Canyons Of Night

Canyons Of Night Author Jayne Castle
ISBN-10 9780748128846
Release 2011-08-30
Pages 304
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Charlotte Enright, owner of a small antiques shop called Looking Glass Antiques on Rainshadow Island, and Slade Attridge, the community's new chief of police, both have something in common: they possess strong paranormal talents. They met several years ago when they were in their teens spending the summer on the island. Slade saved Charlotte from a gang of drunken toughs, but then at the end of the summer Slade and Charlotte went their separate ways and started their adult lives. Now, fifteen years later, they have both been drawn back to Rainshadow Island. They will discover the adult passion they have for each other and start to explore some of the mysteries of the forbidden section of the island known only as the Preserve.

Canyons of Night

Canyons of Night Author Global Dogan
Release 2011-08-29
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Product Description The island of Rainshadow is home to the mysterious, privately-owned woods known only as the Preserve. Now, after fifteen years away, both Charlotte Enright and her teen crush, Slade Attridge, have returned. But will their psi talents and Slade's dust bunny companion be enough to keep them from getting drawn into the darkness at the heart of the Preserve? About the Author Jayne Castle, the author of After Glow, After Dark, Ghost Hunter, Silver Master, and Dark Light, is a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, the New York Times bestselling author of All Night Long, Falling Awake, Truth or Dare, Light in Shadow, Smoke in Mirrors, Lost and Found, Summer in Eclipse Bay, Dawn in Eclipse Bay, Eclipse Bay, and other novels. She has been featured in such publications as People and Entertainment Weekly, and is also known for her books written under the name Amanda Quick. A former librarian with a degree in history, she is also the editor of an award-winning essay collection, Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance.

The Lost Night

The Lost Night Author Jayne Castle
ISBN-10 9781101581520
Release 2012-09-04
Pages 352
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Even the mysterious world of Harmony has people who don’t quite fit in. They’re drawn to places like Rainshadow Island, a beautiful sanctuary where anyone can feel safe—and where secrets are closely guarded... Schooled in an exotic form of martial arts, and with the ability to detect the auras of dangerous psychic criminals, Rachel Bonner and her dust bunny companion have found peace and quiet on Rainshadow Island, operating a bookstore and café. But her tranquil new life is thrown into chaos when Harry Sebastian, the descendant of a notorious pirate, arrives to investigate strange developments in the privately owned woods known as the Preserve. Immediately drawn to the amber-eyed woman, Harry must tread carefully. While Rachel’s special talents can help him track down dangerous rogues who have violated the Preserve, they can also sense the heart of darkness within him. But desire can weaken the strongest of defenses—and leave even the strongest man wanting more…

Deception Cove

Deception Cove Author Jayne Castle
ISBN-10 9781101625132
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 368
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In the world of Harmony, Rainshadow Island is home to a mysterious preserve, secrets that have been kept for centuries, and a treasure worth killing for… As a light-talent, Alice North has the rare ability to make things disappear, including herself—a gift that comes in handy during her magic act with her dust bunny Houdini. Business mogul Drake Sebastian is day-blind, since his sight was nearly destroyed in a lab accident. But he’s the one man who can see Alice when she disappears—and he needs her. On Rainshadow Island, two dangerous Old World crystals are missing, igniting a paranormal storm. Drake thinks Alice is the key to finding them, and proposes they head there, but only after a Marriage of Convenience. Alice’s honeymoon on Rainshadow is guaranteed to be memorable, as the island—and the passion between her and Drake—is about to explode…

Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing

Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing Author Al Ristori
ISBN-10 097074935X
Release 2002
Pages 168
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The Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing is the most authoritative handbook compiled on North America's most popular saltwater game fish. Over 125 species are included. Details on each fish include its range, average weight, current IGFA record information, and other pertinent identification data. Ristori covers all types of ultra-light rods and reels; medium, heavy spinning, and baitcasting gear; and equipment for fly fishing enthusiasts, too. He also talks about terminal tackle, including monofilament, fly lines, leadcore, wire, hooks, and lures. An entire chapter is dedicated to helping anglers better understand the ever-changing waters they're fishing and the importance of discovering the variables that dictate where fish may be and when they'll be feeding. He even includes the latest tips on shore fishing.

Hiking Grand Teton National Park

Hiking Grand Teton National Park Author Bill Schneider
ISBN-10 9780762787692
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 200
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This is the authoritative guide to all hiking trails—from short, easy day trips to multi-day backcountry adventures—in Grand Teton National Park, famous for its rugged beauty, abundant wildlife and spectacular mountain vistas. Located in western Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park is one of America’s true wilderness gems. Look inside to find: • Hikes suited to every ability • Difficulty ratings, fees/permits, and best hiking seasons • A trail finder to help find just the right hike for you • Invaluable trip-planning information • Full-color photos throughout • Full-color GPS-compatible maps of each trail • GPS coordinates for all trailheads and backcountry campsites For more than thirty years, FalconGuides® have set the standard for outdoor guidebooks. Written by top experts, each guide invites you to experience the adventure and beauty of the outdoors.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park Author Thomas Alan Ratz
ISBN-10 9781439624579
Release 2009-11-23
Pages 128
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Arizona is proud to have one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World--the Grand Canyon. With the arrival of the Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroad in the early 20th century, the development of the canyon began in earnest. The railroads, along with the Santa Fe's business partner, the Fred Harvey Company, greatly promoted the Grand Canyon as a tourist destination through books, pamphlets, and magazine advertisements. On February 26, 1919, Congress established the Grand Canyon National Park, and the federal government became a promoter of the Grand Canyon, too. But perhaps the best promoters of the Grand Canyon were the people who wrote home on picture postcards telling their friends and families about the amazing canyon. A number of the postcards published about the park can be found within the pages of this book.

