Basic Illustrated Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

Basic Illustrated Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Author Jim Meuninck
ISBN-10 9781493014682
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 112
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For a generation, the Basic Illustrated series has been as much a part of the outdoors experience as backpacks and hiking boots. Information-packed tools for the novice or handy references for the veteran, these volumes distill years of knowledge into affordable and portable books. Whether you’re planning a trip or thumbing for facts in the field, Basic Illustrated books tell you what you need to know. Learn how to: Forage for and identify wild mushrooms Treat a variety of ailments and illnesses, from colds to heart disease and more Distinguish between edible and nonedible parts of mushrooms Make delicious dinners, snacks, and other healthy recipes

Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms Author Diego Cunha Zied
ISBN-10 9781119149415
Release 2017-09-25
Pages 592
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Comprehensive and timely, Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms: Technology and Applications provides the most up to date information on the various edible mushrooms on the market. Compiling knowledge on their production, application and nutritional effects, chapters are dedicated to the cultivation of major species such as Agaricus bisporus, Pleurotus ostreatus, Agaricus subrufescens, Lentinula edodes, Ganoderma lucidum and others. With contributions from top researchers from around the world, topics covered include: Biodiversity and biotechnological applications Cultivation technologies Control of pests and diseases Current market overview Bioactive mechanisms of mushrooms Medicinal and nutritional properties Extensively illustrated with over 200 images, this is the perfect resource for researchers and professionals in the mushroom industry, food scientists and nutritionists, as well as academics and students of biology, agronomy, nutrition and medicine.

Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada

Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada Author David L. Spahr
ISBN-10 9781556437953
Release 2009
Pages 229
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Containing hundreds of detailed color photos, this guide documents prized culinary and healing mushrooms and where to find them, in a resource that also provides useful ideas for cooking mushrooms. Original.

Foraging Mushrooms Oregon

Foraging Mushrooms Oregon Author Jim Meuninck
ISBN-10 9781493026708
Release 2017-05-01
Pages 144
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Detailed descriptions of edible mushrooms; tips on finding, preparing, and using mushrooms; a glossary of botanical terms; color photos. Use Foraging Mushrooms as a field guide or as a delightful armchair read. No matter what you re looking for, be it the curative Heal-All or a snack, this guide will enhance your next backpacking trip or easy stroll around the garden, and may just provide some new favorites for your dinner table."

Medicinal Plants of North America

Medicinal Plants of North America Author Jim Meuninck
ISBN-10 9781493019625
Release 2016-06-01
Pages 224
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This exquisitely detailed full-color field guide, by biologist and herbal and medical plant expert Jim Meuninck, provides identification, practical information, and skills for the location of and use of medicinal plants. The pages of this book re-connect us to our roots and the knowledge that medicinal plants and wild plant foods provide the chemicals every body needs to obtain optimum health and prevent disease. Meuninck moves the user from simple and familiar plants toward less common plants more difficult to identify. Each of the 122 plants has a color photograph, plant description, and location. Identification of plants are grouped from common to rare in the environment and where they are found: prairies, woodlands, mountains, deserts, and wetlands. Relevant facts about each plant such as toxicity, historical uses, modern uses, as well as wildlife/veterinary uses are also listed. Additional information included in this extraordinary field guide: explanations of how each plant affects the human body; cultural and ethnic uses of medicinal herbs and cooking spices; others creatures who consume the plants; a list of most recommended garden herbs; web site resources, and much more. The Author's Notes provide personal experiences and novel skills honed from over forty years of experience. They include: gardening tips, recipes, formulations, humor, successful experiences, and more. There is no field guide as all-encompassing and detailed as this one, yet it's portable and easy to understand.

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms Author Paul Stamets
ISBN-10 1580081754
Release 2000
Pages 574
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The most comprehensive manual of mushroom cultivation ever - filled with readable, useful information about every known mushroom species that people esteem for food and for medicine.

The Complete Mushroom Hunter Revised

The Complete Mushroom Hunter  Revised Author Gary Lincoff
ISBN-10 9781631594113
Release 2017-06-15
Pages 208
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Do you know your mushrooms? This is the only mushrooming book that will introduce you safely and with confidence to the not-so underground hobby of mushroom hunting and gathering. Gathering edible wild food is a lovely way to forge a connection to the earth. Mushrooms are the ultimate local food source; they grow literally everywhere, from mountains and woodlands to urban and suburban parks to your own backyard. The Complete Mushroom Hunter, Revised is a new edition of Quarry's successful Complete Mushroom Hunter. It will enrich your understanding of the natural world and build an appreciation for an ancient, critically relevant, and useful body of knowledge. Amateur mycologists and mushroom enthusiasts will find this is a guidebook for their passion. Mushroom guru Gary Lincoff escorts you from the mushroom's earliest culinary awakening, through getting equipped for mushroom forays, to preparing and serving the fruits of the foray, wherever you live. Inside you'll find: A brief, but colorful history of mushroom hunting worldwide; how to get equipped for a mushroom foray; a completely illustrated guide to the common wild edible mushrooms and their poisonous look-alikes -- where to find them, how to identify them, and more; how to prepare and serve the fruits of your foray, plus more than 30 delicious recipes; plus, dozens of colorful, priceless anecdotes from living the mushroom lifestyle.


