Buchanan Bandits

Buchanan Bandits Author Marcus Emerson
ISBN-10 1760295604
Release 2017-01-25
Pages 256
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Continuing the havoc-meets-hilarious adventures of Chase Cooper, who is the leader of a secret society of ninjas at his school.

Buchanan Bandits Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja Book 6

Buchanan Bandits  Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja Book 6 Author Marcus Emerson
ISBN-10 9781952535963
Release 2017-01-25
Pages 256
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As always, there's trouble brewing in the school halls, and you'll never guess who wants to team up with me... There's a thieving bandit on the loose, and as each day passes, his list of victims grows. Zoe says I should stay out of it...but staying out of trouble isn't my style. My name is Chase Cooper, and I'm a 6th grade ninja.

The Bandits of Cisterna

The Bandits of Cisterna Author William Pickering
ISBN-10 9781473812079
Release 1991-11-28
Pages 196
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The true story of Bill Pickering who was sent into Occupied Italy with a clandestine wireless set during World War II. He experienced many close encounters with the enemy and ended up fighting the Germans alongside the Italian Resistance Group, "The Bandits of Cisterna".

Wallace a tragedy in five acts By Robert Buchanan Professor at Glasgow In verse

Wallace  a tragedy in five acts   By Robert Buchanan  Professor at Glasgow  In verse  Author Sir William Wallace
ISBN-10 BL:A0018084171
Release 1856
Pages 96
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Wallace a tragedy in five acts By Robert Buchanan Professor at Glasgow In verse has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wallace a tragedy in five acts By Robert Buchanan Professor at Glasgow In verse also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wallace a tragedy in five acts By Robert Buchanan Professor at Glasgow In verse book for free.

The Distant Kingdoms Volume One

The Distant Kingdoms Volume One Author David A Petersen
ISBN-10 9781925219500
Release 2014-11-17
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MINERVA - The Roman Goddess of wisdom and the sciences as well as war. THE MINERVA PROJECT - A development of the multi-national corporation ScienceStart SCIENCESTART - Colin Bourke’s company whose main aim is to develop financially viable scientific achievements. Six of the finest scientific minds in the western world are working on a venture to lay the foundations to control the last bastion of our natural world- time. This unique experiment becomes a disaster when the Minerva Project suffers a catastrophic malfunction causing five members of the team to find themselves no longer on Earth. The sixth member of the team remains on his home world to ponder his part in this devastating failure. Along with the five members of the project’s initial research team, numerous other people from across Earth are summarily torn from their lives and deposited without rhyme or reason on this foreign world. These unfortunates include the last surviving members of a doomed British military expedition on the mountain of Isandhlwana in Africa, an Iroquois helicopter crew from an ill-fated mission during the Vietnam War, a hunted man from the streets of a city in Ireland, an SS officer on the run from justice in the aftermath of World War Two, a group of soldiers on opposite sides of the American Civil War and a suburban family innocently on holidays. Many other people are also transferred to the world of Perencore where they face a constant battle for survival in a harsh existence against seemingly overwhelming odds. Earth and Perencore are not the only worlds involved in this terrible violation of the natural order. The remnants of a mighty tribe of a people known as the Appor arrive in this new setting from their own planet. They too must face a constant fight to survive and find themselves battling a dreaded enemy from a time long past. These different characters individually, or as a collective begin an exploration of this extraordinary setting to seek answers to many questions about their current state of existence. More importantly they desperately search this new planet for a means of returning to their former lives on their home worlds. Some of the people involved in this dilemma find their lives uncomplicated enough to manage in this new society while others are forced to deal with a brutal existence where each and every day may bring about a sudden death at the hands of Perencore’s inhabitants. Their only means of defence on this world is their superior know-how, intellect and advanced technology. The main threat to the lives of this world’s new arrivals come in the form of a wide ranging group of merciless bandits called the Anhil. Another threat to the lives of the new inhabitants soon referred to by the local people as ‘Beyonders’ is the fact a long simmering feud is slowly escalating into a full-scale war between two mighty powers. The benign Hamaforth Kingdoms under the command of King Entell Thellon the Third have long been under threat of invasion by those persons overseeing the enemy state, The Azzil Territories whose overlord, Ruler Jom Azzer has vowed to take control of the entire Kingdoms at all costs. By the end of this volume some of the new arrivals to this planet have, with the kind assistance of the more benevolent members of the local community assimilated themselves into this rudimentary and antiquated society. Others find their fight for survival an endless nightmare and one character advances to the upper echelon of the nobility. In these, their new lives they unknowingly become involved in the machinations of ongoing hostilities between the two forces which include numerous assassination plots and an attempt to overthrow the Hamaforth Kingdoms’ monarchy by a bloody coup.