The Cold Canyons of Mars

The Cold Canyons of Mars Author JAMES KREHAN
ISBN-10 9781291528794
Release 2014-01
Pages 168
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This is the story of man's first exploratory voyage to planet Mars. Axis Wade and his team of astronauts train for the trip to Mars on a Hawaiian island. After landing on the Red Planet, Axis is injured during a visit to the Cydonia Region near a giant red pyramid. He wanders off in the night and later meets what appear to be the unexpected inhabitants of Mars. He is taken to an underground city and is confronted by an Egyptian High Priest. He and his team are then catapulted into a thrilling adventure on a planet in a distant star system, where they meet an off-world Egyptian Pharaoh and his queen.

Energy and Climate in the Urban Built Environment

Energy and Climate in the Urban Built Environment Author M. Santamouris
ISBN-10 9781134257973
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 410
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Both the number and percentage of people living in urban areas is growing rapidly. Up to half of the world's population is expected to be living in a city by the end of the century and there are over 170 cities in the world with populations over a million. Cities have a huge impact on the local climate and require vast quantities of energy to keep them functioning. The urban environment in turn has a big impact on the performance and needs of buildings. The size, scale and mechanism of these interactions is poorly understood and strategies to mitigate them are rarely implemented. This is the first comprehensive book to address these questions. It arises out of a programme of work (POLISTUDIES) carried out for the Save programme of the European Commission. Chapters describe not only the main problems encountered such as the heat island and canyon effects, but also a range of design solutions that can be adopted both to improve the energy performance and indoor air quality of individual buildings and to look at aspects of urban design that can reduce these climatic effects. The book concludes with some examples of innovative urban bioclimatic buildings. The project was co-ordinated by Professor Mat Santamouris from the University of Athens who is also the editor of the book. Other contributions are from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, ENTPE, Lyons, France and the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

The End of Night

The End of Night Author Paul Bogard
ISBN-10 9780316228794
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 336
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The "terrific ... moving, poetic, immersive, multifaceted, and thought-provoking" book (Publishers Weekly) that will open your eyes to the night. A brilliantly starry night is one of nature's most thrilling wonders. Yet in our world of nights as bright as day, most of us no longer experience true darkness. Eight out of ten Americans born today won't ever live where they can see the Milky Way. And exposure to artificial light at night has been cited as a factor in health concerns ranging from poor sleep to cancer. In his gorgeous debut, THE END OF NIGHT, Paul Bogard travels the globe to find the night, blending personal narrative, natural history, health, science, and folklore to shed light on darkness. Showing exactly what we've lost, what we have left, and what we might hope to regain, he attempts nothing less than a restoration of how we see the spectacularly primal, wildly dark night sky.

The Law and Alan Taylor

The Law and Alan Taylor Author William Post
ISBN-10 9781496931184
Release 2014-08-19
Pages 282
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Alan Taylor was reared by an ex-Texas Ranger in Central Texas. While his father was off to the Civil War a friend of his aunt taught Alan how to use a handgun. After three years of practicing, Alan became very skilled with its use. A friend of the gunsmith was an ex-prize fighter. He taught Alan how to use his fists. At 18 Alan was well over six feet and with the prize fighter’s teaching, became as skilled with his fists as he was a gun. Alan got into a fight with the foreman of a ranch and beat him badly. The foreman brought the ranch’s top gun and confronted Alan. Alan tried to talk his way out, but ended up not only killing the top gun, but two other ranch hands who drew on him. The rancher was outraged and sent for Jack Wesley, known as the fastest gun in Texas. Alan was lucky in the gunfight and killed Wesley and his reputation was now set. Alan went to Austin to college and was hired by the sheriff as a night jailer. During his time as a deputy sheriff, Alan solved many crimes. His story is filled with thrilling adventures which will keep the reader on the edge of his seat.


Canyons Author P. D. Cacek
ISBN-10 0812545346
Release 2001-10-14
Pages 304
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Lucius, the leader of the Denver werewolves, must fend off the incursion of a rival pack into his territory, while trying not to fall in love with the reporter determined to report on his highly civilized pack. Reprint.

