American Jesus

American Jesus Author Stephen Prothero
ISBN-10 9781466806054
Release 2004-09-18
Pages 376
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The Story of the Transformation of Jesus from Divinity to Celebrity The United States (it is often pointed out) is one of the most religious countries on earth, and most Americans belong to one Christian church or another. But as Stephen Prothero argues in American Jesus, many of the most interesting appraisals of Jesus have emerged outside the churches: in music, film, and popular culture; and among Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and people of no religion at all. Popular revisions of Jesus are nothing new: Thomas Jefferson famously took scissors to the New Testament to produce a Jesus he could call his own. In Prothero's incisive chronicle, the emergence of a cult of Jesus--as folk hero and commercial icon--is America's most distinctive contribution to Western religion. Prothero describes how Jesus was enlisted by abolitionists and Klansmen, by Teddy Roosevelt and Marcus Garvey. He explains how, in our own time, the proliferation of Jesus' image on Broadway stages and bumper stickers, on the cover of Time and on the Internet, in a Holy Land theme park and on a hot-air balloon, expresses the strange mix of the secular and the sacred in contemporary America. American Jesus is a lively and often witty work of history. As an account of the ways Americans have cast the carpenter from Nazareth in their own image, it is also an examination, through the looking glass, of the American character.

American Jesus

American Jesus Author Stephen Prothero
ISBN-10 9780374178901
Release 2003-12-15
Pages 364
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Traces the evolution of diverse images, interpretations, and appraisals of Jesus Christ throughout American culture, explaining how the unique mix of the secular and the sacred in contemporary America is expressed in the person of Jesus. 15,000 first printing.

American Jesus

American Jesus Author Stephen Prothero
ISBN-10 0374178909
Release 2003-12-15
Pages 364
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Traces the evolution of diverse images, interpretations, and appraisals of Jesus Christ throughout American culture, explaining how the unique mix of the secular and the sacred in contemporary America is expressed in the person of Jesus. 15,000 first printing.


AMERICAN JESUS Author Christopher Keith Jenkins
ISBN-10 9781499071702
Release 2012-01-30
Pages 100
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the world is a fast paced society in high gears. its time to get with the program. and see what your missing out on. maybe the atomic clocks, apple computers, gps, diamler chrysler @ mercedes. maybe a favorite sporting event or a freelancer. maybe your just at the healm of the ship looking for a new life. maybe your best friends and didnt know it. maybe you think im crazy for going public, well maybe. but i care about todays society, and im not having people look down on me and stalk me, and then mock me. so i wrote this book.

Jesus Made in America A Cultural History from the Puritans to the Passion of the Christ

Jesus Made in America  A Cultural History from the Puritans to the Passion of the Christ Author Stephen J. Nichols
ISBN-10 9781458755407
Release 2010-05
Pages 478
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Jesus is as American as baseball and apple pie. But how this came to be is a complex story - one that Stephen Nichols tells with care and ease. Beginning with the Puritans, he leads readers through the various cultural epochs of American history, showing at each stage how American notions of Jesus were shaped by the cultural sensibilities of the times, often with unfortunate results. Always fascinating and often humorous, Jesus Made in America offers a frank assessment of the story of Christianity in America, including the present. For those interested in the cultural implications of that story, this book is a must-read.

American Jesus

American Jesus Author Virginia Austin
ISBN-10 0940121727
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 272
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About Harlem's edge, a homeless black man wanders with a garbage bag of crosses over his shoulder and a dog at this side. On the Manhattan streets, three white men on a New Year's Eve drive, alcohol tracing their veins with white pride tattooed on their arms. In Central Park, all four lives collide. After a brutal assault, they leave his body before a Fifth Avenue house of God. At the altar he sheds his rainbow-colored clothes to kneel naked and beaten before the Son. And there before the cross, he envisions himself to be this man. From the opulence of Manhattan to the forgotten of Harlem comes the story of one who rises above the hatred and ignorance of man to become more than a man. A man who may or may not be Christ. A man who attempts to raise a hand against the violence of poverty, the violence of neglect, the violence of apathy. But perhaps there has not been just one Son of God. Perhaps, God has had many children. And each time one is sent, one is murdered, one is crucified.


