Blood Magick

Blood Magick Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 9780698144545
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 336
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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes the final novel in a trilogy about the land we’re drawn to, the family we learn to cherish, and the people we long to love… Book Three of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy Blood Magick County Mayo is rich in the traditions of Ireland, legends that Branna O’Dwyer fully embraces in her life and in her work as the proprietor of The Dark Witch shop, which carries soaps, lotions, and candles for tourists, made with Branna’s special touch. Branna’s strength and selflessness hold together a close circle of friends and family—along with their horses and hawks and her beloved hound. But there’s a single missing link in the chain of her life: love… She had it once—for a moment—with Finbar Burke, but a shared future is forbidden by history and blood. Which is why Fin has spent his life traveling the world to fill the abyss left in him by Branna, focusing on work rather than passion. Branna and Fin’s relationship offers them both comfort and torment. And though they succumb to the heat between them, there can be no promises for tomorrow. A storm of shadows threatens everything that their circle holds dear. It will be Fin’s power, loyalty, and heart that will make all the difference in an age-old battle between the bonds that hold their friends together and the evil that has haunted their families for centuries. Don’t miss the other books in the Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy Dark Witch Shadow Spell From the Trade Paperback edition.

Wege der Liebe

Wege der Liebe Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 3453417941
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 416
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Wege der Liebe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wege der Liebe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wege der Liebe book for free.

Blood Magick

Blood Magick Author Seth
ISBN-10 9780595298396
Release 2003-10-01
Pages 68
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Blood Magick is a synthesis of ancient tradition and contemporary innovations designed for both the discerning adept seeking to incorporate blood into existing disciplines and beginning practitioners taking their first steps into the occult world.

Blood Magick

Blood Magick Author Roberts, Nora
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 322
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Blood Magick has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Blood Magick also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Blood Magick book for free.

Blood Magick

Blood Magick Author Suzan Harden
ISBN-10 193874523X
Release 2015-10-11
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It's not the family you're born to. It's the Family you join.BloodCaesar Augustine has survived on it for millennia, but his friend Natasha believed she was close to a cure for vampirism. When she dies and her lab notes disappear, Caesar's only chance to walk in sunlight again is finding her granddaughter Bebe, the one witch Natasha would trust with her research. But getting Bebe to trust him is another matter altogether.MagickDr. Bebe Zachary has feared and mistrusted vampires for seventeen years, since the night she witnessed two of the bloodsuckers brutally murder her parents. When Caesar Augustine comes to her with an insane story that her grandmother's death was no accident, the last thing she wants to do is believe him. Except her cousins have challenged Bebe for leadership of their coven, somebody definitely wants her dead too, and Caesar is the only the person standing between her and the grave.

Vampyre Magick

Vampyre Magick Author Father Sebastiaan
ISBN-10 1609255984
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 208
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Since the dawn of civilization, the vampire has danced through the dreams and nightmares of every culture, expressed in folklore, literature, and art. Today, this fascination resonates in pop-culture through hit television shows, movies, and bestselling books. In Vampyre Magick, Father Sebastiaan reveals the hidden rituals and spells of the Living Vampires. This companion volume to Sebastiaan’s Vampyre Sanguinomicon, is intended for initiates of the Stigoii Vii, but will appeal to any scholar of magickal arts, The Golden Dawn, or other Western Mystery Traditions.

Blood and Magick

Blood and Magick Author James R. Tuck
ISBN-10 9780758286031
Release 2013-03-05
Pages 320
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Taking out hellish creatures—not a problem. Armed with blessed silver hollow-points and the ability to manipulate magick, he's ready for anything—except betrayal he never saw coming. . . Deacon Chalk knows the biggest danger in fighting monsters is becoming one. Just another day at the office for your friendly neighborhood occult bounty hunter. If keeping three helpless were-dog children safe means battling a malevolent trio of witches by any means necessary, so be it. If that means partnering with a ruthless government agent to stay one step ahead of the allies and friends he must now suspect, he's not going to cry about it. The only way Deacon can save humans and shape-shifters alike is to embrace a power beyond his imagining, putting his team at stake—and his soul on the line. . . Praise for Blood and Silver "This is urban fantasy as men's fiction—Sookie Stackhouse meets the Dresden Files by way of Maxim." –Publishers Weekly More Deacon Chalk!

