Atkins Diabetes Revolution

Atkins Diabetes Revolution Author Robert C. Atkins, M.D.
ISBN-10 9780061738272
Release 2009-03-17
Pages 560
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More than a program for living with diabetes, here is a groundbreaking approach to preventing, treating, and even reversing an American epidemic, based on the science of the doctor who invented the low-carb lifestyle and wrote the #1 New York Times bestseller Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution featuring the Atkins Nutritional Approach™— a celebrity-favorite diet perfect for losing weight before your wedding or to bounce back into shape post-baby, or if you just want to look and feel your best. The statistics are staggering. Thirteen million Americans have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; another 5.2 million don't know that they have it. During the past thirty years the diabetes rate has tripled, and each year about 200,000 people die from complications of the disease. The Centers for Disease Control project that one out of every three children born in the year 2000 will develop the disease. But Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable. Find out how you can avoid becoming a statistic. As a respected physician and pioneer in the field of complementary medicine, Dr. Robert C. Atkins recognized early on that diabetes and obesity are twin epidemics, and that the way to reverse both is to permanently change the way people eat. Yet much of the mainstream medical establishment continues to advocate the treatment of diabetes with insulin and other drugs, while recommending a diet high in carbohydrates including sugar, which raises your blood sugar. What you'll learn from reading Atkins Diabetes Revolution is that rather than correcting your metabolism, such a diet can actually increase your risk of developing diabetes—and heart disease. The Atkins Blood Sugar Control Program (ABSCP) helps you identify the metabolic signposts that indicate trouble long before the onset of Type 2 diabetes so you can stop it in its tracks. If you already have the disease, the ABSCP offers you and your physician a strategy for weight management and blood-sugar control, while minimizing your exposure to drugs. Atkins Diabetes Revolution presents a comprehensive lifestyle program, including diet, exercise, and nutrient supplementation. The book also contains meal plans, recipes, a fitness routine, and case studies. This revolutionary book, a fitting tribute to Dr. Atkins, tackles one of the greatest health challenges you and your family may ever face.

Atkins Diabetes Revolution

Atkins Diabetes Revolution Author Robert Charles Atkins
ISBN-10 0007164823
Release 2004
Pages 535
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The twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes are a 21st-century time bomb. The Atkins organisation is renowned for their work on diabetes and this book sets out a controlled carb diet and nutrition regime to help people lose weight and prevent, treat and even reverse diabetes.

The Low Carb Diabetes Solution Cookbook

The Low Carb Diabetes Solution Cookbook Author Dana Carpender
ISBN-10 9781592337293
Release 2016-04-15
Pages 192
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The low-carb lifestyle continues to be a popular choice among those trying to lose weight through the ketodiet, resolve insulin resistance, and combat pre-diabetes and Diabetes. Those in the gluten-free and Paleo/Primal diet communities are also searching for recipes with that, help the gut, work with their lifestyle and benefit their health. Foods that are high in fat and low in carbs are, in some cases, just what the doctor ordered. Bestselling low-carb author and advocate, Dana Carpender, strips away the carbohydrates (grains and starches) and reveals 200 of her best ultra-low carb recipes for those who are looking to take their low-carb lifestyle to the next level. These recipes have been recipes updated to be Paleo/Primal-friendly, featuring no artificial sweeteners, gluten, or other processed ingredients. The official cookbook of HEAL Diabetes and Medical Weight Loss Centers, founded by Dr. Eric Westman, this book has 200 recipes to jumpstart your nutrition and get you on the path to a healthier, happier you.

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution Author Robert C Atkins
ISBN-10 9781407027685
Release 2009-05-27
Pages 560
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Follow the Dr Atkins' Diet and forget counting calories. Watch the fat melt away as a healthier and firmer body emerges. Enjoy more energy as well as freedom from a range of ailments from diabetes to heart disease. Essentially a low carbohydrate plan, the Atkins' Diet boosts your metabolic rate and once your metabolism is changed, your body adjusts to a new way of burning fat. Dieting can work, and with this medically proven regime you can lose weight without reducing - or counting - calories. On the Atkins' Diet you can: -Eat luxuriously and feel completely satisfied -Experience the metabolic boost the Atkins' Diet provides -Use a maintenance diet that will ensure you never become fat again -Enjoy mouth-watering, gourmet recipes In this edition the world's number one diet expert has updated his proven program to include: new low-carb recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; brand new case studies and the very latest scientific research.