The Name s Buchanan

The Name s Buchanan Author Jonas Ward
ISBN-10 9781440549144
Release 2012-06-03
Pages 100
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He was a tall son—taller than most men by a head, with a look of wildness in his battered, tough face. He was Tom Buchanan out of West Texas, who fought with joy and loved with gusto—who many times had gone to meet death without pause and with great good nature. This time he took on the whole of Agry County and the violent bandit clan that ran it. It was no fight of his—but a girl had been violated and a family’s honor tarnished. So Buchanan settled his gunbelt and flexed his great hands and went surging into battle like a one-man troop of cavalry. And, by God, in the end there was left even to burn in Agrytown …

The Nature of Borders

The Nature of Borders Author Lissa K. Wadewitz
ISBN-10 9780295804231
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 384
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For centuries, borders have been central to salmon management customs on the Salish Sea, but how those borders were drawn has had very different effects on the Northwest salmon fishery. Native peoples who fished the Salish Sea--which includes Puget Sound in Washington State, the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca--drew social and cultural borders around salmon fishing locations and found ways to administer the resource in a sustainable way. Nineteenth-century Euro-Americans, who drew the Anglo-American border along the forty-ninth parallel, took a very different approach and ignored the salmon's patterns and life cycle. As the canned salmon industry grew and more people moved into the region, class and ethnic relations changed. Soon illegal fishing, broken contracts, and fish piracy were endemic--conditions that contributed to rampant overfishing, social tensions, and international mistrust. The Nature of Borders is about the ecological effects of imposing cultural and political borders on this critical West Coast salmon fishery. This transnational history provides an understanding of the modern Pacific salmon crisis and is particularly instructive as salmon conservation practices increasingly approximate those of the pre-contact Native past. The Nature of Borders reorients borderlands studies toward the Canada-U.S. border and also provides a new view of how borders influenced fishing practices and related management efforts over time. Watch the book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ffLPgtCYHA&feature=channel_video_title

Buchanan s Revenge

Buchanan s Revenge Author Jonas Ward
ISBN-10 9781440548758
Release 2012-06-03
Pages 100
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They said in Texas that Tom Buchanan ate wildcat for breakfast and that he was slow to anger—like a rattler dozing in the desert sun. But now every saloon and dance hall had heard the news: Buchanan was cleaning his guns. The genial giant of a man had sworn to kill the outlaws who had shot his best friend in the back. Old timers shook their heads. It wasn’t going to be a fair fight, they said. The odds were only three to one.

Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission

Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission Author Michael F. Bird
ISBN-10 9780567451583
Release 2006-11-13
Pages 226
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Bird argues that Jesus was attempting to achieve and enact the restoration of Israel, and in continuity with other strands of Jewish belief, Jesus conceived of the restoration of Israel as resulting in the salvation of the gentiles. Jesus' mission was Israel-centric, but he espoused a view of restoration that was indebted to certain strands of Israel's sacred traditions where the gentiles are implicit beneficiaries of Israel's salvation. Since this restoration was already being partially realized in Jesus' ministry, it was becoming possible for gentiles to begin sharing in Israel's salvation in the present. Additionally, Jesus understood himself and his followers to be the new temple and the vanguard of the restored Israel who would appropriate for themselves the role of Israel and the temple in being a light to the nations. Thus, a gentile mission has its germinal roots in the aims and intentions of Jesus and was developed in a transformed situation by adherents of the early Christian movement.

The works of James Buchanan comprising his speeches state papers and private correspondence Volume 4

The works of James Buchanan  comprising his speeches  state papers  and private correspondence  Volume 4 Author Buchanan, James
ISBN-10 9781623767396
Release 1908-01-01
Pages 425
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The works of James Buchanan comprising his speeches state papers and private correspondence Volume 4 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The works of James Buchanan comprising his speeches state papers and private correspondence Volume 4 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The works of James Buchanan comprising his speeches state papers and private correspondence Volume 4 book for free.

Divided Union

Divided Union Author Scott A. Silverstone
ISBN-10 0801442303
Release 2004
Pages 278
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Between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, the United States was embroiled in competitive inter-state politics. Although it did not directly involve itself in European affairs, the United States did engage regularly in dangerous struggles with other states and with colonial powers with territory on the American periphery. Aside from the War of 1812, the Oregon Crisis, and the Mexican War, other "near misses" included here—disputes of 1807 and 1809 with Britain, with Spain over East Florida in 1811–13, with Mexico in 1853, and disputes with Spain over Cuba in 1853–55 and with Mexico in 1858–1860—have been ignored in the democratic peace literature. Scott A. Silverstone finds these cases particularly useful for testing alternative explanations of constraints on armed conflict, because the United States backed down each time, allowing each crisis to pass short of its full potential for violence.Silverstone builds on a nascent theory of institutional constraints on the use of force presented in the Federalist Papers to explain American attitudes toward participation in conflicts. He argues that the federal character of American democracy that emerged from the founding and the large size of the new American republic provide the keys to understanding its decision-making processes. Divided Union shows how the institutional features of federal union and the diverse social, economic, and security interests within this geographically extended republic created political conditions that impeded the use of force by the United States before the Civil War.

