Changes in You and Me

Changes in You and Me Author Paulette Bourgeois
ISBN-10 1552636682
Release 2005
Pages 63
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Teen self-help classics fully revised and updated. Everybody goes through puberty, sooner or later-and everybody does it in their own way. In Changes in You and Me, pre-teens and teens will find answers to all of their questions about growing up-whether they`re concerned about what`s happening to their bodies, about whether or not they`re `normal,` or about how to know if they`re in love. With an edition written specifically for boys, and another written specifically for girls, Changes in You and Me tackles issues of concern for each gender, including menstruation, steroid use, and the burgeoning feelings of attraction to the opposite sex.

Praising You Changes Me

Praising You Changes Me Author Sheryl R. Sellaway
ISBN-10 9781512776607
Release 2017-02-24
Pages 110
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Praising You Changes Me is a compilation of true stories based on events in the life of a business traveler—just trying to get from one place to another. In doing so, she encounters strangers who interrupt the journey with cries for help, life-threatening situations, opportunities to share the gospel and prayer time in some very busy places. At the same time, she places herself on the receiving end of a few miracles, unbelievable acts of kindness, excruciating incidents and moments of divine healing. The journey is jam-packed with busy airports, hotel rooms, car trips, lost items, crowded flights and a few unforgettable people who remind us that we all need God’s divine intervention. Through the ups and downs, joys and challenges of her travels, the author praised God along the way, ushering in opportunities to change, grow and expand her heart, strengthen her faith and testify about the Lord’s almighty hand on her life.

Poems for You about Me My Friends and Our Emotions

Poems for You about Me  My Friends and Our Emotions Author Mark Isbister
ISBN-10 9780595298822
Release 2003-10-01
Pages 160
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How does one summarize an eclectic collection of words that express the jumbled sets of complex emotions spanning a lifetime? What they mean to those who were the motivation for their creation cannot begin to be expressed to "mere" readers who happen upon this book as passersby to a recent accident. You see the results, but needed to have been there to fully feel the impact on your emotions. Yet poetry, like art of a more physical nature, has meaning to each of us on our own level. It is with that thought in mind that the author submits these poems to the world. If nothing is gained from the reading, but a single laugh; a solitary tear, or one knowing nod of the head; then the job will have been worth the doing. Please walk the path of life a little less quickly and hug those you love a bit more often.

You Made Me Love You an eShort Sequel to Wish You Were Here

You Made Me Love You  an eShort Sequel to Wish You Were Here Author Beth K. Vogt
ISBN-10 9781476750408
Release 2014-03-25
Pages 64
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A heartwarming follow-up to Beth K. Vogt’s Wish You Were Here, called “quirky, snappy, and sweet” by bestselling and award-winning author Rachel Hauck, this e-short answers all of your lingering questions about Seth, Allison, and Daniel. Seth Rayner’s plans and dreams for the future disintegrated two years ago—when his bride-to-be fell for his brother, Daniel, and bolted from the church just before saying, “I do.” Meghan Holloway, Allison’s best friend, is tired of men deciding she’s too outrageous and not worth the effort to love. When Seth and Meghan are thrown together to plan a whirlwind wedding for Allison and Daniel, can they overcome their feelings of dislike they’ve held on to since high school and get along—and possibly find love? This feel-good short story will have you smiling from beginning to end as Seth and Meghan discover that sometimes opposites do attract.

The Fox Woman

The Fox Woman Author Kij Johnson
ISBN-10 9781429975933
Release 2001-02-03
Pages 384
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Kij Johnson has created an achingly beautiful love story, a fable wrapped in smoke and magic set against the fabric of ancient Japan. Johnson brings the setting lovingly to life, describing a world of formalities and customs, where the exchange of poetry is a form of conversation and everything has meaning, from the color of the silks on wears to how one may address others. Yoshifuji is a man fascinated by foxes, a man discontented and troubled by the meaning of life. A misstep at court forces him to retire to his long-deserted country estate, to rethink his plans and contemplate the next move that might return him to favor and guarantee his family's prosperity. Kitsune is a young fox who is fascinated by the large creatures that have suddenly invaded her world. She is drawn to them and to Yoshifuji. She comes to love him and will do anything to become a human woman to be with him. Shikujo is Yoshifuji's wife, ashamed of her husband, yet in love with him and uncertain of her role in his world. She is confused by his fascination with the creatures of the wood, and especially the foxes that she knows in her heart are harbingers of danger. She sees him slipping away and is determined to win him back from the wild...for all that she has her own fox-related secret. Magic binds them all. And in the making (and breaking) of oaths and honors, the patterns of their lives will be changed forever. The Fox Woman is a powerful first novel, singing with lyrical prose and touching the deepest emotions. A historically accurate fantasy, it gives us a glimpse into, and an understanding of, the history that shaped the people of one of our world's greatest nations. But it is also a story about people trying to understand each other and the times they live in, people trying to see through illusions to confront the truth of who they are. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Little Pieces of You and Me