The Atkins Shopping Guide

The Atkins Shopping Guide Author Atkins Health & Medical Information Serv
ISBN-10 9780061738357
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 432
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This easy-to-use pocket guide, the ultimate shopping reference and an indispensable companion to the #1 New York Times bestseller Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, will show you which foods to buy and which to avoid as you follow the Atkins Nutritional Approach™— a celebrity-favorite diet perfect for losing weight before your wedding or to bounce back into shape post-baby, or if you just want to look and feel your best. What should I eat, and where can I find it? Which products are the most Atkins-friendly? Are there hidden dangers in seemingly "acceptable" foods? Now Food Shopping the Atkins Way is Easier Than Ever! Whether you're one of the millions already losing weight and feeling great thanks to the remarkable Atkins Nutritional Approach™ or you are just discovering the healthy benefits of a low-carb lifestyle, shopping for food need no longer be a daunting process. The Atkins Shopping Guide contains everything you must know to stock your pantry with the right foods, while avoiding products devoid of nutrients and full of sugar and white flour. With foods clearly arranged by category, this essential handbook takes you aisle-by-aisle through the supermarket, putting helpful information at your fingertips. It also provides useful pointers for shopping at "superstores" and natural foods retailers, all in a handy format portable enough to carry in your pocket or purse. So throw away that misguided food pyramid chart and stop counting fat grams and calories. With The Atkins Shopping Guide, confusion about the right way to eat will be a thing of the past, as you follow the proven Atkins path to healthy living!

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus Author Kenneth W. Shipman
ISBN-10 9781491760888
Release 2015-02-20
Pages 170
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People with diabetes mellitus experience health-literacy and self-management problems from the first days of diagnosis. As the tedium of detail and the continuous responsibility for well-being are realized, the self-efficacy of the individual is challenged (Polonsky, 1999). In addition, an exhaustion of physical, mental, and emotional strength may eventually impair motivation to self-manage this chronic illness. Stress often results from the continuing challenges required for successful management of the disease (Sperry, 2008). Management decisions are stressful as the diabetic strives to balance medication, diet, and exercise in order to reduce co-morbidities, complications, and end-stage progression. Because of the stresses involved, many diabetics suffer psychologically for years before experiencing the physical complications of the disease. More people die yearly from diabetes than from breast cancer and AIDS together (ADA, 2010). Diabetes management products, and their illusion of hope for living with diabetes, are not matched with the challenge of integrating health-literacy and self-management skills (Polonsky, 1999).

Ketogene Ern hrung f r Einsteiger

Ketogene Ern  hrung f  r Einsteiger Author Jimmy Moore
ISBN-10 9783959713214
Release 2016-10-10
Pages 352
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Halten Sie eine kohlenhydratarme Ernährung einfach nur für eine Möglichkeit, um Gewicht zu verlieren? Was wäre, wenn Sie erfahren würden, dass eine ketogene Ernährung, die kohlenhydratarmes und fettreiches Essen kombiniert, eine kraftvolle therapeutische Komplettlösung für viele Krankheitsbilder wie Depressionen, Diabetes Typ 2 oder Alzheimer darstellt? Jimmy Moore, der weltweit führende Blogger und Podcaster zu ketogener Ernährungsweise, und der niedergelassene Internist und Forscher Dr. Eric C. Westman geben Ihnen die notwendigen Informationen, um zu verstehen, worum es bei der ketogenen Ernährung geht und warum sie für Ihre Gesundheit das fehlende Puzzleteil sein kann. Außerdem enthält das Buch exklusive Erkenntnisse von mehr als 20 führenden Fachleuten aus den Bereichen Ernährung und Medizin, die umfassende Erfahrungen mit der Anwendung dieses Ernährungsansatzes haben. Die Einkaufslisten, über 25 ketofreundliche Rezepte und ein dreiwöchiger Menüplan machen Ketogene Ernährung für Einsteiger zu einem unverzichtbaren Handbuch für alle, die von den Vorteilen der Low-Carb/High-Fat-Diät profitieren möchten.

Essential Diabetes Leadership

Essential Diabetes Leadership Author Laurence D. Chalem
ISBN-10 1439245665
Release 2009-09-05
Pages 319
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Incredibly accessible and straightforward, Laurence D. Chalem's second book, Essential Diabetes Leadership, is the quintessential overview of diabetes. Whether you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with diabetes or whether it is something you have managed for years, this book provides insight on how to live optimally with diabetes. In this powerful and empowering treatise, the author traces data from the last three centuries and explains where to find credible information from all channels of information. Meticulously researched and fully annotated, Chalem's analysis also investigates the most influential diabetes study in the world. Here is where questions are answered and diabetics become the leaders of their wellness. Nearly the entire diabetes treatment industry is biased in favor of their particular interests and that-hands down-the optimal treatment of diabetes is a diet low in carbohydrates, high in fat, and one that takes the middle ground in regards to protein.