One Night Wilderness Portland

One Night Wilderness  Portland Author Douglas Lorain
ISBN-10 0899975437
Release 2010-06-16
Pages 248
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Surrounded by old-growth forests, volcanic peaks, and water in nearly all its forms--from the ocean to alpine lakes, glaciers to waterfalls--the Portland area is a short jaunt from boundless adventure opportunities, many of which can be taken in just one night. This book covers the best one- (and a few two-) night hikes within three hours of the city--perfect for hikers seeking a wilderness experience without the commitment of a lengthy backpacking trek. Trips take readers to the lush Olympic Mountains, eerie Mount St. Helens, the thundering Columbia River, and the quirky spires of Three Fingered Jack.

Dead Run

Dead Run Author Dan Schultz
ISBN-10 9781250023421
Release 2013-03-26
Pages 320
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Evoking Krakauer's Into the Wild, Dan Schultz tells the extraordinary true story of desperado survivalists, a brutal murder, and vigilante justice set against the harsh backdrop of the Colorado wilderness On a sunny May morning in 1998 in Cortez, Colorado, three desperados in a stolen truck opened fire on the town cop, shooting him twenty times; then they blasted their way past dozens of police cars and disappeared into 10,000 square miles of the harshest wilderness terrain on the North American continent. Self-trained survivalists, the outlaws eluded the most sophisticated law enforcement technology on the planet and a pursuit force that represented more than seventy-five local, state, and federal police agencies with dozens of swat teams, U.S. Army Special Forces, and more than five hundred officers from across the country. Dead Run is the first in-depth account of this sensational case, replete with overbearing local sheriffs, Native American trackers, posses on horseback, suspicion of vigilante justice and police cover-ups, and the blunders of the nation's most exalted crime-fighters pursuing outlaws into territory in which only they could survive.

Best Tent Camping New Mexico

Best Tent Camping  New Mexico Author Monte Parr
ISBN-10 9780897325028
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 192
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Best Tent Camping: New Mexico is a must-read for campers and adventurers desiring an excursion into the Southwest. New Mexico offers a charm and beauty that is rare. From open Southwestern landscapes with blue mountains visible on the distant horizon to the meadows and streams and pines of Sugarite Canyon State Park in northern New Mexico, and on to White Sands, it is a truly an enchanting journey. This state is full of history, offering ruins and forts from the Spanish-American War, Native American pueblos, archaeology, and cliff dwellings. Camping in New Mexico offers extensive options. Best Tent Camping: New Mexico is an indispensable guide, and the best campgrounds in and around these remarkable areas are described in great detail. In Best Tent Camping: New Mexico, local author Monte Parr details the locations where travelers can best experience New Mexico’s incredible beauty. Amenities, price, elevation, restrictions, directions, and GPS coordinates are listed for each campground, and all locations are rated for beauty, privacy, cleanliness, and quiet.

French Ghosts Russian Nights and American Outlaws Souvenirs of a Professional Vagabond

French Ghosts  Russian Nights  and American Outlaws  Souvenirs of a Professional Vagabond Author Susan Spano
ISBN-10 9781938901263
Release 2014-04-10
Pages 188
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Susan Spano, America’s original Frugal Traveler, explores some of the most romantic, most exotic, and wildest corners of the world in this captivating collection of her best-loved pieces. French Ghosts, Russian Nights, and American Outlaws: Souvenirs of a Professional Vagabond takes the reader on magical trips, when everything conspired to make a place unforgettable, like a temple in Java at sunrise or an ice hotel in the Artic Circle at sunset. In some of the stories, Susan finds the kind of enlightenment that only travel can provide by following in the footsteps of luminaries such as Federico Fellini, Julia Child, and Chairman Mao. Other stories are about travel itself: how it became Susan’s passion and calling; how it fed her incurably restless spirit; how it inspired her philosophy of travel and life: Go forth and find meaning. Take a condemned cable car over the Yangtze River or a shared taxi over the Andes with a leaking gas tank and chain-smoking driver. Eat oysters and drink martinis wherever you can. And, as often as possible, come home with a tan.

Reading the Trail

Reading the Trail Author Corey Lee Lewis
ISBN-10 0874176069
Release 2005
Pages 241
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John Muir, Mary Austin, and Gary Snyder are perhaps best known for their connection to specific California ecological regions--Muir's Sierra Nevada Range of Light, Austin's southern Land of Little Rain, and Snyder's Kitkitdizze region of the north. In Reading the Trial, ecocritic and outdoorsman Corey Lewis proposes a provocative new way to read and interpret the classic works of these major nature writers and to bring their ideas into the discussion of ecological values and viable responses to the current environmental crisis. The literary work of Muir, Austin, and Snyder reflects intimate and passionate knowledge of their chosen regions. Their activist efforts contributed to the preservation of wilderness areas and national parks in the ecosystems they lived in and wrote about. In Reading the Trail, Lewis combines a lucid, perceptive discussion of their work and ideas with an engaging, closely observed account of his own trail experiences as a hiker/backpacker and volunteer trail builder, thereby achieving a new and deeper appreciation of their writing and values. He proposes that such a combination of literary study and experiential projects allows teachers to enrich the understanding of students and lay readers to find new insights into the work of nature writers and the purpose and importance of the environmental movement. The book will be inspiring reading for teachers of literature and natural science, and for lovers of the outdoors seeking new ways to explore the natural world.