Border Bandits Border Raids

Border Bandits  Border Raids Author W. C. Jameson
ISBN-10 9781493028351
Release 2017-06-01
Pages 208
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Border Bandits is an account of the many, many stories of back and forth skirmishes between the Mexicans and Texans during the late 1800s and early 1900s. There practically wasn't a border, which caused a lot of problems and thievery between the two countries. These seventeen tales in this book re-create border raids that originated from both sides of the fluid and much contested line and tells the stories of colorful characters – Mexican and American – that have since secured their place in history.

Billionaires Ballot Bandits

Billionaires   Ballot Bandits Author Greg Palast
ISBN-10 9781609804794
Release 2012-09-25
Pages 304
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A close presidential election in November could well come down to contested states or even districts--an election decided by vote theft? It could happen this year. Based on Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s investigative reporting for Rolling Stone and BBC television, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps might be the most important book published this year--one that could save the election. Billionaires & Ballot Bandits names the filthy-rich sugar-daddies who are super-funding the Super-PACs of both parties--billionaires with nicknames like "The Ice Man," "The Vulture" and, of course, The Brothers Koch. Told with Palast's no-holds-barred, reporter-on-the-beat style, the facts as he lays them out are staggering. What emerges in Billionaires & Ballot Bandits is the never-before-told-story of the epic battle being fought behind the scenes between the old money banking sector that still supports Obama, and the new hedge fund billionaires like Paul Singer who not only support Romney but also are among his key economic advisors. Although it has not been reported, Obama has shown some backbone in standing up to the financial excesses of the men behind Romney. Billionaires & Ballot Bandits exposes the previously unreported details on how operatives plan to use the hundreds of millions in Super-PAC money pouring into this election. We know the money is pouring in, but Palast shows us the convoluted ways the money will be used to suppress your vote. The story of the billionaires and why they want to buy an election is matched with the nine ways they can steal the election. His story of the sophisticated new trickery will pick up on Palast's giant New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

Pennsylvania Pirates Bandits Bushwackers Outlaws

Pennsylvania Pirates  Bandits  Bushwackers  Outlaws   Author Carole Marsh
ISBN-10 9780793309610
Release 1990-06-01
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Pennsylvania Pirates Bandits Bushwackers Outlaws has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pennsylvania Pirates Bandits Bushwackers Outlaws also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pennsylvania Pirates Bandits Bushwackers Outlaws book for free.

The Life and Adventures Of Joaquin Murieta The Celebrated California Bandit

The Life and Adventures Of Joaquin Murieta  The Celebrated California Bandit Author John Rollin Ridge
ISBN-10 1591080002
Release 2003
Pages 137
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This is where the myth of the notorious California bandit Joaquin Murrieta was born. There are probably as many versions of Joaquin Murrieta as there were of sightings of him in the the gold rush days of California lore. Originally published in 1854 the Cherokee Indian Yellow Bird, better known as John Rollin Ridge, created the story that has since grown to mythical proportions. What is most fascinating is that this myth is deeply imbedded in the consciousness of Californians, particularly those of Mexican desent who identify with Murrieta as a sort of Robin Hood.

Readings in Public Choice and Constitutional Political Economy

Readings in Public Choice and Constitutional Political Economy Author Charles Rowley
ISBN-10 9780387758701
Release 2008-08-09
Pages 626
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Public choice is the study of behavior at the intersection of economics and political science. Since the pioneering work of Duncan Black in the 1940s, public choice has developed a rich literature, drawing from such related perspectives as history, philosophy, law, and sociology, to analyze political decision making (by citizen-voters, elected officials, bureaucratic administrators, lobbyists, and other "rational" actors) in social and economic context, with an emphasis on identifying differences between individual goals and collective outcomes. Constitutional political economy provides important insights into the relationship between effective constitutions and the behavior of ordinary political markets. In Readings in Public Choice and Constitutional Political Economy, Charles Rowley and Friedrich Schneider have assembled an international array of leading authors to present a comprehensive and accessible overview of the field and its applications. Covering a wide array of topics, including regulation and antitrust, taxation, trade liberalization, political corruption, interest group behavior, dictatorship, and environmental issues, and featuring biographies of the founding fathers of the field, this volume will be essential reading for scholars and students, policymakers, economists, sociologists, and non-specialist readers interested in the dynamics of political economy.

The Political Economy of Predation

The Political Economy of Predation Author Mehrdad Vahabi
ISBN-10 9781316477915
Release 2015-12-11
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Still in early stages of development, conflict theory presents a growing interest in understanding the economic costs and benefits of conflicts. In this book, Mehrdad Vahabi analyses one type of conflict in particular: manhunting, or predation, in which a dominant power hunts down its prey and the goal of the prey is to escape and thus survive. This contrasts with traditional warfare, in which two (or more) powers enter into a conflict and the goal is to fight to win domination. The economics of escape casts light on costs and benefits of predatory activities, and explores the impact of violence as an impediment to developing countries with respect to assets structure. This book is unprecedented in its research and thought and develops a new theory of predation in economics that makes a significant contribution to the field.