoiding these constraints by remaining outside the system? The answer to this question forms the basis for this new book. Nicholas Lardy explores the many pressures on the Chinese government, both external and internal, to comply with the standards of the rule-based international trading system. Lardy points out that, prior to entry into the WTO, China enjoyed high growth rates and more foreign direct investment than any other emerging economy. He draws on a wealth of scholarship and experience to explain how China's leadership expects to leverage the increased foreign competition inherent in its WTO commitments to accelerate its domestic economic reform program, leading to the shrinkage and transformation of inefficient, money-losing companies and hastening the development of a commercial credit culture in its banks. Lardy answers a number of other questions about China's new WTO membership, including its effects on bilateral trade with the United States; the possibility that China will use its power to reshape the WTO in the future; the degree to which the terms of China's entry were more or less demanding than those for other new members; the ability of China's economy to successfully open to new imports; and the prospects for new growth in various sectors of China's economy made possible by WTO accession. This book will become an important tool for those who wish to understand China's new role in the global trading system, to take advantage of the new opportunities for investment in China, or simply to gain a better understanding of what former President Clinton called a "once in a generation event."

ASEAN China Economic Relations

ASEAN China Economic Relations Author Saw Swee-Hock
ISBN-10 9789812304223
Release 2007
Pages 375
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Examines the rapidly expanding economic relations between ASEAN and China in recent years, covering trade, investments, economic challenges, competition and opportunities in the various sectors of the two economies.

China s Economic Powerhouse

China s Economic Powerhouse Author T. Bui
ISBN-10 9780230508668
Release 2002-12-03
Pages 255
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The Guangdong province is the forerunner of China's economic reform, it has developed rapidly in the last twenty years since opening up its economy to the outside world. This book covers the evolution of economic reform in Guangdong, its links to Hong Kong and other parts of China, and developmental strategies in different parts of Guangdong. The book analyses the many factors that have contributed to economic reform and covers topics such as development of land, human resources, the agricultural sector and industrialisation, and reforms of state-owned enterprises and township and village enterprises. Consisting of eleven essays written by government officials and executives from the Guangdong province of China, this book offers a unique insight into the economic development in Guangdong.

Report to Congress of the U S China Economic and Security Review Commission

Report to Congress of the U S China Economic and Security Review Commission Author
ISBN-10 9781437943399
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Report to Congress of the U S China Economic and Security Review Commission has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Report to Congress of the U S China Economic and Security Review Commission also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Report to Congress of the U S China Economic and Security Review Commission book for free.

The Costs of Conflict The Impact on China of a Future War

The Costs of Conflict  The Impact on China of a Future War Author
ISBN-10 9781428911253
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The Costs of Conflict The Impact on China of a Future War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Costs of Conflict The Impact on China of a Future War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Costs of Conflict The Impact on China of a Future War book for free.

Zhu Rongji and China s Economic Take Off

Zhu Rongji and China s Economic Take Off Author John Wong
ISBN-10 9781783268849
Release 2016-04-25
Pages 348
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Following Deng Xiaoping's economic reform and opening (Gaige Kaifang) policy, China experienced unprecedented high growth for over three decades. Crucial in the process was the role of Zhu Rongji, who was hand-picked by Deng initially as Executive Vice-Premier and later full Premier to carry through the needed reform and manage the critical marketization process through the turbulent 1990s when China's economy suffered many ups and downs. Dubbed as China's "Economic Czar", Zhu tackled many thorny problems associated with the country's then half-reformed economy ably and effectively, thereby laying the ground for subsequent periods of greater dynamic growth. Zhu was instrumental in preparing China's economy for its final take-off. The chapters in this volume were originally written as "policy briefings" for the Singapore government from 1997 to 2003 when Zhu was Premier. They cover a wide variety of topics including how he had applied his own way of "macroeconomic control" (Hongguan Tiaokong), how he went about reforming taxation, foreign exchange and state-owned enterprises, and finally his embrace of capitalism. Each chapter is preceded by a detailed introduction highlighting the main issues and interpreting them from today's perspective based on updated information and additional new research. Contents:Part I:Taking Stock of China's Past Economic Growth and Its Future ProspectsZhu Rongji and China's Economic TransformationPart II:Good Political Arithmetick for the 1997 Fifteenth Party CongressInterpreting Zhu Rongji's Economic Strategies for the 1990sWhy China had not been Asia's Next Financial DominoChina's Economy 1999: Bottoming Out from Asian Financial Crisis LowAnalyzing the Sources of China's High Economic GrowthGrowth and Change of China's Service SectorSpeeding Up State-Owned Enterprise ReformBanking Reform and Financial Liberalization as Unfinished BusinessA Looming Debt Crisis for the State BanksRapidly Changing Export StructureGoing Global: Rising Overseas Direct InvestmentChina's Economy 2003: Poised for Next Lap of High GrowthPopulation Transition from Rapidly Declining Fertility RatesIncorporating Capitalism and Embracing the Capitalists Readership: Academics, professionals, policy makers, undergraduate and graduate students interested in China's economic development and problems.

The Chinese Legal System

The Chinese Legal System Author Pitman B. Potter
ISBN-10 9781134561292
Release 2005-07-08
Pages 272
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The legal system of the People's Republic of China has seen significant changes since legal reforms began in 1978. At the end of the second decade of legal reform, law-making and institution-building have reached impressive levels. Understanding the operation and possible futures of law in the People's Republic of China requires an appreciation of the normative influences on the system, as well as an examination of how these norms have worked in practice.

China s Economic System

China s Economic System Author Audrey Donnithorne
ISBN-10 9781136569937
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 600
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First published in 1967. Based on original Chinese sources, including the press and government documents, this book describes the operation of the Chinese economy in the twentieth century. Certain trends become apparent, notably the extent to which China's economic life is decentralized and the tendency towards self-sufficiency within provinces and smaller administrative units. Among the topics covered are: Agriculture, the organization of large and small scale industry, mining and transport, management and labour in state enterprises. The fiscal system, together with the operation of the banks and the control of currency, credit and prices, and economic planning are also discussed.

Global Taiwan Building Competitive Strengths in a New International Economy

Global Taiwan  Building Competitive Strengths in a New International Economy Author Suzanne Berger
ISBN-10 9781317469698
Release 2015-02-12
Pages 368
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Global Taiwan examines the impact of globalization on the industry and economy of Taiwan since the spectacular growth of the 1990s. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with firms in Taiwan, China, the United States, Japan, Europe, and other areas, the book analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of Taiwanese firms at a time when they face new competition from powerful global leaders and new producers in China. The contributors cover topics of enormous importance for Taiwan as well as the rest of the world, including transformations in the international economy, technological advances that enabled modularization and fragmentation of the production system, contract manufacturers, regionalization, and links with Chinese industry. The book addresses such questions as: Can Taiwanese companies be maintained and expanded with the same corporate strategies and public policies as in the past? Can these strategies still work for other countries? If changes are required, what resources can be mobilized in the public and private sectors? As massive relocation of manufacturing and services moves plants and jobs to low-wage countries like China and India, what will remain at home in societies like Taiwan?

News Media and EU China Relations

News Media and EU China Relations Author L. Zhang
ISBN-10 9780230118638
Release 2011-04-11
Pages 230
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This book investigates the role of the news media in the development of EU-China relations in the post-Cold War era.