Mushrooms Author Philip G. Miles
ISBN-10 9780203492086
Release 2004-03-29
Pages 480
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Since the publication of the first edition, important developments have emerged in modern mushroom biology and world mushroom production and products. The relationship of mushrooms with human welfare and the environment, medicinal properties of mushrooms, and the global marketing value of mushrooms and their products have all garnered great attention, identifying the need for an updated, authoritative reference. Mushrooms: Cultivation, Nutritional Value, Medicinal Effect, and Environmental Impact, Second Edition presents the latest cultivation and biotechnological advances that contribute to the modernization of mushroom farming and the mushroom industry. It describes the individual steps of the complex mushroom cultivation process, along with comprehensive coverage of mushroom breeding, efficient cultivation practices, nutritional value, medicinal utility, and environmental impact. Maintaining the format, organization, and focus of the previous edition, this thoroughly revised edition includes the most recent research findings and many new references. It features new chapters on medicinal mushrooms and the effects of pests and diseases on mushroom cultivation. There are also updated chapters on specific edible mushrooms, and an expanded chapter on technology and mushrooms. Rather than providing an encyclopedic review, this book emphasizes worldwide trends and developments in mushroom biology from an international perspective. It takes an interdisciplinary approach that will appeal to industrial and medical mycologists, mushroom growers, botanists, plant pathologists, and professionals and scientists in related fields. This book illustrates that mushroom cultivation has and will continue to have a positive global impact on long-term food nutrition, health care, environmental conservation and regeneration, and economic and social change.

Cultivation Techniques for Chinese Edible Medicinal Mushrooms

Cultivation Techniques for Chinese Edible   Medicinal Mushrooms Author Mo Mei Chen
ISBN-10 0972391657
Release 2002-12
Pages 25
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Fungi Treasures 4: Cultivation Techniques for Chinese Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms: Grifola umbellata, Agrocybe aegerita, Dictyophora spp., and Coprinus comatus

Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms Author Christopher Hobbs
ISBN-10 9781570679506
Release 2002-02-01
Pages 402
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This modern handbook for exploring and understanding the rich traditions of healing fungi in Eastern and Western cultures is the most complete work on the cultural, health-promoting and medicinal uses of mushrooms ever published!. Author Christopher Hobbs thoroughly documnents and details the nutritional and health benefits of over 100 species of edible fungi.

Genetics and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms

Genetics and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms Author A.C. Chang
ISBN-10 2881245617
Release 1992-12-15
Pages 329
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Explores the breeding programs for the button mushroom in the context of the wide range of edible mushrooms now being cultivated worldwide. The 15 papers, from a UNESCO workshop in Hong Kong, July 1991, discuss topics such as the background and general objectives of culture collection and breeding, the genetic systems, and biological approaches to breeding. In addition to providing foodstuffs, the applications include producing high-value fungal metabolites and upgrading lignocellulosic wastes, and wastewater treatment. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

AD41E 2007 Small scale mushroom cultivation 2

AD41E 2007 Small scale mushroom cultivation   2 Author
ISBN-10 9789085730835
Release 2005
Pages 86
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AD41E 2007 Small scale mushroom cultivation 2 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from AD41E 2007 Small scale mushroom cultivation 2 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full AD41E 2007 Small scale mushroom cultivation 2 book for free.

Mushrooms traded as food Vol II sec 2

Mushrooms traded as food  Vol II sec 2 Author Jørn Gry
ISBN-10 9789289327053
Release 2014-07-11
Pages 471
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Mushrooms recognised as edible have been collected and cultivated for many years. In the Nordic countries, the interest for eating mushrooms has increased. In order to ensure that Nordic consumers will be supplied with safe and well characterised, edible mushrooms on the market, this publication aims at providing tools for the in-house control of actors producing and trading mushroom products. The report is divided into two volumes: a. Volume I: “Mushrooms traded as food - Nordic questionnaire and guidance list for edible mushrooms suitable for commercial marketing b. Volume II: Background information, with general information in section 1 and in section 2, risk assessments of more than 100 mushroom species All mushrooms on the lists have been risk assessed regarding their safe use as food, in particular focusing on their potential content of bioactive constituents.

Edible Forest Gardens Volume II

Edible Forest Gardens  Volume II Author Dave Jacke
ISBN-10 9781931498807
Release 2005
Pages 654
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Edible Forest Gardens is a groundbreaking two-volume work that spells out and explores the key concepts of forest ecology and applies them to the needs of natural gardeners in temperate climates. In Volume II, Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier take the vision of the forest garden and basic ecological principles from Vol. I and move on to practical considerations: concrete ways to design, establish, and maintain your own forest garden. Along the way they present case studies and examples, as well as tables, illustrations, and a uniquely valuable "plant matrix" that lists hundreds of the best edible and useful species.

Science and Technology for Shaping the Future of Mizoram

Science and Technology for Shaping the Future of Mizoram Author Dr. K. Lalchhandama
ISBN-10 9789385926495
Release 2017-05-26
Pages 352
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This book is the direct outcome of the Mizoram Science Congress 2016, held on 13 and 14 November 2016.

Mushrooms for Health

Mushrooms for Health Author Greg Marley
ISBN-10 9780892729012
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 112
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There is a burgeoning interest in natural medicines in the United States. Among these natural health powerhouses are mushrooms, and here mycologist Greg Marley introduces ten species found in New England-and elsewhere, too, in many cases. Marley describes where to find and how to prepare these fungi and lists their health-supporting benefits. On a comforting note, Marley says there are no poisonous look-alikes for any of these beneficial fungi!

Edible Medicinal Flowers

Edible   Medicinal Flowers Author Margaret Roberts
ISBN-10 0864864671
Release 2000
Pages 160
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This guide brings together an extraordinary collection of over 80 flowers, trees and herbs that not only give a magnificent show in the garden, but also have remarkable healing properties and can be used in cooking and as cosmetic alternatives.