The Little Pieces of You and Me Author Vanessa Greene
ISBN-10 9780751563771
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 320
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'You'll laugh as much as you cry at this poignant tale of female friendship, love and loss' Marie Claire A story of friendship, heartbreak and the day that changed two lives forever from the bestselling author of The Vintage Teacup Club. The perfect read for fans of Lucy Diamond and Lucy Dillon. When life as you know it changes, will it define you, destroy you or make you stronger? Best friends Isla and Sophie made each other a promise a long time ago: to never let life pass them by. Years later, Isla is in love, living abroad and fulfilling her dreams. But for Sophie, things haven't turned out the way she was expecting and she hasn't achieved any of the things she and Isla talked about. And then, in one sudden moment, life irrevocably changes for both women. Isla and Sophie have hard decisions to make but above all else they must face up to the uncertainty that lies ahead. It's only when they realise that this is easier together, two friends standing side by side, that each woman can embrace whatever the future holds for them. Emotional, poignant and uplifting, The Little Pieces of You and Me is a story about old friends, new beginnings and what happens when being strong is your only choice. It will take your breath away.

Me and My Big Mouth

Me and My Big Mouth Author Joyce Meyer
ISBN-10 9780446549233
Release 2008-11-16
Pages 144
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Wish you could take control of the words you speak, instead of feeling like your mouth has a mind of its own? With God's help you can! This companion study guide to ME AND MY BIG MOUTH! takes you from, "Oh, no, I can't believe I just said that!" to learning God's language. This book will show you how to train your mouth to speak words that will help you accomplish all God wants for you in this life. Bestselling author Joyce Meyer emphasizes that speaking the Word of God must be coupled with living a life of complete obedience to the Word of God in order to see the full power of God flowing in your life. By applying the biblical truths outlined in this book, you will learn: The effect of your words in the natural realm How to speak God's language How to break the chains of the past How to cross over to victory Plus much more! Bring your mouth into agreement with God . . . and begin to walk in victory!


Changes Author Danielle Steel
ISBN-10 9780307566379
Release 2009-02-25
Pages 448
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Top TV anchorwoman Melanie Adams had given up on love after a failed marriage and an unhappy affair. With her two teenage children and her television news career, she had no room in her life for a man. Then she met famous heart surgeon Peter Hallam, a widower with three children of his own. Suddenly Melanie was experiencing feelings she thought were gone forever. But two families (one in New York and one in Los Angeles), two exciting careers, and two strong-willed people were too much to handle. And Melanie faced a painful choice between her glamorous life in the public eye, her private life, the needs of her family, and the new family she took on. Changes lead each of them to new places, new problems, new people, and the new life they begin. From the Paperback edition.

I Know You Love Me but Do You Like Me

I Know You Love Me but Do You Like Me Author Joey O'Connor
ISBN-10 9781418584405
Release 1999-08-04
Pages 248
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In I Know You Love Me but Do You Like Me?, O'Connor takes a humorous look at how couples can build strong marriages by developing what he calls "a like-minded love" for one another. From the mystery of a woman's wardrobe to the perils of the Brownie Point system, decorating for the sexes to reading each other's minds, O'Connor pokes fun at many of the inevitable conflicts that erupt in every marriage. He offers helpful, biblical insights to help husbands and wives learn to lighten up, laugh at themselves, and become more likeable spouses in the process.

Please Don t Say You Need Me

Please Don t Say You Need Me Author Jan Silvious
ISBN-10 9780310877141
Release 2010-12-21
Pages 160
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Please Don’t Say You Need Me. . . is a common plea voiced by people trapped in unhealthy, codependent relationships. Confused by their conflicting emotions, they feel trapped between wanting to love and care for someone else and yet, at the same time, needing to escape from that person’s intense and suffocating demands for self-esteem.Jan Silvious offers practical, biblical answers for those dealing with codependency—actually, people-dependency—that can exist between mates, siblings, parents and children, and friends.· Who is the codependent person?· What is a codependent relationship?· What role does guilt play in a codependent relationship?· Can Christians be codependent?Jan Silvious answers these questions and shows readers how to identify and break the cycle of a codependent relationship in a loving, scriptural manner. Here is insight, hope, and encouragement for replacing unhealthy ways of relating with a new approach that can bring balance and wholeness.

What Your CPA Isn t Telling You Life changing Tax Strategies

What Your CPA Isn t Telling You  Life changing Tax Strategies Author Mark J. Kohler
ISBN-10 9781599184166
Release 2011-02-23
Pages 223
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Tackling the fundamental question asked by all taxpayers - "How can I save on my taxes?,” attorney and CPA Mark Kohler empowers frustrated taxpayers to dismiss the common CPA jargon that their tax payment "is what it is” and ignore widely used tax talk like "you just make too much money.” Kohler reveals 8 life-changing tax principles, and teaches both wage earners and business owners how to apply fundamental, but underutilized tax strategies to achieve huge tax savings, greater wealth, and ultimately, a winning pursuit of the American Dream. Kohler presents wage earners with applicable strategies beyond writing off mortgage interest and contributing more to their IRA. Following the story of a typical family, tax payers discover the undeniable benefit of owning a side/or small business, how hiring their spouse and children can help their bottom line, the financial windfall that comes with owning rental real estate, and the secret success behind self directing their retirement plan, which is something 9 out of 10 CPAs don’t know or don’t talk about! Small business owners uncover new avenues for adding to their bottom line including how to save on health care and legitimate bookkeeping techniques that can put thousands back in their pocket--all illustrated through checklists, charts and templates available in the additional resources toolkit provided by Kohler.