ISBN-10 9781514417669
Release 2015-12-18
Pages 68
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“LIVING With DIABETES “ is a book written to raise awareness that many people with diabetes have plenty of reasons to take control of their condition and be optimistic about the future. You have the opportunity to write your own story joyfully, with expected outcome for the future generation. Diabetes is a condition that you must just live with longer and take good care of managing your disease , and your health in general .Although this might be hard , time consuming, and requires the help of your loved ones, and all the healthcare team . Diabetes must not slowly get worse or control your life. Because If you have diabetes, you have to be incharge of living a healthy lifestyle. You can control prediabetes from slowly reaching Type2 diabetes, and Type2 from getting to complications of diabetes , including heart disease, strokes, nerve damage, eye disease, and kidney disease.

The Salerno Solution

The Salerno Solution Author John P Salerno
ISBN-10 9781940598659
Release 2015-02-13
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The United States is on the verge of a health crisis of monumental proportions. We have virtually eradicated polio, measles and other devastating diseases, made childbirth significantly safer for both mothers and infants and saved countless lives with antibiotics. Likewise, we have dramatically lower rates of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, influenza and periodontal disease – meaning that today’s children, unlike their peers 70 years ago, can expect to survive beyond than their first few years. However, these and other impressive medical victories are now being undermined by a bevy of other health problems, many of our own making. For the first time, children born today are likely to have a shorter lifespan than their parents, thanks to damage that will be wrought by the terrible trio of obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. We know that our health problems are pandemic. The rates of obesity, diabetes, environmentally-related cancers and dementia are skyrocketing. We live in a toxic world where our bodies are continuously assaulted with toxic chemicals, food additives and even electromagnetic pollution. Even as our bodies are burdened with an increasingly greater toxic burden, we are less able to defend ourselves against their assault, weakened as we are by the Standard American Diet (SAD). And now we are exporting this unhealthful way of eating to the rest of the world. Ironically, most of the diseases that plague us in the 21st century are associated with excess consumption, specifically heart disease, diabetes, obesity, many forms of cancer and even Alzheimer’s. Excess intake of white flour, sugar, other refined carbohydrates and trans fats is the culprit that robs us of our health, stamina and lifespan. Nutrition continues to be the stepchild of the medical establishment, which focuses instead on treating illness after the fact, usually with expensive drugs, each with its long list of side effects, rather than prevention. This is despite the fact that statistics published by the American Medical Association show that 73 percent of all diseases are directly related to nutrition. Two driving forces in Dr. Salerno’s life have come together in this book. First, in understanding of the role that environmental factors play in our health and second in the knowledge that nutritionally-based medicine can help remedy the situation in concert with changing our polluting habits. Dr. Salerno’s understanding of the healing power of nutritious food and the health risks inherent in refined and processed foods was honed as he worked side by side with the late, great Dr. Robert C. Atkins. Many of his long-term patients are now Dr. Salerno's patients and he can see the impact that his dietary approach has had on their health. Many are getting on in years and are still remarkably vigorous and free of disease – due no doubt, to decades of following his low-carb, high-nutrient protocol, all clinically validated in their medical records. This book offers simple, but profound changes you can make in your daily life so that you can dramatically boost your chances for remaining — or becoming — healthy, despite the toxic soup in which we stew. Against such a challenge, three squares and a daily multivitamin won’t give you the defensive edge you need. The Salerno Solution includes a proactive approach to nutrition based on a low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic diet, fortified with nutritional supplements targeted to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation and destroy free radicals that cause dangerous oxidization.

Dietary Interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dietary Interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Kenneth Aitken
ISBN-10 1846428602
Release 2008-10-15
Pages 272
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'Given the increased interest in the relationship between diet and autism spectrum conditions, this is a timely publication which is both thorough and balanced in content. Parents and professionals alike will find this book of use by virtue of Ken's meticulous reviews of current scientific evidence for a variety of diets combined with practical advice on the application of such interventions.' - Dr. Paul Whiteley, Autism Research Unit 'Dr. Aitken provides a timely synthesis of diet interventions in autistic spectrum disorders set within a framework of historical and political references. This informative work offers invaluable assistance to the wider clinical team, further enabling effective support and guidance to the ASD community in its quest for a healthy future.' - Rosemary Kessick, former CEO of AiA (Allergy Induced Autism) Research in autism increasingly indicates the existence of different forms of the condition, and the possibility of dietary interventions having a positive effect on symptoms and behaviours associated with autism. The author explores the main dietary approaches that have been advocated in ASD. For each approach, the author explores the potential benefits; evidence for and against the diet and its relation to different genetic conditions; and information, where available, on relevant publications, web resources and support groups. The author proposes an approach, the Simple Restriction Diet (SRD), which he describes in detail, explaining how to implement this approach and how to use it to work out whether a dietary approach is of benefit. This book will be a valuable resource for families, individuals and professionals wishing to understand and explore the possibilities of dietary interventions and the benefits they can have for those on the autism spectrum.