Shiloh Author Steven WinterHawk
ISBN-10 1475961677
Release 2012-11-15
Pages 394
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This is a work of fiction, based on the Author’s Visions and dreams, Native stories, and the Bible. This is a story about a Native man called Shiloh, who has the memories of Jesus. Shiloh was born of a Native American mother named Mary and a Portuguese father named Joseph, This takes place in a world that Rome did not fall as in our world, and the head of Rome, is an elusive man known only as “the Emperor.” This Rome was visited by “Aliens”, Native Spirits from the Star Sirius who foretold of a prophesy concerning the end of the world. Included as part of the story is my Vision Quest that started it all for me showing a relationship between my “Dreams” and the waking world. From my Native way of looking at life there are differences in the story of Jesus and the Bible. One main difference is the “Arrow of Truth", which is a more positive replacement for the Christian idea of sin. This originated in a dream that I had about the same point in time that I wrote a poem called “This is a Circle". It was a meditation and then, the Vision Quest that brought it all together, into this story.

American Jesus

American Jesus Author Richard Vargas
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173022271630
Release 2007
Pages 103
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Richard Vargas continues to explore the same themes and concerns from his first book, McLife7the spectrum of three high and low points in a Chicano man2s existence. The poems are candid and, at times, brutally honest. Relationships, sex, politics, religion, and the mundane reality of work are presented in the belief that poetry and art in general can establish a common ground between us. American Jesus is also a response to Laura Bush2s closing the doors to poets (who had been invited to the White House for a celebration of the works of Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Langston Hughes) when she realized they would be voicing opposition to President Bush2s "Shock & Awe' war plans. While some poets often refuse to be political in their work (and thus unwittingly end up making a political statement), Vargas asks, "If not now, when?"

Big Jesus

Big Jesus Author Jimmy R. Watson
ISBN-10 9781498200493
Release 2015-01-12
Pages 178
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This may be the most honest book ever written about Jesus. As a veteran pastor in the United Church of Christ, Dr. Watson shares his thoughts on the timeless topic of Christology--the doctrine of Christ--with new and creative insights, informative and accessible theology, personal anecdotes, and lively wit. Nothing is off-limits in this no-holds-barred contribution to the Jesus genre. Big Jesus is not another theological "spin" on the identity and nature of Jesus of Nazareth, nor is it a sentimental fairytale for those who prefer their Christology to be served up on Sunday mornings with fluffy sheep, little children, and footprints in the sand. This book is for Christian adults with a sense of humor.

America Jesus Is Here

America  Jesus Is Here Author Cliff Dudley
ISBN-10 9781614582922
Release 1976-04-01
Pages 112
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Mel Tari because of the daring of Like a Mighty Wind is in suspect by many people. There are those who praise him and those who curse the day he was born. Now Mel brings you messages from God on the simplicity of the Word, Christ's return, spiritual growth, and the command for the baptism of love. Jesus is alive and doing great and mighty things among His people - listen to the cry of Mel Tari, America, Jesus is Here!

Bad Religion

Bad Religion Author Ross Douthat
ISBN-10 9781439178348
Release 2012-04-17
Pages 352
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As the youngest-ever op-ed columnist for the New York Times, Ross Douthat has emerged as one of the most provocative and influential voices of his generation. In Bad Religion he offers a masterful and hard-hitting account of how American Christianity has gone off the rails—and why it threatens to take American society with it. Writing for an era dominated by recession, gridlock, and fears of American decline, Douthat exposes the spiritual roots of the nation’s political and economic crises. He argues that America’s problem isn’t too much religion, as a growing chorus of atheists have argued; nor is it an intolerant secularism, as many on the Christian right believe. Rather, it’s bad religion: the slow-motion collapse of traditional faith and the rise of a variety of pseudo-Christianities that stroke our egos, indulge our follies, and encourage our worst impulses. These faiths speak from many pulpits—conservative and liberal, political and pop cultural, traditionally religious and fashionably “spiritual”—and many of their preachers claim a Christian warrant. But they are increasingly offering distortions of traditional Christianity—not the real thing. Christianity’s place in American life has increasingly been taken over, not by atheism, Douthat argues, but by heresy: debased versions of Christian faith that breed hubris, greed, and self-absorption. In a story that moves from the 1950s to the age of Obama, he brilliantly charts institutional Christianity’s decline from a vigorous, mainstream, and bipartisan faith—which acted as a “vital center” and the moral force behind the civil rights movement—through the culture wars of the 1960s and 1970s to the polarizing debates of the present day. Ranging from Glenn Beck to Barack Obama, Eat Pray Love to Joel Osteen, and Oprah Winfrey to The Da Vinci Code, Douthat explores how the prosperity gospel’s mantra of “pray and grow rich,” a cult of self-esteem that reduces God to a life coach, and the warring political religions of left and right have crippled the country’s ability to confront our most pressing challenges and accelerated American decline. His urgent call for a revival of traditional Christianity is sure to generate controversy, and it will be vital reading for all those concerned about the imperiled American future.