Get It in Blood

Get It in Blood Author Magick Pen
ISBN-10 1544173091
Release 2017-02-20
Pages 116
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Best friends or not, the streets don't love nobody. Tank has a night in the county, and Mann has a night with his wife. A home invasion crashes in on their secret affair and $500,000 is taken. With Tank out on bond, Mann has to track down and silence the jack boy before he's forced to commit the ultimate betrayal. But Tank was violated. His only mission is to find that fool and make an example the streets will never forget. And if the money ain't there, he'll GET IT IN BLOOD. -Grit, grime and sex all delivered Magick Pen style. GET IT IN BLOOD takes you to the concrete jungle where it's raw, where it's cut-throat.-

Blood Witch and Dark Magick

Blood Witch and Dark Magick Author Cate Tiernan
ISBN-10 9780141967912
Release 2013-11-28
Pages 400
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A bewitching bind-up of stories to feed your desire for all things magick... Perfect for Twilight fans.

Ein Hauch von Skandal

Ein Hauch von Skandal Author Sandra Brown
ISBN-10 9783641103415
Release 2012-12-03
Pages 608
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Explosiv, sinnlich und unwiderstehlich fesselnd! Eine schwüle Sommernacht in einer Kleinstadt im Süden – für die junge, attraktive Jade der Anfang eines Albtraums: Am Abend ihres glänzenden Schulabschlusses träumt Jade von einer gemeinsamen Zukunft mit Gary, ihrer ersten großen Liebe. Da fallen drei Halbstarke über sie her und nehmen sich, was ihnen ihrer Meinung nach zusteht. Jahre später kehrt Jade in die Stadt zurück – eine reife Frau, erfolgreich und begehrenswert, die nur ein Ziel kennt: Rache. Doch es ist nicht nur die Schande, die in Jades Herzen brennt, sondern auch ihre nie vergessene Liebe ...

Dragon s Tempest The Imperial Series

Dragon s Tempest  The Imperial Series Author LA Quill
ISBN-10 9781105217555
Release 2014-12-20
Pages 331
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For a hundred years, dragons and wyverns have been at war. The wyverns, confident that any real threats have been destroyed, rule the Wastes as tyrants, using the blood of the locals to fuel their dark magicks. For a hundred years, the wyverns and their Riders have remain unchallenged. Tired of living in his father's shadow, Tristan flees the Empire, looking for adventure, excitement, and a chance to prove himself. Sailing south into the unknown Wastes, he hopes only to make his father proud. Instead, he finds himself thrust into the middle of a war he could never have imagined. With few allies and even fewer friends, Tristan must battle against the forces of the Dark, hoping that instinct and courage alone will be enough to ensure victory.

Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice Author Maria Lima
ISBN-10 9781451612714
Release 2011-08-30
Pages 384
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All’s fair in blood and war. . . . Talk about wedding crashers from hell. Keira Kelly and her sexy vampire king, Adam, are about to tie the proverbial knot—sort of—when an uninvited blood relative shows up to cast a long, dark shadow over the happy occasion. Adam’s brother Gideon comes bearing the one-size-fits-all gift of bad news: an ancient, convoluted Challenge thrown down upon the entire Kelly clan. It seems the dreaded forces of the Dark Fae have declared war on Keira’s family, and at stake is the land that is rightfully theirs. But while the Kellys gather their troops in a historic San Antonio hotel to strategize, there’s mayhem back in Rio Seco. The old cemetery is vandalized, fires break out, and—worst of all—the Kelly clan matriarch and leader, Keira’s great-great-grandmother Minerva, goes missing. Should Keira risk breaking the Challenge rules by returning to her beloved home, or should she continue the waiting game that seems the only other option? With everything she loves and maybe even her life on the line, she has only one chance to get the answer right.

Die MacGregors 4 Bei Tag und bei Nacht

Die MacGregors 4  Bei Tag und bei Nacht Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 9783641120665
Release 2013-09-30
Pages 178
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Familie, Liebe, Leidenschaft: Der faszinierende MacGregor-Clan. Für die Dorfbewohner ist Grant Campbell, der zurückgezogen in einem Leuchtturm wohnt, ein Sonderling. Und unfreundlich dazu. Doch als er in einer stürmischen Nacht der Malerin Genevieve Grandeau die Tür öffnet, ist sie in seinen Bann geschlagen. Wild wie die tosende See sind die Liebesnächte, die sie miteinander verbringen. Unter seinem attraktiven, rauen Äußeren ist er intelligent und sensibel, aber auch verletzt. Für Gennie heißt Lieben jedoch Teilen. Kann er das letzte Hindernis für ihre Liebe überwinden?