Die aktuelle Atkins Di t

Die aktuelle Atkins Di  t Author Dr. Eric C. Westman
ISBN-10 9783641563141
Release 2011-10-12
Pages 512
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Nach den neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen überarbeitet Dr. Eric Westman führt das Erbe Dr. Atkins’ fort und seine Diät ins 21. Jahrhundert. Die neue Atkins-Diät ist effektiv, einfach, flexibel und auf dem neuesten Stand der Forschung. Aber Atkins ist nicht einfach nur eine Diät, sondern auf eine dauerhafte Ernährungsumstellung ausgerichtet. Mit Erfolgsgeschichten, die Mut machen, neuen Rezepten und Ernährungsvorschlägen für 24 Wochen erhält man einen Plan für eine kohlenhydratarme Ernährung, der nachweislich Millionen geholfen hat. Nie war Low-Carb-Ernährung leichter!

Dr Atkins Age Defying Diet Revolution

Dr Atkins Age Defying Diet Revolution Author Robert C Atkins
ISBN-10 9781446459782
Release 2011-06-30
Pages 352
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In this new book, bestselling author and cardiologist, Dr Atkins explains how to tailor your diet to defy the ageing process. Research has shown that 70 percent of the signs of ageing are determined by lifestyle, and are therefore within our control. Using his proven programme of diet and vita-nutrient supplementation, Dr Atkinshelps you defy the ageing process by reducing many of the risks ofdiseases responsible for premature ageing. The book presents a symptom-by-symptom discussion of the specific signs of ageing, and their causes, then continues with a comprehensive run-down of recent breakthroughs in age-defying medicine. Dr Atkins Age-Defying Diet Revolution including advice on:--How to find your greatest risk factors--What symptoms and tests will tell you--How to select the most successful diet for you--How to modify and fine tune your diet--How to use antioxidants to defy ageing

Remedies and Cures For The Common Diseases

Remedies and Cures For The Common Diseases Author Anil Sinha
ISBN-10 9781634176873
Release 2015-03-16
Pages 808
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Do you want one book that contains all the cures for common diseases? Then, you have come to the right place. Today we are “time starved”, and this book contains a comprehensive health information, all in one place. It combines health benefits from Yoga, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, all in one place.

The Atkins Diet and Philosophy

The Atkins Diet and Philosophy Author Lisa Heldke
ISBN-10 9780812698114
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 288
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The Atkins diet has transformed the lives of millions of people, revolutionizing grocery store shelves, restaurant menus, and dinner-table conversations. But there are questions beyond its efficacy and longevity. Is the Atkins diet a new wrinkle in capitalist exploitation or a twisted expression of negative body images? Is it a symbol of super-masculinity? Has the Atkins diet really been around for centuries under other names? Can it increase intelligence, or cause global warming and melt the polar ice caps? How does Atkins fit into Kant’s conception of the moral life, or Rousseau’s vision of a kinder, gentler human society? The Atkins Diet and Philosophy wittily explores these and other pressing questions in sixteen entertaining essays. Following the same fun, readable approach as earlier volumes in this series, this book uses philosophy to put the Atkins diet under the microscope, and uses the Atkins diet to teach vital philosophical lessons for life.

Dr Robert C Atkins Di t Revolution

Dr  Robert C  Atkins Di  t Revolution Author Robert C. Atkins
ISBN-10 3596151600
Release 2001
Pages 283
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Dr Robert C Atkins Di t Revolution has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dr Robert C Atkins Di t Revolution also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dr Robert C Atkins Di t Revolution book for free.

Dr Atkins Vita Nutrient Solution

Dr  Atkins  Vita Nutrient Solution Author Robert C. Atkins
ISBN-10 1439135010
Release 2011-05-24
Pages 416
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THE HEALING POWER OF NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS Long a champion of complementary medicine and nutritional therapy, Dr. Robert Atkins, author of the #1 best-seller Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, presents the scientific basis for the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and hormones in the treatment and prevention of many of the chronic illnesses that plague us today. These vita-nutrients harness the body's ability to heal itself, rather than resorting to conventional drugs and invasive procedures, and address the true causes of disease instead of temporarily alleviating symptoms, promoting longer-lasting and more effective healing. In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Atkins shares vital information on more than 120 supplements, including: The specific restorative powers of each nutrient How to determine the optimal dosage schedule How to obtain supplements that are new to the market or are available only in limited supply The formula for a basic foundation of vita-nutrients that almost everyone needs every day Best of all, Dr. Atkins shows you how to create a personalized program to help improve or regain your health by using combinations of nutritional supplements specifically designed to help cure or prevent more than fifty common medical conditions, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or infections. Backed by cutting-edge scientific research, his recommendations are both safe and effective.