Deer Hunting with Jesus

Deer Hunting with Jesus Author Joe Bageant
ISBN-10 0307449572
Release 2008-06-24
Pages 288
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A raucous, truth-telling look at the white working poor--and why they hate liberalism. Deer Hunting with Jesus is web columnist Joe Bageant’s report on what he learned when he moved back to his hometown of Winchester, Virginia, which-like countless American small towns-is fast becoming the bedrock of a permanent underclass. By turns brutal, tender, incendiary, and seriously funny, this book is a call to arms for fellow progressives with little real understanding of "the great beery, NASCAR-loving, church-going, gun-owning America that has never set foot in a Starbucks."

The Blackwell Companion to Jesus

The Blackwell Companion to Jesus Author Delbert Burkett
ISBN-10 9781444351750
Release 2011-07-07
Pages 576
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The Blackwell Companion to Jesus features a comprehensive collection of essays that explore the diverse ways in which Jesus has been imagined or portrayed from the beginnings of Christianity to the present day. Considers portrayals of Jesus in the New Testament and beyond, Jesus in non-Christian religions, philosophical and historic perspectives, modern manifestations, and representations in Christian art, novels, and film Comprehensive scope of coverage distinguishes this work from similar offerings Examines both Christian and non-Christian perspectives on Jesus, including those from ethnic and sexual groups, as well as from other faiths Offers rich and rewarding insights which will shape our understanding of this influential figure and his enduring legacy

Dating Jesus

Dating Jesus Author Susan Campbell
ISBN-10 0807010669
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 215
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The author describes growing up in a fundamentalist Christian church, the influence of her faith on every aspect of her life, and her struggle to integrate her growing feminism and interest in women's rights with the tenets of fundamentalism.


Chosen Author Mark Millar
ISBN-10 160706006X
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 72
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From the writer of the Universal hit, Wanted, comes his next graphic novel on the way to becoming a feature film! American Jesus Volume 1: Chosen follows a twelve-year-old boy who suddenly discovers he's returned as Jesus Christ. He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk, and, perhaps, even raise the dead! How will he deal with the destiny to lead the world in a conflict thousands of years in the making?

Jesus Jobs and Justice

Jesus  Jobs  and Justice Author Bettye Collier-Thomas
ISBN-10 0307593053
Release 2010-02-02
Pages 736
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“The Negroes must have Jesus, Jobs, and Justice,” declared Nannie Helen Burroughs, a nationally known figure among black and white leaders and an architect of the Woman’s Convention of the National Baptist Convention. Burroughs made this statement about the black women’s agenda in 1958, as she anticipated the collapse of Jim Crow segregation and pondered the fate of African Americans. Following more than half a century of organizing and struggling against racism in American society, sexism in the National Baptist Convention, and the racism and paternalism of white women and the Southern Baptist Convention, Burroughs knew that black Americans would need more than religion to survive and to advance socially, economically, and politically. Jesus, jobs, and justice are the threads that weave through two hundred years of black women’s experiences in America. Bettye Collier-Thomas’s groundbreaking book gives us a remarkable account of the religious faith, social and political activism, and extraordinary resilience of black women during the centuries of American growth and change. It shows the beginnings of organized religion in slave communities and how the Bible was a source of inspiration; the enslaved saw in their condition a parallel to the suffering and persecution that Jesus had endured. The author makes clear that while religion has been a guiding force in the lives of most African Americans, for black women it has been essential. As co-creators of churches, women were a central factor in their development. Jesus, Jobs, and Justice explores the ways in which women had to cope with sexism in black churches, as well as racism in mostly white denominations, in their efforts to create missionary societies and form women’s conventions. It also reveals the hidden story of how issues of sex and sexuality have sometimes created tension and divisions within institutions. Black church women created national organizations such as the National Association of Colored Women, the National League of Colored Republican Women, and the National Council of Negro Women. They worked in the interracial movement, in white-led Christian groups such as the YWCA and Church Women United, and in male-dominated organizations such as the NAACP and National Urban League to demand civil rights, equal employment, and educational opportunities, and to protest lynching, segregation, and discrimination. And black women missionaries sacrificed their lives in service to their African sisters whose destiny they believed was tied to theirs. Jesus, Jobs, and Justice restores black women to their rightful place in American and black history and demonstrates their faith in themselves, their race, and their God. From the Hardcover edition.

Reading the Gospels in the Dark

Reading the Gospels in the Dark Author Richard Walsh
ISBN-10 156338387X
Release 2003-10-01
Pages 209
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Films with Jesus or Jesus-like characters have been part of movies since the earliest days, and Walsh explores just what kind of impact they have had on their audiences.