Birds of New York Field Guide

Birds of New York Field Guide Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 159193110X
Release 2005-03-15
Pages 302
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This is it: New Yorkís ultimate bird-watching set! Use the remarkable field guide to identify 120 of your stateís bird species. Utilize the CDs, and learn to identify them by sound. It comes all together in one field-friendly package!

Birds Of New York

Birds Of New York Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 1591931088
Release 2005-03-15
Pages 328
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Focusing on birds of New York, this field guide features full-color photographs and information, organized by color, to help readers quickly and easily identify the birds they see.

Birds of New Hampshire Vermont Field Guide

Birds of New Hampshire   Vermont Field Guide Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 9781591936602
Release 2016-09-19
Pages 340
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Make bird watching in New Hampshire and Vermont even more enjoyable! With Stan Tekiela's famous field guide, bird identification is simple and informative. There's no need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don't live in your area. This book features 130 species of New Hampshire and Vermont birds, organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don't know what it is? Go to the yellow section to find out. Fact-filled information, a compare feature, range maps and detailed photographs help to ensure that you positively identify the birds that you see.

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of New York

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of New York Author Roger Tory Peterson
ISBN-10 9780544022850
Release 2012-10-02
Pages 450
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Identifying a bird is just a tap away with the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of New York. Peterson's art, conveying each bird's essence, and the innovative Peterson Identification System, are all at the casual bird watcher's disposal. 431 species are in this visual treasure chest. Arrows point to the key field marks that distinguish each species, and range maps tell users where and when to find the birds. Add in descriptions of habitats, vocalizations, similar species, and an easy-to-use index, and a bird watcher is fully prepared to enjoy the natural wonders of New York.

The Everything Bird Book

The Everything Bird Book Author Tershia D'Elgin
ISBN-10 9781580620611
Release 1998
Pages 280
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Discusses the evolution, anatomy, and flight of birds with descriptions of species of North American birds, and tips on bird watching and birds as pets

Naturally Curious Day by Day

Naturally Curious Day by Day Author Mary Holland
ISBN-10 9780811765596
Release 2016-11-07
Pages 384
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This follow-up to Naturally Curious, a National Outdoor Book Award winner, is a day-by-day account of nature observations throughout the year. Daily entries include entertaining and enlightening observations about specific animal or plant activity happening in eastern North America on that date. Set up as a naturalist's journal, entries describe in detail sightings and events in the natural world and are accompanied by stunning color photographs of birds, animals, insects, plants, and more. Essays throughout describe specific events in nature happening during each month, while sidebars supply natural history facts and information pertinent to the topics of the month or the time of year.

The Young Birder s Guide to Birds of Eastern North America

The Young Birder s Guide to Birds of Eastern North America Author Bill Thompson, III
ISBN-10 0547119348
Release 2008
Pages 256
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Featuring an abundance of color photographs, drawings, and maps, this ultimate birding resource is jam-packed with information on more than two hundred species.

The Shorebird Guide

The Shorebird Guide Author Michael O'Brien
ISBN-10 0618432949
Release 2006
Pages 477
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Utilizing a holistic approach to identifying different birds, a guide to shorebirds explains how to use such characteristics as general color patterns, size, structure, and behavior to determine an avian species, in a handy resource that includes more than 870 full-color captioned photographs.

Identify Yourself

Identify Yourself Author Bill Thompson
ISBN-10 0618514694
Release 2005
Pages 392
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Provides information on how to identify a variety of North American birds.

Photographic Guide to the Birds of India

Photographic Guide to the Birds of India Author Bikram Grewal
ISBN-10 9781462914852
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 512
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Periplus is proud to present the first comprehensive photographic guide to the birds of the Indian subcontinent. This ebook offers over 800 species and distinct sub-species and contains over 1,000 full-color photographs. Each species has a distribution map. Many of the photographs in this magnificent volume appear for the first time and have been carefully selected to show the most important features of the species illustrated. In several cases, different plumages or flight shots are included. The concise text provided vital information on the plumages, voice and habits of each species covered and includes new information. Over a hundred related species are also mentioned in the texts. The maps are accompanied by a note on the status and distribution. This ebook will enable accurate field identification in one of the world's most diverse avifaunal regions. Indispensable reading for all bird lovers.

