Evolutionary Love Relationships: Passion, Authenticity,and Activism

Evolutionary Love Relationships: Passion, Authenticity,and Activism Author Andrew Harvey
ISBN-10 0994784333
ISBN-13 9780994784339
Year 2017-02-14
Pages 170
Language English
Publisher Enrealment Press
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In this profoundly uplifting book authors and sacred activists Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade call us to the next paradigm in human relations love connections that are solidly grounded in individual authenticity and passionately focused on service and solidarity Rather than limiting their gaze to each other partners are invited to take their focus outward channeling their energies toward those causes that both unite them and transform the world we live in With love as the fuel for inspired action the relationship becomes a homage to sacred purpose finding its deeper meaning in its efforts to positively influence the planet There are many books that invite us to focus on love relationship its perils and delights its shadow and light as the place where meaningful change happens and there are others including some potent ones written by these two authors individually that invite us to unite our individual spiritual paths sacred purpose callings and the like with benevolent action but this is the first book that focuses on the next step the bringing together of sacred activism and love relationship Evolutionary Love Relationships contains a powerful vision that offers humanity a path to coupledom not as a privatized escape or preoccupation but a path to evolve into dedicated activists whose combined purpose is to utilize their resources to help and sustain the planet and which does not forsake but includes the pleasure of personal fulfilment between the bonded pair They can enjoy the fullness of divine human love in the depths of their own personal relationship supporting each other s authenticity but also enjoy it in the ways that those healing depths make them powerful and strong and lucid and vibrant enough to go out into the world and pour their gifts out for the transformation of the planet What is really at stake is this If we continue to have a vision of relationship as purely personal purely private and something that we cultivate only for our own pleasure we will keep feeding the tragic narcissism that is now ravaging the planet on every level The real thrust and purpose and divine importance of relationship is to give us the fuel to take on the world to give us the passion to embrace the causes of justice to give us the energy to keep on pouring ourselves out for the transformation of the planet With a foreword by An Uncommon Bond authorJeff Brown this inspiring book shows us the way to turn our love relationship into a prayer for world transformation And not just a passive prayer but a prayer in action impassioning the world with a bonfire of sacred and benevolent activism that cannot be stopped This prayer may well save us

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