Arianna s Tale

Arianna s Tale Author LA Quill
ISBN-10 9781257642342
Release 2014-12-20
Pages 371
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Leading the simple life of a healer, Arianna is satisfied with her place in the world. Until the day a stranger arrives from the east to change her world forever. Unprepared for events she could not have anticipated, she can only try to survive what is to come. Damuk, a powerful eastern mage, is used to being in control. Until he meets a petite blond girl from the west. Drawn to her in a way he could not have imagined, he soon finds himself caught in her spell. As a dark threat rises from an unexpected source, the two must come together to stop a war that should never had started. The only hope for their future may be in the secrets of the past. Can a peasant girl, a mage, and a forced romance really turn the tide of war?

The Complete Book of Spells Ceremonies and Magic

The Complete Book of Spells  Ceremonies  and Magic Author Migene González-Wippler
ISBN-10 0875422861
Release 1978
Pages 376
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Offers comprehensive coverage of the history of magic rituals and practices throughout the world, presenting information on voodoo, ancient Egyptian and Hebrew magic, palm reading, secret symbols, astrology, exorcism and spells to overcome enemies and obtain wealth

AKHKHARU Vampyre Magick

AKHKHARU   Vampyre Magick Author Michael Ford
ISBN-10 9780557031672
Release 2009-03-20
Pages 301
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AKHKHARU - Vampyre Magick is a complete grimoire of Vampyric Magick - from beginner to Advanced. The Vampyre Magickian explores foundational techniques, practice and the mindset needed to transform consciousness into a Godlike state. The grimoire presents actual Ancient Sumerian and Chaldean Sorcery lore and Magick - Vampyrism and demonology, A chapter on the Daemonic Feminine and powerful devotionals - including the Daemonic Feminine version of the Azal'ucel working. Akhkharu also features the rituals of the Gates of the Qlippoth and their sigils - presented here for the first time. A section on the VAMPYRE TAROT, Vampyre Dictionary and the final chapter deals with the possibility of surviving consciousness after physical death. Akhkharu is a MUST for those interested in serious left hand path magick and Luciferianism.

Blood Rites

Blood Rites Author Jimmy Lee Shreeve
ISBN-10 9781448165711
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 368
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Lima, Peru, 2004: The body of a decapitated baby boy is found on a hilltop, surrounded by flowers, a liquor bottle and a container of blood, apparently the victim of a ritual sacrifice to appease a pre-Columbian earth god. New Jersey, USA, 2002: A Palo Mayombe sect temple basement is raided by police, who find human body parts and the remains of several animals seemingly sacrificed by worshippers. London, England, 2001: The dismembered torso of a five-year-old boy is found floating in the Thames, the victim of a Ju Ju ritual sacrifice... Around the world, humans are being trafficked, kidnapped, sold and enslaved, for the specific purpose of sacrifice. Mass-scale migration has seen these gruesome techniques exported from the land of the Aztecs -- and finding their way into Britain and the US. Voodoo priests in London have been linked with ritual murders. And a recent leaked police commissioned report found that witchcraft, voodoo-related abuse and murder, are rife in the UK. Jimmy Lee Shreeve takes us on a journey into the darkest corners of the world, following the initial investigations of Scotland Yard into the Thames murder, travelling to South Africa and then Nigeria, where the full horror of a wide 'export trade' in humans to Britain for sacrifice is unveiled. In the US, Palo Mayombe, a Cuban religious cult, is linked with a score of sacrifices and murders. In Mexico, a devotee of Palo Mayombe, Adolof de Jesus Constanzo, was responsible for torturing and boiling in a cauldron more than a dozen victims. Across South America, sacrifices are commonplace. Most are done on behalf of drug barons and millionaires, who want to atone for their sins by offering the Gods a 'gift'. And across Asia, similar stories are found. In Africa, and Britain, HIV-positive African males sacrifice young boys to 'cleanse' themselves of the disease. Along the way, Jimmy will bring his own brand of detective skills to the fore. Besides throwing up fresh research into the 'Adam' killing and providing startling conclusions to some of the world's most horrific murders, Jimmy will, variously, escape near arrest at Scotland Yard's HQ, perform a ritual ceremony with a Native American shaman on Hampstead Heath, and swap whiskey and guitar blues with a voodoo practioner. Written in Jimmy's unique, free-form, post-gonzo style, this is an investigative work with a trippy twist. By turns gruesome, disturbing and intriguing, BLOOD RITES reveals the true, untold story of a violent tradition taking place terrifyingly close to home.