Birds in the Yard Month by Month

Birds in the Yard Month by Month Author Sharon Sorenson
ISBN-10 9780811752671
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 416
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Get to know all the birds that will flock to your yard throughout the year, and how to attract those that need a little extra persuasion to visit.

A Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of India Pakistan Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

A Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of India  Pakistan  Nepal  Bhutan  Sri Lanka  and Bangladesh Author Bikram Grewal
ISBN-10 9780691176499
Release 2017-05-02
Pages 792
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This is the only comprehensive photographic field guide to the birds of the entire Indian subcontinent. Every distinct species and subspecies—some 1,375 in all—is covered with photographs, text, and maps. The guide features more than 4,000 stunning photographs, many never before published, which have been carefully selected to illustrate key identification features of each species. The up-to-date facing-page text includes concise descriptions of plumage, voice, range, habitat, and recent taxonomic changes. Each species has a detailed map reflecting the latest distribution information and containing notes on status and population density. The guide also features an introduction that provides an overview of birdlife and a brief history of ornithology in India and its neighbors. The result is an encyclopedic photographic guide that is essential for everyone birding anywhere in the subcontinent. Covers all 1,375 subcontinental bird species Features more than 4,000 stunning photographs to aid quick field identification Includes up-to-date facing-page text and range maps Contains concise descriptions of plumage, voice, habitat, and much more

Music of the Birds

Music of the Birds Author Lang Elliott
ISBN-10 0618006974
Release 1999
Pages 135
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Presents the songs and calls of more than seventy North American birds. Includes audio compact disc featuring songbird concerts and solos.

Secrets of Sound

Secrets of Sound Author April Pulley Sayre
ISBN-10 9780547350448
Release 2006-07-24
Pages 64
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Can whales communicate across miles of vast ocean? Can elephants talk to one another with sounds we cannot hear? These are the kinds of questions that drive the work of acoustic biologists. Follow three creative scientists—Christopher W., Clark, Katy Payne, and Bill Evans—as they research why and how animals communicate. Through remarkable photographs and stories about all sorts of animals, this book celebrates the challenges of lab work and fieldwork and the thrill of discovery.

Birds of the Sierra Nevada

Birds of the Sierra Nevada Author Ted Beedy
ISBN-10 9780520954472
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 446
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This beautifully illustrated and user-friendly book presents the most up-to-date information available about the natural histories of birds of the Sierra Nevada, the origins of their names, the habitats they prefer, how they communicate and interact with one another, their relative abundance, and where they occur within the region. Each species account features original illustrations by Keith Hansen. In addition to characterizing individual species, Birds of the Sierra Nevada also describes ecological zones and bird habitats, recent trends in populations and ranges, conservation efforts, and more than 160 rare species. It also includes a glossary of terms, detailed maps, and an extensive bibliography with over 500 citations.

Tits Nuthatches and Treecreepers

Tits  Nuthatches and Treecreepers Author Simon Harrap
ISBN-10 9781408135181
Release 2010-09-30
Pages 392
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This guide covers all 110 of the world's species of tits, nuthatches and creepers. The Parulidae ("true" tits), Remizidae (penduline tits) and Aegithalidae (long-tailed tits) form the bulk of the book (78 species), with a further 24 species of nuthatch and eight creepers. The text covers each species under a number of headings: identification, sex and age, voice, distribution and movements, habitat, population, habits, breeding biology, description, movements, geographical variation, relationships, and references.

Bird Songs Songs and Calls of Some New York State Birds

Bird Songs  Songs and Calls of Some New York State Birds Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:44232443
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Presents a collection of audio recordings of bird songs and calls from New York state birds. Allows users to search for specific birds by scientific name or to choose an image. Includes recordings of gulls, geese, loons, doves, raptors, owls, cuckoos, and other types of birds.