On Personality

On Personality Author Peter Goldie
ISBN-10 0415305136
Release 2004
Pages 145
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Warm, sensitive, creative, outgoing, cheeky, creepy. Scan any personal ads page and it's clear that to get a life you need a personality first. It is also a notion with a long and often bizarre history: in early Greece and medieval Europe, it was thought to depend on the balance of bile in the body. On Personality is a thoughtful and stimulating look under the skin of this widely-used but little understood phenomenon. Peter Goldie points out that we rely on personality to do a lot of work: describe, judge, understand, explain and predict others as well as ourselves. Is it really up to this task? If personality is about 'character', is it a relic of a bygone Victorian age? If personality is so reliable, how can a virtue in one person be a vice in another? Drawing on a great range of philosophers, novelists and films, from Aristotle, Hume, Kant and Nietzsche to Joseph Conrad, Middlemarch, War and Peace and Bridget Jones' Diary, Peter Goldie also discusses some famous psychology experiments. If personality is a reliable guide to predicting what people will do, he reflects on why people often surprise us and asks whether personality is simply down to chance and circumstance. On Personality is essential reading for anyone interested in this fascinating but slippery concept. It will also make you think twice before writing your CV.

Love Changes

Love Changes Author Marsha Casper Cook
ISBN-10 9780595232314
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 232
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Elaine Lewis seemed to have the ideal life, with great friends and a busy social calendar. Most importantly, she had the perfect husband in Martin, a physician who loved her more than she could ever love herself. She was the envy of all her friends. But what they didn't know was that Elaine was hiding a painful secret from her past. The birth of Martin and Elaine's son, Stevie, forces Elaine to recall her past, and she refuses to find room for him in her heart. Stevie's birth drives a wedge between the once-happily married couple, throwing Elaine into a downward spiral of gambling, adultery and denial. Eventually she must face her past in order to try saving her future.


Changes Author H. M. Walt
ISBN-10 9781479798698
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 133
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Changes by H.M. Walt is a book of poems. It has four chapters that range different emotions. Pink, Red, Yellow and Blue, colors that most people relate to certain feelings. I have written these poems about various personal situations or what has inspired me. Inspiration can be anything from music to a book to a movie. I write about my own personal feelings and experiences. I use my emotions to show how I feel and how I dealt with my experiences. Most people can relate to them but don't know how deal with the feelings. I hope this helps as much as it helps me when I write. I use colors as my chapters since that is how I see emotions. I also use music to get the poems onto paper. Sometimes when emotions are so muddled, music helps soothe me. I listen to a little bit of everything.

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change Author Naomi Karten
ISBN-10 9781905356959
Release 2009
Pages 166
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Having spent most of her career working in and with IT organizations, Naomi Karten has written this book for IT professionals and those who work with IT. These groups are the primary audience and the context for most of the examples and stories. But everything in the book applies to any line of work, even if it doesn't entail contact with IT.

Love Letters

Love Letters Author Sandra Leigh Savage
ISBN-10 9781462050697
Release 2011-09-26
Pages 248
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When author Sandra Leigh Savage’s husband committed suicide in 1997, she went into isolation for a year. In this memoir, she shares her journey from the grief she experienced to her vision of a great new life. Love Letters, a collection of letters begun in September 2010, provides a snapshot of Savage’s sorrows, joys, and reflections. Through these vignettes, she says her good-byes, notes her thanks, and provides advice for those who may have experienced the death of a spouse. This collection provides insight into how she survived the death of her husband, came to know and believe in the saving grace of God, and made the decision to stay on this earth to fulfill God’s wishes. Emotional and self-disclosing, Love Letters shares Savage’s personal message of living each day with no regrets. Through her life events, she expresses how placing your trust in the Lord can guide you through life’s bad moments and help you to full appreciate life’s good moments.

You Are Loved Bible Study

You Are Loved Bible Study Author Sally Clarkson
ISBN-10 9781496408525
Release 2015-07-15
Pages 192
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Dare to believe you are loved with an everlasting love . . . and loved completely, for who you are. When you feel deeply loved and cherished, your whole outlook on life is infused with energy every day. Yet all too often, many of us seek acceptance and personal validation in all the wrong places or with the wrong people. It’s time for a life-changing discovery—that you can experience full, forever love from the One who knows you best. In the You Are Loved Bible Study, popular authors Sally Clarkson and Angela Perritt walk with you on a journey through Scripture, sharing transformative truths that reveal the depth of God’s love for you. With this special Women of Faith edition of You Are Loved, you will come to see—and truly believe—that you are seen, known, free, and loved.